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Smooth Flight over Lucerne Valley

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Mesmerized // Lucerne Valley FpV


Located in western San Bernardino County, California, the Lucerne Valley is an unincorporated city and valley in the southern Mojave Desert. Surrounded by the Granite, Ord, and San Bernardino Mountains the area has made appearances in famous films such as the original "Stagecoach" and horror flick "The Hills Have Eyes." It’s also where FPV pilot RidiN951 found himself mesmerized by the beauty of the rugged terrain and saw fit to make this awesome FPV video. 

Object of Interest Shots over Coastal Poland

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Shore | FPV Musical

Lukasz Lewenda

Sometimes finding the magic in a seemingly ordinary scene can only happen from behind a pair of FPV goggles.  FPV pilot and contributor Lukasz Lewenda had this very experience when he came across this spot along the seashore.  Watch as a simple beach with some boats parked in the sand becomes cinematic FPV bliss once his quadcopter takes flight in this drone video.

Side Follow + Reveal Shots by JohnnyFPV

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The sky is not the limit - Johnny FPV


JohnnyFPV is at the pinnacle of the FPV world.  He is a competitive racer, having competed on multiple DRL seasons and enjoying lots of airtime on ESPN.  Where he stands apart though is with his highly cinematic freestyle content.  He has traveled the four corners of the world, making epic videos and helping to create content for TV commercials and even feature movies.  Watch this epic reel and you will understand why he has by far the largest social media following of any FPV pilot.

Side Follow + Reveal Shots over Action Sports

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Filming X-Games Gold Metalist | Mega Ramp

    • 3.1k VŪZ
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    • 40
  • 2 years ago

In this memorable FPV video, contributor JZFPV was able to film an X Games Gold Medalist running the paces on an extreme skateboarding course.  This video was chosen as a winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest, and you will see why once you catch a glimpse of the moving madness found on this awesome mega ramp! This video has been nominated as a Finalist in the Extreme Sports category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. 

Side Follow + Object of Interest + Reveal Shots

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Another World (ft. Sam Kolder and ChelseaKauai


Top first-person-view (FPV) pilot JohnnyFPV teamed up with social media powerhouse Sam Kolder to make this highly creative film from the island nation of the Dominican Republic.   Watch as one of the world's top racing drone pilots puts his skills to the test flying around Sam Kolder, while Sam performs some pretty insane cliff jumps...It's cinematic FPV at its best, and all the more so for its stunning tropical location on the southern coast of this amazing country, the eastern half of the island of Santo Domingo.

Tilt + Reveal Shots of Coastal Australia

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The BEAUTIFUL Australian Coast || FPV DRONES

Harley Queen FPV

FPV superstar Harley Queen FPV took her quad out for a coastal coast on the edge of Australia.  Her smooth flying style in combination with the rushing waves and choppy cliffs, at golden hour make for a perfect cinematic flight.  Cut between the first person views are pops of local wildlife and the scenic beach, but each frame is quintessentially Harley Queen FPV!

Reveal + Side Follow Shots over Audi Nines

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A New Perspective (Audi Nines 2018) - Johnny FPV


Action sports and first person view (FPV) drones is one of the best combinations that this industry has to offer! In this edit by top drone racer and FPV freestyle pilot JohnnyFPV, watch as he follows some of the world's best freestyle skiers at the Audi Nines competition at the Sölden ski resort in Tyrol, Austria.  This amazing FPV film was nominated for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in the Spring of 2018 and was our Winner in the Extreme Sports category for the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards.

Tilt Reveal Shots over the Pyrenees

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Further // Winter Wonderland


With a description that says "jello party" you knew this flight had to be good. Vasiliz uses his tremendously smooth flying skills to his advantage in this piece as he takes us over the snow-capped trees, diving down the mountains and through an empty chair lift. This flight is nominated in our 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards for FPV Freestyle Flow. 

