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European Cities Collection Highlights


European City Drone Tour

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Soar over some of the great cities of Europe in this compilation video, which was produced using highlights from the "Drones Over the Great Cities of Europe" collection.  You'll be treated to bird's eye views of Paris, France; Vienna, Austria, Barcelona, Spain; Helsinki, Finland, and Warsaw, Poland.

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Paris, France


Paris: The Last Drone Aerials

Award-winning aerial cinematographer brings us this magnificent drone video from Paris, believed to be the last drone shots of the French capital sanctioned by the authorities since 2020.  The video opens with a brilliant shot looking northwest towards the Eiffel Tower, with the Seine River beyond.  At the :28 mark, you'll see the Arc de Triomphe, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées.  At around :55, you'll see the modern skyscrapers of the La Défense district, just west of the central city.  

Moscow, Russia


Moscow Aerial 5K

This 2017 AirVūz Video of the Year by contributor showcases the beauty of Moscow, the great capital city of Russia. Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera on a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures "three Moscows": (1) the original core around the Kremlin complex and the adjacent St. Basil's Cathedral; (2) the Seven Sisters Stalinist-era skyscrapers, led by the Moscow State University building; and (3) the sleek skyscrapers of the new Moscow International Business Center, west of the city center.

Budapest, Hungary (NYCDFF Nominee)


Budapest: A Taste of Europe

Prepare to be blown away by this astounding film (and winner in the Cityscapes category of the 6th Annual NYCDFF) of Budapest, Hungary, by 2x Drone Video Award-winning team  Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures many highlights of this cultural treasure on the Danube River: its famous bridges, the Baroque masterpiece Buda Castle, the Parliament Building on the riverfront, the Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill, the St. Stephens Basilica, and more. 

Rome, Italy


Roma Caput Mundi

Alta Movie...

Top contributor and drone pilot Alta Movie srl brings us this breathtaking DVOW nominated film from the great city of Rome, Italy.  The video opens with shots of the Victor Emmanuel II Monument on the Piazza Venezia, before cutting over to the opposite side of the Tiber River for shots of St. Peter's Basilica and Square in Vatican City.    Starting at the :34 mark, there's a nice shot of the Castel Sant'Angelo; following which you'll be taken to the southeast to see the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, and the ruins of the Forum.  

Vienna, Austria


Vienna - The World’s Most Liveable City


For centuries up until World War I, Vienna was (with Paris and St. Petersburg) one of the three grandest cities of Europe.  Heavily damaged late in World War II but later restored, Vienna remains one of the continent's top cultural centers.  In this outstanding drone video by Dronographer, you'll see some highlights of the great city on the Danube, including Maria-Theresien-Platz, the Hofburg Palace, the Albertina Museum, Belvedere Castle, St.. Stephens Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi Church, St. Charles Church, and more. 

Lisbon, Portugal


Lisboa Drone Footage in 4K


Former Drone Video of the Week Winner dronesantana007 brings us this this magnificent aerial tour of Lisbon, Portugal.  The video opens with shots of Commerce Plaza, one of Portugal's most iconic sites.  Just before the 1:00 mark, there's a marvelous view heading toward São Jorge Hill, and at 1:15 you'll see the 25 de Abril Bridge.  From there, you'll head to the Jerónimos Monastery, followed by the Monument of the Discoveries.  Other featured spots include Belém Tower (2:40), the Christ the King statue (3:30), and more.    

London, UK


The Best of London from the Sky

New Entert...

Take an aerial tour of the UK capital city of London with this magnificent drone video by top contributor and pilot New Entertainment Pictures.  The video opens with a couple of epic shots over the River Thames, including an amazing view of the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.  From there, you'll get a bird's eye view of Westminster Abbey and the nearby Parliament building.  Then it's on to Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the London "Eye", the Millennium Dome, and more! 

