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Mural in Bogotá, Colombia


The Biggest Mural in Bogotá


Bogotá, Colombia is one of the largest cities in South America, and can also make a good claim to being the street art capital of the continent.  One of the biggest murals in the city is in the neighborhood of Los Puentes where its inhabitants turned the walls of their houses into a giant work of art.  They painted all their houses and stairways to create the biggest mural in the entire city!  See this amazing artwork built by this community in this stunning aerial footage by top contributor and drone pilot la.drones.

Norway: World's Largest Mural


World's Largest Outdoor Mural

Brent De B...

Brent De Bleser shares aerial footage of the world's largest outdoor mural in Klepp, a town on the southwestern coast of Norway. The large scale painting by artists Ella & Pitr, produced (incredibly) in just four days, spans across a building's rooftop.  While the title of "world's largest mural" is difficult to confer precisely, this one is considered a legitimate contender.  As you watch this amazing video, you will see that the best way this particular work of art can be appreciated is from a bird's eye view.  

Mural in West Palm Beach, Florida


Living Art Mural

Queen of t...

The booming arts community in West Palm Beach, Florida is home to some incredibly creative murals as well as other forms of urban art.  One of the most well known of these is Danny Doya's mural “Eris and the Golden Apple”, rooted in Greek mythology.  Contributor  was so inspired by this work of art that she deigned to create a derivative work by filming the urban art from her drone.  See how art inspires drone art in this creative and thoughtful video.

Nevada's "Car Forest'


Nevada's International Car Forest

60 Seconds...

The strangest sight in the great western USA state of Nevada isn't actually in Las Vegas, as you might expect.  Rather it's a spot in the desert called International Car Forest of the Last Church, where abandoned cars have been "planted" into the ground in various orientations and covered in graffiti.  Located in Goldfield, Nevada these "sculptures" are the work of some very creative modern artists.  Check out this most unusual bit of modern art in this drone video by contributor and pilot 60 Seconds.

Bob Dylan Mural in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Bob Dylan Mural

Sky Candy ...

In 2015, the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota commissioned Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra to create a mural of musical legend and Minnesota native Bob Dylan, who was one of the Big 3 musical acts of the 1960's along with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  The mural celebrating this cultural icon and Nobel Laureate, nearly 20 meters tall and 45 meters wide (60 ft. by 150 ft.), was painted in 2015 on the side of a downtown building.  It's  captured via drone in this video by top contributor Sky Candy Studios.

Graffiti in the USA's Pacific Northwest


A Girl, Graffiti and a Drone


Top AirVuz contributor and pilot AerialRhianna created this epic drone video of an old abandoned mill in rural Oregon in the northwestern USA.  The mill has become something of a studio for graffiti artists wishing to practice their trade in a serene and secluded environment of the Pacific Northwest wilderness.  This highly cinematic video of the mill and a young female artist who uses it as her canvas is spectacular.  The site is located near Veronia, in the far northwestern corner of the state.  

Murals of Sicily


Sicily: Five Murals for Ballaro


The Italian island of Sicily is known for many things, from active volcanoes to the Godfather movie series.  It is also known for its urban (street) art scene, particularly in the Palermo.  In this fascinating drone video by contributor UnaLacrimaSulVisoAerial, you'll get a look at some of the most famous graffiti art and murals in this provincial capital city.  It's in the Ballaro market district, which is in the historical city center.  It's considered "ground zero" for Sicilian street art.

Silo Murals in Southern Australia


Silo Art in South Australia

Eye Fly Dr...

The state of South Australia is a major grain producer, the vast majority of which is exported.  That's why the Port of Adelaide is one of the biggest grain ports in the world, and why storage silos are a common sight across the state.  As you'll see in this drone video from Eye Fly Drones, these silos aren't just for storing wheat and barley.  Noted muralist and graffiti artist Guido van Helten used one of these silos for a mural, which makes for a stunning visual against the great plain which covers much of SA.  

Wynwood: Miami's Urban Art District


Wynwood Walls Unmanned Urban Collection


Miami's Wynwood neighborhood is known for its strong art scene, which has manifested itself in part through urban art.  Lying to the north of downtown, the neighborhood is home to an amazing collection of murals and graffiti.  Many of its buildings have what are known as Wynwood Walls, where urban artists ply their trade.  Once known as little San Juan because of its large immigrant population, in recent years it's become quite fashionable.  Check out the Wynwood Walls in this drone video from drone_us.

Repurposing Abandoned Houses in Northern England


Bankside Gallery Hull Housing Estate Jam 2019


While vandalism and graffiti don't always go together, this may be the first case in history of using graffiti to prevent vandalism.  An abandoned housing development near Hull in Northern England was turned over the urban artists of the UK as a way to keep out those with less sociable intentions.  The result is what you see in this amazing drone video by contributor Christopher Fenton, which brilliantly captures the visual impact of turning abandoned housing stock into art.  

Urban Art in Austin, Texas


Graffiti Park in Austin


Austin Texas has always been known as a fairly "artsy" town, so it's perhaps no surprise that it has grown a graffiti park of considerable scope.  In this drone video by Patrick_Nye, you'll get a bird's eye view of this collection of urban art.  As the home of the flagship University of Texas at Austin, the state capital has a thriving arts scene, perhaps best demonstrated by its South by Southwest music festival which is now an international sensation.  

Baltimore's Graffiti Park


Graffiti Alley Baltimore, Maryland DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian

Jeff Walri...

Top contributor Jeff Walrich created this amazing aerial video of one of the best-known urban art spots on the USA's East Coast.  It's in Baltimore, Maryland, a city which has a considerable number of abandoned buildings due to the decline of its industrial base and the closing of its Inner Harbor to shipping.  While the state imposes heavy penalties on "freelance" graffiti artists, it's actually legal in this spot, which is in the city's Station North Arts and Entertainment District.



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