Tilt Reveal + Object of Interest Shots over Landmark

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Saudi Arabia - Johnny FPV


Top first person view (FPV) pilot and drone racer JohnnyFPV, who travels the world making FPV freestyle videos, created this magnificent video from Mada'in Saleh, an archaelogical site in northwestern Saudi Arabia .  With full permission from the requisite authorities, he gives us a unique view of one of the most iconic desert landscapes from the vantage of a quad-mounted GoPro. This was the Winning video in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards in the Cinematic FPV category and was FPV Video of the Year.

Side Follow Shots over Exotic Cars

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Lamborghini Sunrise


The chill backdrop of his home state of Colorado is usually the focus of FPV drone pilot FlyLife...except when he had a chance to chase a Lamborhghini Aventador at sunrise. This exotic supercar owns all roads and steals all scenes, but when those scenes are captured by a nimble, racing FPV quadcopter, the car chase hits new levels of excitement.  Looks like the morning 'golden hour' can be just as exciting...

Object of Interest + Top Down Shots of Car Chase

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Mission Turbo : The Chase

White & Rice

FPV drone pilots are beginning to get the attention of car companies and marketers, who see the power of using camera-mounted racing drones to film sports cars from the air.  The perspective is unique, much different from the one afforded by gimbal-stabilized drones such as the DJI models.  In this video, an advertising company teamed up with some top drone racing pilots to create  commercial for a car dealer by chasing a car through the streets of Minneapolis.

Object of Interest + Tilt Review Shots of Winery

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Napa Valley Winery 🍷


Watch out — this FPV freestyle session is a real vine burner.  FPV pilot mrgeeseeks takes us on a cinematic flight through a Napa Valley vineyard in California, USA.  As his quad cuts through lines of grapevines we taste some notes of juicy with a real punch. This FPV flight is just a sampling from this talented pilot. Once you've had a taste, check out his other sweet FPV videos!

Reveal Shots with a Micro Drone

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オンナノコズ:"Onnanocos" × Micro Drone


We guarantee you've never seen micro drone footage quite like this!  FPV pilot extraordinaire, KatsuFPV, teamed up with Japanese model group "Onnanocos" to create this brilliant drone video.  Staged in a Japanese high school, he flew a 1.6" drone equipped with a RunCam Split Mini FPV camera through narrow gaps and around the school girls.  The result is a creative, beautiful, and smoothly orchestrated flight. This video was a Winner in our Drone Video Awards' Micro Drone Angle Mode category.

Tilt Reveal Shots over the Canary Islands

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FPV: El Hierro


The smallest of Spain's Canary Islands archipelago, El Hierro, is paradise for those looking to escape the daily grind but it's also perfect for first person view (FPV) drone pilots, especially freestylers. FPV Pilot and content creator Lougedo explores all the amazing features of El Hierro with his racing quadcopter. Remembering that he is flying with video goggles, see how he zooms between gaps in the wave-lapped rock formations on the island's Atlantic coasts and high above the sharp mountain ridges. 

Object of Interest shots over a slackliner

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-AIR-LINE- 250 FT Slackline FPV Drone

  • blastr
    • 3.6k VŪZ
    • 66
    • 29
  • 2 years ago

With the rugged yet scenic Black Hills of South Dakota serving as a backdrop, Airblastr's stunning capture of a brave individual working his way across a 250 foot slackline is a sight to behold (but of course even better when seen up close and personal, via's Airblastr's FPV drone).  This amazing and highly cinematic  FPV video was a finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest and is definitely worth a view...unless you're ready to hook up to a slackline yourself.

Birdseye shots over fresh snow

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Opening with tight, crisp shots of the quad caked in fresh snow, mrram_fpv knows how to set up a cinematic FPV piece.  Set against a backdrop of snow-capped evergreens you'll feel like you're watching a clip out of a Superman movie thanks to his smooth flying and slick editing skills.  The backward-facing shots rushing through an alpine forest are just the proverbial icing on the cake. This is a FPV Freestyle Cinematic nominee in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards.

Reveal + Orbit + Side Follow shots

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Cutting, jagged rocks and deep cliffs that dive into the sea are no match for Ramboaripratama in this best of 2018 cinematic FPV demo reel. Mixing in dynamic shots first trailing a dirtbiker, then circling around a motorcycle stuntman with powerloops through bandos, and rolling glides alongside trains with long range shots over the fields, it looks like it has been one heck of a year for this FPV pilot. 