St. Petersburg, Russia


Winter Saint Petersburg Russia 6K. Shot on Zenmuse X7

Top contributor, used the DJI Inspire 2 drone and Zenmuse X7 camera to create this magnificent wintertime aerial tour of St. Petersburg, Russia's former capital city. The video features the following locations, in rough order of first appearance: the Winter Palace, Palace Square, the gold-domed St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Stock Exchange Building at the tip of Vasilevsky Island, Kazan Cathedral, the Bolshoy Obukhovsky Bridge, Lakhta Center (Europe's tallest building as of 2019), and more.

Prague, Czech Republic


Prague in 4K

iDrone Aer...

In this video, top contributor and pilot iDrone Aerials gives us an epic aerial tour of the Czech capital Prague.  The city famously avoided destruction by retreating Nazi Germany at the end of World War II, thus sparing this cultural treasure in the heart of Central Europe.  It is perhaps the best preserved European capital city, and has been used to film numerous movies.  For example, Wenceslas Square, which you'll see at the 1:05, was the filming location for a scene in Mission: Impossible (1996).

Berlin, Germany


Drone Tour of Berlin

New Entert...

For a three minute tour of the great German capital city of Berlin, you can't beat this production from New Entertainment Pictures.  Combining drone and ground camera footage, the video features footage of Brandenburger Tor, Potsdamer Platz, Berliner Dom, the red City Hall, the Bundestag with the Kanzleramt, Schloss Bellevue, Schloss Charlottenburg, the Berliner Konzerthaus, Gedächtniskirche, KaDeWe, the Siegessäule, Berliner Fernsehturm, Tempelhof and the Berliner Olympia-Stadion.

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Skyscrapers, Bosphorus and Yedikule Fortress


Istanbul is a major hub in Turkey, originally because of its location - straddling Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait. The modern, massive skyscrapers belie the ancient history this city carries with it. From Egyptian obelisks, to the Roman-era Hippodrome, and iconic Byzantine structures like Hagia Sophia, its history is broad. One such historic site is the Yedikule Fortress, built right after the fall on Constantinople, that can be seen in this incredible, DVOW nominated video.

Athens, Greece


Athens in 60 Seconds

Nathan Jer...

Check out this magnificent 60 second aerial tour of Athens, compliments of top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Nathan Jermy.  The video opens with some epic shots of the Greek capital city's most well-known spots: the hilltop citadel known as the Parthenon, which was built at the height of Ancient Athens' glory in the 4th century BC.  Then it's on to Olympic Stadium, the main venue for the 2004 Summer Olympics.  From there you'll go to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, finishing the journey looking over Mount Lycabettus, the city's highest point.

Bratislava, Slovakia


Bratislava Night Aerials 5K - Old Town & Downtown (Slovakia)

  • Zdronu
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  • over 3 years ago

Top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Zdronu brings us this DVOW nominated aerial film of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.  The video opens with a shot of the Most SNP Bridge over the River Danube, then cuts to the Bratislava Wheel on the river bank.  At the :15 mark, you'll see the gilded Hungarian Crown above St. Martin's Church, followed by the Kamzík TV Tower.  Other locations include the Bratislava Town Hall (:37), the hilltop Bratislava Castle (:51), the Apollo Bridge (:57), the modern skyscraper district (1:17), and more.  

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona in 4K

iDrone Aer...

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain and the capital of Catalonia, the semi-autonomous and culturally distinctive region which covers the country's northeastern corner.  Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is one of the wealthiest and cosmopolitan cities in Europe.  Top contributor iDrone Aerials used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an amazing aerial portrait of this great city, which was founded by the Romans in the first century BC and hosted the Summer Olympics at the end of the 20th century.     

Bologna, Italy


Bologna (Italy) from above - Drone 4K

  • Jackanda
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  • about 4 years ago

Check out this stunning DVOW nominated video from Bologna, Italy, compliments of Jackanda.  Featuring stunning aerial footage of the city and its surrounding hills, the video was taken during the Covid-19 pandemic, when social distancing measures left the streets of the ancient Emilia-Romagna capital city virtually empty.  The ER region, which covers much of north-central Italy, was particularly hard-hit during the pandemic; only the Piedmont and Lombardy regions recorded more infections and deaths.  

