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Babz 'Carpe Diems' It


Melbourne Mornings

  • Babz_FPV
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  • about 6 years ago

The very talented first-person view (FPV) pilot Babz_FPV happened to be up early one Melbourne (Australia) morning for a coastal freestyle session.  The FPV views she captured were absolutely breathtaking, with the radiant sun rising over the ocean water horizon.  The warm colors of daybreak perfectly complemented her flight path as she kept a risky low-proximity to the rolling waves.  The killer edit proves that it was all worth the early wake-up call!

Not a Drama Queen...a Droning Queen



Harley Que...

This adrenaline charged video shows the convergence of fast cars, a closed track, and a highly skilled FPV drone pilot, namely Australia-native Harley Queen FPV.  While she's captured much of the natural beauty down under, she also took note of the thrill of car drifting. Aside from riding shotgun, there's no better way to take in the rush of high speed, purposeful oversteering, and the loss of traction...the quadcopter wins! 

Meg-a Talent: megmichaels3


My Drone Evolution


By day, she's a everyone's favorite middle school teacher and tennis coach; in her free time, she's the ultimate drone enthusiast!  MegMichaels3 flies Tiny Whoops, a Mavic Pro, and yes, her own quadcopter builds too.  Whether she's on the road or on an FPV track, she's not afraid to fire off a few battery packs, grab some stick time, and create a fun edit. Racing, diving, crashing, and getting right back in the air are all part of her FPV fun.

Rare like a gem...Miss Creature


Medium Rare Please

Miss Creat...

Miss Creature likes her FPV flights how she orders a steak....rare! This raw flight in the backwoods shows her awesome skills as she dives and loops in and out of the pine trees.  She equipped her quad with a GoPro and a No Hype battery to perform this rad freestyle flight.

Go Zoe Go! ZoeFPV


Zoe vs Jon - X Class Giant Drone Racing Season 2 Opener

  • ZoeFPV
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  • about 6 years ago

ZoeFPV shows no fear when it comes to facing FPV challenges.  This drone video is no exception as she races through the X Class Giant Drone Race track with her oversized quad rig.  Regardless of however ZoeFPV's geared up, she is able to fly with extreme precision and speed.

DroneDoll-ing up the Place




DroneDoll confronts her first dive fears and finds inspiration in a massive, abandoned, concrete beast in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  As she takes a swift dive along the old grain elevators, you don't get a sense that this is her first one.  She smoothly executes the flight with amazing skill.

Mako Reactra - Making the FPV Honor Roll


Snow Day! Flying in my School with my Cinewhoop! Diatone GTR 249 HD Micro

Mako React...

How many of us have dreamed about flying through your old school? Top and first person view (FPV) pilot Mako Reactra lived out the dream with this cinewhoop flight through her school on a snow day. As she whoops down the hallways, through the bookshelves in the library, around the basketball ball hoop in the empty school gym, and down the row of chairs in her classroom you'll not only be jealous of her and this flight, but also of her students who get to have such a cool teacher!  This made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in January, 2020.

Blue Owl Braves the Elements for Great FPV


Icy thumbs | Winter FPV

Blue Owl F...

Blue Owl FPV is representing female pilots well in this video, which was nominated in the Freestyle Flow category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. She says she decided to rip around a bit while waiting for skiing season to start in the French Alps. What she got was an inspiring flight barrel-rolling over the frozen ground, diving through the trees, power-looping around the side of the mountain, and smooth flying.   This was a DVOW Finalist and also a pick for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in December, 2018.    

ERINNU-FPV Flies with Wisdom and Precision


OSHO-FPV in temple


FPV pilot ERINNU-FPV flew through the Mount Hōō Ryutoku-hi Temple in Miyagi, Japan with her quad in this "enlightening" drone video!  She brings drone blessings as she flows through the temple and surrounding grounds that are accented with talismans, statues of Buddha, and autumn trees.  As a final send off, a monk sends good vibes as she wraps up her flight.



TDX bando race | FPV Amsterdam


Racing Vs Freestyle

  • ZoeFPV
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  • almost 7 years ago