DVOW Nominee from Tbilisi


Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Lego
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  • almost 5 years ago

Contributor Lego put together this marvelous drone video of Tbilisi, Georgia which was a DVOW finalist.  The capital of the Caucasus republic, its cobblestoned old town shows remnants of Persian and Russian rule with architecture that encompasses Eastern Orthodox churches, ornate art nouveau buildings and Soviet Modernist structures. You can see the iconic “Mother of Georgia” or Katlis Deda, the Peace Bridge, Fuksas’ music theater and exhibition hall in Rhike Park, and more in this stunning piece. 

Tbilisi by FPV


"Tbilisi From Above"


Top AirVuz content creator and first person view (FPV) pilot rememorales brings us this excellent FPV mini-tour of the city of Tbilisi in the Caucasus republic of Georgia.  The video opens with a fly-over of the Mother of Georgia (Kartlis Deda) statue atop Sololaki Hill, followed by (starting at the :08 mark) the Chronicle of Georgia monument near the reservoir known as the Tbilisi Sea.  Other featured locations include the Ferris wheel at Mtatsminda Park, the Bridge of Peace (:20), the Narikala Fortress (:42), and more.  This video was a DVOY finalist in 2021. 

New Years in Tbilisi


Tbilisi, Georgia: New Year, 2018

George Isa...

Tbilisi is the largest city in and the capital of the Caucasus nation of Georgia.  Located in the east-central part of the country, the city sits at the very crossroads between Europe and Asia, and was on the fabled Silk Road.  Contributor George Isakadze celebrated New Year's 2018 with a DJI Phantom 4 drone and created  this epic video of this ancient city (also known as Tiflis) along the Kura River in the heart of the Caucasus.  The center of a metropolitan population of about 1.5 million, Tbilisi is the largest city in the entire Caucasus region.  

Tbilisi by Drone


Fantastic Tbilisi Georgia


Check out this stunning drone video of the city of Tbilisi in the Caucasus republic of Georgia, compliments of contributor 70daysaroundtheworld.  Some of the highlights include (1) the ancient Narikala Fortress overlooking the city; (2) the Tbilisi Aerial Tramway; (3) the waterfront along the Kura River; (4) the Mother of Georgia statue atop Sololaki Hill; (5) the Freedom Monument in the city's central square; (6) the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi; and (7) the new tubular-shaped concert hall in Rhike Park.

Mavic Pro Views of Tbilisi


Mavic Pro Views of Tbilisi

  • Piranha
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  • about 7 years ago

Contributor Piranha used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this spectacular video of Tbilisi, the largest city and capital of the Caucasus republic of Georgia.  This ancient city occupies one of the more strategic geographic positions in all of Eurasia, from which it has hugely benefited over the years.   As you will see from the video, the stunningly beautiful city combines architecture which is centuries old with some extremely modern features, creating an intriguing mix of the old and the new.  

Freedom Square


Freedom Square in Tbilisi Georgia

  • DxbDrone
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  • about 7 years ago

Contributor DXB Drone used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this amazing aerial video of Freedom Square in Tbilisi, Georgia.  It's in the center of the Georgian capital city, the largest urban area in the Caucasus region.  The square has had several different names depending on the political situation; in (Russian) Tsarist times it was Erivan Square and in Soviet times it was Lenin Square.  It took its present name when Georgia became independent following the dissolution of the USSR in 1991.  

Tbilisi and Mskheta


Tbilisi - Mtskheta (Georgia)

Travel is ...

New contributor Travel is Life brings us this fantastic drone video from the Caucasus republic of Georgia.  The video was filmed in the capital city Tbilisi as well as the Mtskheta Region to its north.  The video opens with a shot of the Metekhi Church, which overlooks the Kura River in the Tbilisi.  Then you'll head to Tblisi's Rick Park and the adjoining Bridge of Peace, followed by the Holy Trinity Cathedral, the Tramway, and the Narikala Fortress.  Other spots include the ancient capital city of Mtskheta, Ananuri Castle, and more.

Tbilisi and Outskirts


Explore Georgia (Aerials)

  • iONMAN
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  • about 4 years ago

AirVuz contributor iONMAN put together this marvelous travel drone video from the Caucasus republic of Georgia, most of which was filmed around the national capital of Tbilisi.  Lying on the banks of the Kura River, on the south slope of the great mountain range that divides Europe from Asia, Tbilisi simultaneously ancient and modern.   The video features footage of some of the city's very old landmarks, as well as more modern sites such as the Kartlis Deda statue on Sololaki Hill as well as the giant Ferris wheel in Mtatsminda Park.

Tbilisi by Mavic Air 2


Ariel Views of Tbilisi Georgia 4K


For a first upload to AirVuz, new contributor davetke2002 brings us this excellent drone viewo of Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus Region.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone, the video opens with shots of the tv tower and observation deck on Mt. Mtatsminda, which overlooks the city from the west, followed shortly by the Mother Georgia statue (Kartlis Deda) on Sololaki Hill.  Other highlights include the great Narikala Fortress, the Bridge of Peace, the Parliament Building, Holy Trinity Cathedral, and more.



Tbilisi, Georgia aerial

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  • about 6 years ago

Phantom 4 symphony :)

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Sky Travel Studo

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Tbilisi today

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Beautiful Tbilisi


phantom 4 + mark 3

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Mother of Georgia DJI Air 2 4K