Madrid, Spain


Madrid and Segovia by Drone

JB Meert...
  • JB Meert
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  • over 5 years ago

Contributor JB Meert used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone combined with ground camera footage to make this remarkable video of the heart of Spain.  The video covers a trip to the Spanish capital Madrid followed by the great cultural treasure of Segovia, which lies a bit to the north of the capital.  The Madrid footage includes epic aerials of the Royal Palace, the Puerta del Sol, and other well known spots.  The highlight of the Segovia portion is an amazing view of its Alcazar, one of the most famous palaces in Europe.

Stockholm, Sweden


Beautiful Stockholm In Winter 4K

Frame Hunt...

Stockholm, Sweden dates its rise to prominence dates to the Hanseatic League, an alliance of Baltic cities which dominated Northern Europe from the 12th-14th centuries.  Stockholm went on to become the capital of the Swedish Empire which controlled some of the most powerful military forces in Europe in the 17th century.  Since then, the city has been the capital of Sweden and in effect the capital of Scandinavia.  Here, Frame Hunters Media delivers a beautiful aerial view of the City of Vikings.  

Hamburg, Germany


Heimat, Hamburg

Elb Cut Me...

Check out these fantastic drone video of Hamburg, Germany's #2 city, compliments of top contributor Elb Cut Media.  The video opens with some outstanding shots of the city's port, the largest in Germany and the second-largest in Europe.  Then you'll fly past the Elbphilharmonie, the great modern landmark on the Elbe River.  From there, you'll be treated to some aerial views of some of the city's great historical landmarks, including the Rathaus Town Hall and St. Nicholas Church.  Other highlights include the Heinrich Hertz Tower and more.

Kiev, Ukraine


Adrift on the Dneiper River

Antonio Es...

The Ukrainian capital Kiev is closely tied to the Dneiper River on which it sits.   Kiev sits roughly midway down the 2.2k km (1.36k mi.) river, Europe's fourth longest .  The Dneiper rises near Smolensk in western Russia and empties into the Black Sea to the south.  Along the way, it provides enough hydropower to generate about 10% of the Ukraine's electricity needs.  In this video, you'll get a nice bird's eye view of the mighty river in winter, compliments of contributor Anthony Esteban Gonsales.

Edinburgh, UK


Droneland 2018 - Edinburgh


The jewel in Scotland’s crown is most certainly its capital city of Edinburgh. Edinburgh was the largest city in the Kingdom of Scotland for centuries, although its population is now exceeded by that of the younger city Glasgow.  In this marvelous aerial video by Droneland, the medieval and neoclassical buildings of Edinburgh nestle cozily into its hilly landscape.  Let your eyes feast on the amazing aerial views of this treasured city on the Firth of Forth, without doubt the epicenter of Scottish culture.

Tallinn, Estonia


Old Tallinn (Vana Tallinn) drone video / Таллин, старый город с дрона


Top contributor vitality.karpovich brings us this DVOW nominated video of the old town of Tallinn, Estonia.  Located on the Gulf of Finland inlet of the Baltic Sea, Tallinn is one of the cultural gems of Eastern Europe.  The video features footage of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St. Olaf's Church, St. Mary's Cathedral (the Dome Church), St. Nicholas Church, and more. Founded in the 13th century, Tallinn was the northernmost member of the Hanseatic League, a powerful group of northern European port cities during the Middle Ages.  

Milan, Italy


An Homage to Milan, Italy - Cinematic 2017/18 Drone Showreel


Milan is the largest city in northern Italy and the second largest overall after Rome.  It's the capital of Lombardy, a region which is home to about one in six Italians and consistently has been the dynamo of the Italian economy (and one of the most important in the EU).  While Rome is Italy's political and cultural capital, Milan is its business and financial capital.  Dronescapes by Atellani treats us to this stunning aerial overview of Milano, including footage of La Scala di Milano, the Unicredit Tower, Citylife Milano, and more.

