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Falling With Water - Drone dives INTO freezing waterfall!


Have you ever seen a drone video from the inside of a waterfall? Pretty sure you haven't... Not until now! FPV pilot airblastr had this crazy idea to fly through the icy curtain of a waterfall and he actually did it. No quads were harmed in the filming of this Drone Video Awards' FPV Freestyle Cinematic nominated video.

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DRONE diving GIANT water fall | MrGeeSeeks


FPV pilot mrgeeseeks hikes all the way to the top of a mountain to send his quadcopter diving off the edge with a giant waterfall in this wild flight. The flow of water he chases runs such a long distance that the waterfall seems to nearly dissipate before it reaches the ground below.

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I lost a Drone on top of an Icelandic Waterfall


Team AirVūz pilot nurkfpv ventured through the Icelandic landscape with his quad in this long range flight and happened upon an epic waterfall. Whilst diving and cruising in and around the rushing water he has an encounter of the drone fail kind... see if his quad is gone forever in his follow-up vids!


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Krka Waterfalls

Livyu FPV
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Chasing Waterfalls

VerJan FPV
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Riding the swiss mountains

  • stefpv
    • 88 VŪZ
    • 10
    • 3
  • 9 months ago
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bjarnerimi fpv
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Like a Waterfall FPV

Schime FPV
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Vinnufossen by FPV

 suicide quad
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Frozen waterfall FPV