Orbit shots around military aircraft

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Russia's Central Air Force Museum by FPV


For those who are interested in Cold War era military aircraft, prepare to be blown away by this first person view (FPV) video from contributor and FPV pilot craig_dt.  He managed to fly a racing quadcopter around the Russian Air Force Museum.  The museum is located in Monino, a suburb of Moscow.  Watch it and you will see some of the most amazing aircraft ever flown by the Red Air Force.  You will see a wide range of Mig and Sukhoi tactical fighters, the TU-44 supersonic transport, and even some experimental aircraft.  

Object of Interest shots over landmark

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Miyajima, The world Heritage🇯🇵


Contributor and drone pilot SustoFPV flew his racing drone via first person view (FPV) over the waters at the southern tip of the Japanese island Honshu near Itsukushima Shrine; this landmark is the only shrine in the world to have been built over surface of the sea and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The breathtaking film shows off the shrine from every angle (like only an FPV drone can) was a finalist for the Drone Video of the Week contest and has been a favorite amongst viewers.

Object of Interest shots of Icelandic horses

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Drones & Horses

littlewing fpv

This cinematic freestyle flight from FPV pilot littlewing fpv is about as wild and free as the beautiful creatures he chases.  Soaring through the Icelandic horses' pasture and surrounding farmland, he flies with both technical and graceful skill.  Keeping his quad up to speed with the galloping horses, he slows the aerial footage down revealing the rhythmic agility in their stride.

Tilt Reveal Shots + Special Editing

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Man on the Moon


Between the black and white filters, the mirorred imaging effects, and smooth soaring you really will think you're in an imaginary land or walking on the moon. This long range flight by vasiliz rips down the mountain side and through the snow, using editing tricks like reverse, speed, and duplicity to his full advantage. It's an impressive piece that landed mini quad pilot vasiliz on our AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in December of 2018.

Object of Interest Shots Around Artists

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Artists | FPV Cinematic


Cinematic FPV continues to push the boundaries in aerial filmmaking. The ability to virtually latch on to a subject flipping through the air, ripping around corners, or floating in the air at such tight proximity brings a new level of awe for any viewer. This piece by BlinKFPV gives the viewer a new appreciation for the talent and strength involved in the acrobatic artists' performances and earned out pilot a Pilots to Watch nod in 2019.

Cinematic Coastal Flight in Sydney Australia

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Coast // FPV Cinematic // Sydney Australia

Gareth Hayman

The milky, strawberry sky in this cinematic FPV flight by Gareth Hayman seem straight out of a dream. That dream-like state continues in his flying style, which is so buttery smooth and intentional you truly feel like you are one with the quad. Long Reef Headland in Sydney, Australia is where Gareth flew to make this video.  Located in the Northern Beaches area a short distance from central Sydney; it's an area known as one of the most intersting geological places in the area. 

Exploring Lanzarote

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Beautiful Lanzarote - Cinematic FPV


Known for its mild climate and year-round warm weather, Lanzarote is quite the island to behold from an FPV perspective. In this cinematic flight by hardc0re you can get a taste of the island's beautiful beaches and rocky, volcanic landscape. Lanzarote is one of the Canary Islands off the coast of West Africa in the Atlantic Ocean; it's the northernmost and easternmost of the seven main islands which make up this Spanish-controlled chain. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the views!

Madagascar Adventure

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JulienM FPV

When you find out this is JulienM FPV's first FPV video, you kind of freak out. If this is his first, we can't imagine what is to come from this fresh-faced pilot. He shows us the island nation of Madagascar. Located in the Indian Ocean, its tropical jungles, unique trees and rock formations, and beautiful beaches can be seen via camera drone, FPV quad, and ground camera in this entertaining edit that put him on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in March of 2019. 

Cinematic and Dynamic FPV in Reunion Island

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FPV - Reunion Island

Nicolas Gaillard

A dot of an island in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island has earned itself a name as an adventurer's paradise. Located east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius the tiny island features coral reefs, beautiful beaches, and a volcanic rainforested interior all of which can be seen through the eyes of this dynamic and cinematic FPV video by Nicolas Gaillard.