Porto, Portugal


Porto Drone Footage in 4K


Explore the great city of Porto, Portugal from above in this excellent video by former DVOW Winner dronesantana007.  The video opens with a beautiful shot of the Ribeira district on the northern (right) bank of the Douro River, gradually revealing the famous Dom Luís I Bridge.  Next stop is the tower of the Clérigos Church, a Baroque masterpiece.  Just before 1:00, you'll see the Porto Cathedral, and at 1:55 there's another great shot of the Ribeira waterfront.  Other highlights include the Porto City Hall, seen just before 5:00.  

Warsaw, Poland




Poland's capital Warsaw is one of the world's most fascinating cities.  Once known as the Paris of the East for its beauty, Warsaw was nearly destroyed in World War II, with large sections leveled including its famed Old City.  Much of the damage was repaired during the Cold War era, and since the fall of the Berlin Wall, a very modern city has emerged on the Vistula River.  As you will see in this amazing drone video by contributor and pilot KG Airview, Warsaw seamlessly blends elements of the old and the new.

Munich, Germany


The very Best of MUNICH - Bavaria

New Entert...

New Entertainment pictures created this magnificent aerial tour of Munich, Germany's third largest city (after Berlin and Hamburg) and the capital of the state of Bavaria.  Situated just north of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is an important center for German culture.  The video features footage of some of the city's top sights, including the twin-domed Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), the Olympiapark (venue for the 1972 Olympic Games), the Marienplatz (the historic town center), and more.  

Frankfurt, Germany


Air Mail from Frankfurt am Main


Prepared to be amazed by these stunning drone views of Frankfurt, Germany, compliments of former Drone Video of the Week Winner haussmannvisuals.  Most of the video was shot over and around the city's Financial District, which is located on the right (northern) bank of the Main River and which is considered the most important financial hub on the European Mainland.  Including the nearby headquarters tower for the European Central Bank, it's home to all of Germany's ten tallest buildings (as of 2022) and 18 of its 20 tallest.  

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam Stunning Drone Footage 4K


Get some great aerial views of the great Dutch city of Amsterdam in this excellent drone video by nohesitations.  The video contains some excellent shots starting at about :20 looking down the Amstel River towards the central part of the city.  Beyond the buildings and squares you'll see the IJ, the body of water which connects the IJmeer with the North Sea to the west.  You'll also get some nice views of the city's famous canal system, which form a series of rings around the center city which intersect with the Amstel.  

Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki Morning 4K

Riband Kur...

Enjoy this marvelous aerial tour of the Finnish capital of Helsinki, compliments of contributor and pilot Riband Kurd.  Situated on the north side of the Gulf of Finland (an inlet of the Baltic Sea), Helsinki is the center of the fourth-largest urban area in Scandinavia after Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Oslo.  It's also distinguished as being the northernmost metropolitan area in the world.  The video features footage of some of the city's top sights, including Senate Square, the Government Palace, and Helsinki Cathedral.

Birmingham UK


An Awakening City - Sunrise in Birmingham, UK - Feb 2024

Albion Dro...

AirVuz contributor Albion Drones brings us this excellent aerial tour of the city of Birmingham, England.  Birmingham is the largest city in the English Midlands region of the United Kingdom, and the second-largest city of the UK after London.  A small market town for much of its history, Birmingham came into its own during the Industrial Revolution, in which it became one of the world's great centers of manufacturing.  The video was filmed at sunrise flying from Centenary Square, in the heart of the city.  

Brussels, Belgium




This video will provide you with a drone's eye view of the city of Brussels, capital of Belgium and the second largest metropolitan area of the Benelux countries of Western Europe after Amsterdam.  Since World War II, Brussels has played an outsized role in European politics as the de facto capital of the European Union.  The video will show you the mix of old and new that is so characteristic of Brussels, including footage of the landmark Atomium building, a museum structure built in the late 1950's.

Oslo, Norway


Flying over Oslo

Anders Edh...

At the end of the Oslofjord, in the southeastern part of Norway, lies its capital city Oslo.  The city was believed to be founded by Vikings in the 11th century.  The center of a metropolitan area of about 1.6 million inhabitants, it's the third-largest city in Scandinavia after Stockholm and Copenhagen.  Contributor Anders Edholm flew a DJI Mavic Pro drone over this remarkable city on one of the great fjords of Norway.  Oslo hosted the 1952 Winter Olympics, the first Winter Games to be held since before World War II.

