Liverpool's Waterfront and the Three Graces


Liverpool Waterfront Skyline, Day and Night By Drone | DJI Mavic 2 Pro | 11-12.07.2020.

Csaba Jona...

Take in these amazing 4k drone views from Liverpool, England, compliments of AirVuz contributor Csaba Jonas.  Situated near the mouth of the River Mersey, Liverpool became the center of England's industrial revolution and for a time in the late 19th century was one of the richest cities in the world.  The video features excellent daytime and nighttime aerial footage of the Liverpool waterfront including its "Three Graces": the Royal Liver Building, Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building.

Liverpool under Quarantine


Lockdown Liverpool

Stratus Im...

Check out this rather shocking drone video of the city of Liverpool, England under a virtual lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic in early April, 2020.  Shot by top AirVuz contributor and pilot Stratus Imagery, the video captures the great port city during a national shelter-in-place order.  Known in modern times as the home of the Beatles, in the 19th century Liverpool was the port which powered the Industrial Revolution; at its peak, Liverpool was the wealthiest city in the world.  

Liverpool's Cathedrals, Anfield Stadium, and Waterfront


Around Liverpool By Drone | DJI Mavic 2 Pro | 02.01.2021.

Csaba Jona...

Take an aerial tour of Liverpool, England in this fantastic drone video by Csaba Jonas.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, the video opens with some epic shots of the (Anglican) Liverpool Cathedral, which sits atop St James's Mount and dates to the early 20th century.  Then you'll head northeast to see the (Catholic) Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, which was completed in the 1960's.  From there, you'll head north to see the giant Anfield Stadium.  Starting at the 2:15 mark, you'll see the historic Liverpool waterfront.    

Liverpool's Port and Docks


Liverpool Docks


Check out this rather stunning drone pull-out shot from the docks of Liverpool, England, compiments of Faganseesthings.  The stars of the shot are three buildings which dominate the waterfront of the city, once one of the world's wealthiest ports.  Left to right, they are the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building, and the Port of Liverpool Building.  All three date to the early 20th century, and are part of what is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The buildings are sometimes called Liverpool's Three Graces.  

Sefton Park


Sefton Park | Liverpool, England | DJI Mavic Pro Test Flight | 4K Video


Top contributor hamza_mujtaba created this beautiful aerial video of a well known park in Liverpool, England.  Sefton Park is located in an eponymously named neighborhood in the southern part of the city.  The park was created by picking a design that was awarded via a competition, opening in 1872. It's a listed site on the English Historical Register.  The great port city of Liverpool is the center of the fifth largest metropolitan area in the UK, after London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds.  

Oceanliner Docked at Liverpool


Cunard Queen Mary 2

Stratus Im...

Here's a beautiful aerial view of the world's most well-known operating ocean liner docked in Liverpool, England, compliments of contributor Stratus Imagery.  The Queen Mary 2 is the flagship of the famous Cunard line, which operated the ill-fated Titanic.  The Queen Mary is 345 meters long (a bit over 1.1k ft.) and it displaces nearly 80k tons.  Its six engines generate over 100k horsepower and can power the ship and its (up to) 5k passengers and crew across the Atlantic at over 30 knots.  



Liverpool Waterfront

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Keep the faith

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Liverpool - Lockdown


Liverpool - Easter