Cinematic Flight over Badlands, South Dakota

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  • blastr
    • 1.2k VŪZ
    • 25
    • 18
  • 2 years ago

The USA's Great Plains are known for many isolated rock formations which seemingly spring up out of nowhere.  In western South Dakota, there's a large area where the rocks are the rule rather than the exception - it's known as the "Badlands", and they are generally considered the most scenic part of the entire Great Plains Region.  In this first person view (FPV) video by contributor and FPV pilot Badlandr, you'll get to see the South Dakota Badlands from an entirely new perspective.  

Catching Lines

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Harmony Drone Lines

  • Sekile
    • 2.8k VŪZ
    • 61
    • 56
  • 2 years ago

It doesn't take long to see why this video was voted as the best of the week in our Drone Video of the Week contest. Sekile sets the scene with dynamic close up shots of his Armattan Chameleon, then flows right into some excellent tree work. His unqiue editing style helps build the piece, however the real beauty of the video is around fifty seconds in where his quad gets within inches of bikers and fourwheelers. Talk about catching some lines!

One Pack One Track

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One Pack/One Track - Flying to Music Hypercine

  • blastr
    • 867 VŪZ
    • 25
    • 11
  • a year ago

We've talked to many pilots who think about what music they want to use in their edit before they start flying. It helps them make sure their flight style stays in line with the finished product's vibe. However, this new "one pack" and "one track" idea airblastr is putting out there ups the ante. He's let the music inspire the flow, something that becomes pretty clear once you sit back and watch the piece. 

Epic 2018 FPV Reel

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An aerial FPV reel of epic proportions, we couldn't over look this compilation by Red-fpv for our 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Cinematic category. This video has a little bit of everything - proximity flying, action filming, cinematic nature and landscape shots, plus a few editing tricks sprinkled in throughout-- making it the quintessentially well-balanced FPV reel. You're going to want to give this masterpiece a watch.

Maiden Flight in the French Alps

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FPV - Maiden Flight

Nicolas Gaillard

Over the river and through the woods, to an epic FPV flight he goes!  FPV pilot Nicolas Gaillard prepared for this mountain surf by logging 20 hours on an FPV simulator.  His dedicated training definitely comes through in his smooth through the French Alps as he gracefully passes through the mountain peaks and tricky gaps of the local surroundings.

FPV of America's most Important Historic Mine

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ANSELMO - Inside a 100 Year Old Mining Lift Room

  • blastr
    • 950 VŪZ
    • 23
    • 12
  • 2 years ago

In this video by top contributor Airblastr, you'll see that drone videos of mines don't have to be outdoor affairs.  He flew a micro drone via first person view (FPV) in the lift room of the Anselmo Mine in Butte, Montana.  One of America's most important historic mines, Anselmo extracted zinc, lead, and copper from underground deposits, pulling them to the surface with the machinery in this lift room.  It's near the town of Butte, the western town which has as much claim as any to be the historic mining capital of the USA.  

Smooth Cinematic Flight through Moab

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Moab, Utah 2019 (FPV Freestyle)


See the beauty of Moab, Utah from the eyes of an FPV mini quad in this epic release by pilot treeferlove. Moab, the city in eastern Utah, is the gateway to one of the most infamous National Parks in the United States - Arches National Park. Sites like Bull Canyon Overlook and Copper Ridge offer a look at dinosaur tracks, while mesas, buttes, canyons and, of course, ancient arches can be seen for miles throughout this national treasure. 

Cinematic Sunrise Cruise on the Caribbean

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Sunrise | Dominican

    • 540 VŪZ
    • 11
    • 7
  • 9 months ago

The island nation of the Dominican Republic is known for its beautiful beaches, bevy of resorts for all price ranges, and lush, green golf courses. Located in the Caribbean Sea, its terrain is made of rainforests, savannah, beaches, and highlands. Contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot JZFPV brought his racing quad out while on a trip to the tropical country and created this cinematic 4K, FPV flight. The flight was good enough to land him on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in May of 2019.