Lyon, France


Lyon City France- COVID-19 - #restezchezvous

lyon Drone...

In this excellent drone video by Lyon Drone Services, you'll see the great city of Lyon, France as it appeared virtually empty during the Covid-19 panedemic in 2020.  Located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône Rivers about 470 km (around 300 mi.) southeast of Paris, Lyon is the center of France's second-largest metropolitan area.  The video features stunning footage of the city's riverfront, the impressive Basilica of Fourvière in the hills above the city, and the empty Place Bellecour, one of France's largest public squares.  

Geneva, Switzerland


Geneva Switzerland (True Beauty)


Geneva, Switzerland is widely regarded as one of the world's most desirable cities.  Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, it is the country's second largest city and the largest in its French-speaking region.  With its distinctive architecture and its iconic fountain in the great alpine lake, it's not only an important financial center but also the home of numerous international organizations including many United Nations agencies.  In this video by Drone_biker, you'll get an aerial tour of this magnificent city.

Florence, Italy


Semplicemente Firenze, un patrimonio tutto Italiano

Alta Movie...

Check out this amazing aerial tour of Florence, Italy by top AirVūz contributor Alta Movie srl.  The video opens with an excellent shot of the Ponte Vecchio, one of the world's most famous bridges, which crosses the Arno River in the heart of the Tuscan capital.  From there you'll fly past the great tower of the Palazzo Vecchio, followed by the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and the adjacent Giotto's Bell Tower, concluding with some night shots of the city. This video was picked as the Drone Video of the Week in October 2020.

Venice, Italy


Venice - Italy

Alta Movie...

Check out this stunning 4k drone video of Venice, Italy by top AirVuz contributor and pilot Alta Movie srl.  Featuring a mix of drone and ground camera footage and brilliantly edited, the video will take you over the top sights of this cultural and historical treasure located in the northeastern part of the country.  In addition to incredible footage of the famous Venice canals, you'll be treated to epic views of the green-domed St. Marks Basilica, the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, St Mark's Campanile, the Santa Maria della Salute, and more.  

Zurich, Switzerland


Good Morning Zurich | 4K with sounds | SkyPerspectiveCH


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor skyperspectivech brings us this excellent drone video of Zurich, Switzerland's largest city.  The first part of the video is a shot moving downstream (north) on the Limmat River; the green-spired Fraumünster Church is on the left and beyond it St. Peter's Church.  Starting at about the :53 mark, you'll see the city facing up the river towards its source at Lake Zurich; the twin-spired Grossmünster Church is on the left, and the Zurich City House (Stadthaus) is on the right.  

Düsseldorf, Germany


Düsseldorf by Drone


Check out this fantastic drone video of Düsseldorf, Germany by new AirVuz contributor alexanderwasserman.  Düsseldorf is the second-largest city (after Cologne) in North-Rhine-Westphalia, the most populous of modern Germany's 16 states.  Situated on the Rhine River, it lies in the heart of the Ruhr region, one of the most important industrial zones of Europe.  The video features excellent aerial footage of some of the most well-known spots in the city, including the Altstadt "old town", the Rhine TV Tower, the Rhine Park, and more.  

Valencia, Spain


Valencia Spain in Cinematic High Definition


Valencia is the third-largest city of Spain, after Madrid and Barcelona.  It is situated around the midway point of Spain's long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea.  Valencia has one of the finest natural harbors in Europe, and it is the biggest port for containerships in the Mediterranean.  Top contributor Justin Poore used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to to make this amazing aerial portrait of the ancient city, the heart of a semi-autonomous region by the same name which has a very distinctive culture.



Just a sunset in Venice

Alberto Ar...

Bruges - Belgium


4K Madrid & Barcelona




Firenze in 4K

iDrone Aer...

Vilnius, Lithuania's Capital


Cologne (Köln) - Germany 2018

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