Winery Vivacno Museum

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Museo del Vino: Dinastia Vivanco


The Winery Vivacno Museum of Wine Culture is located in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria on the banks of the Ebro River in Rioja, Spain. The winery produces Tempranillo, Granciano, Garnacha, and many other delicious grapes and wines. The La Rioja community of northern Spain is renowned globally for its wine industry that ranges from small local wineries (bodegas) to major commercial producers. Pilot Blackwolf_fpv takes his quad through Dinastia Vivanco in this freestyle flight.

Cinematic Flight over Ray Caye

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FPV Cinematics 003 - ONE PACK EDIT


Ray Caye is a private island resort in the Caribbean Sea. Located in Belize, the resort offers “the Caribbean the way nature intended” with pristine sand beaches, crystal clear seas, and an unspoiled environment. FPV pilot TIMMIFPV stopped at the island on a recent trip and although he wasn’t allowed anywhere other than the ultra-exclusive resort’s restaurant, he was able to grab a one-pack flight around the beautiful island. 

Intense and Majestic FPV Dives

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    • 1.2k VŪZ
    • 12
    • 9
  • 8 months ago

This is an intense and majestic FPV dive, courtesy of pilot JZFPV. The Drone Video Awards nominee headed to the mountain and canyon-filled area of Southwest Utah to dive the orange, rocky outback. The ridge line cruising he cuts between the dives is also inspiring due to his abilities and because of the incredibly dynamic location choice. Hats off to you, JZFPV, for this incredible, 4K, FPV freestyle flow flight. 

Exploring Glencoe, Scotland

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Bidean nam Bian, Glencoe, Scotland


Mountain Surfing is a term of art in the world of first person view (FPV) drone piloting - it basically means flying a racing drone over mountain ridges and down slopes and (of course) capturing it in HD video.  In this video, contributor and FPV pilot ARI3S FPV takes on one of the highest peaks in the Scottish Highlands: Bidean nam Bian.  With a peak elevation of 1.15k meters (about 3.8k ft.), it's the highest peak in County Argyll in the western Highlands. It's located just south of the town of Glen Coe.  

Cruising Google's Campus

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I don't know... Google it


Check out this killer FPV video from the new Google campus in Redwood City, California, compliments of InspireFPV. The search giant is, along with Apple, one of the two most important companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In recent years, the company has outgrown its Googleplex in Mountain View in Silicon Valley and has been picking up space across the South Bay.  In 2014, it acquired part of the Pac Shores Center development in Redwood City; it moved in here in 2018.

Picturesque Mid Range Cruise

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Shipwreck - Smooth Cinematic FPV

inZane FPV

The SS Gairloch was a coastal steamer that ran aground on a dark night in 1903. What remains is slowly crumbling into the sand near Oakura, a small township on Taranaki, of the western North Island on New Zealand. Using the Foxeer Falkor/Predator v3 Mini FPV Cam, mini quad pilot inZane FPV captured what is left of the bow of the ship. His cinematic FPV flight earned him a spot on the AirVuz FPV Pilots to Watch list in May of 2019.

Soaring the French Alps

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FreeFlight - Alpine Stroll

Nicolas Gaillard

The French Alps of the Alps mountain range are located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur regions. Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and highest in Western Europe, is located in France. Talented FPV pilot Nicolas Gaillard soared through the French Alps in this long-range, mountain surfing mini quad video. However, this piece isn’t all just about the scenery, he’ll take us out to the ski jumps towards the ninety-second mark. Stick around, you’ll want to see what he can do with his quad.

Sunset Yoga in Tokyo Japan

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Sunset Yoga - Tokyo Japan


AirVuz contributor and first person view pilot Grid_FPV is a king when it comes to micro quads. His locations, technique, and editing style make him a pilot to remember and be inspired by, which is why he was nominated in the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards for his micro work. His latest video takes us through the densely populated city of Tokyo where locals are getting outside for their yoga practice while the sun sets. The city skyline dominates the background while he weaves around the dozens of yogis participating in the class.