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Published 03/01/2021 08:19

This is the "World of Drones," your weekly news source for all things drone related. 

US dronemaker, Skydio, is now valued at more than $1 billion dollars after raising $170 million in a Series D funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. That brings Skydio’s total funding to $340 million. Based in California, Skydio is famous for being a leader in self-flying drones as well as being a big competitor to China-based drone company DJI. They focus on designing drones not just for consumers, but for construction businesses, utility companies, law enforcement and the military. Their newest X2 drone, which is set to be released this year, is likely going to be an official drone for the US Army. 

The Honda motor company is known for its innovation, and now it is adding a motorcycle drone to its portfolio.According to a novel patent filed by Honda, they are designing a motorcycle with a drone mounted on the back of it. The drone would take off from the bike and return to it when it needs to be charged. The patent also indicates that the drone could return to the motorcycle without requiring the driver to stop riding the bike to pilot the drone. There is no word yet on what the main application would be for this motorcycle drone, but it sure looks cool. 

Now it’s time to announce the Top 5 drone videos uploaded to last week and name one the ‘Drone Video of the Week.’ If you need a refresher on how our Drone Video Contests work, we’ve linked a helpful video in the description.

“Ruskeal Express - Steam train. Aerial view, winter season” - sinaysky
Former ‘Drone Video of the Week’ finalist, sinaysky, flew his drone alongside the famous Ruskeala Express steam-powered train in Northwestern Russia. Set to a beautiful soundtrack and in the wintertime, this aerial video creates a magical scene.

“DUTCH 2020 | Beauty around the corner 🙏🇳🇱” - By_ewold
Former ‘Drone Video of the Week’ winner By_ewold used the Covid-19 pandemic as a time to explore his own country of Holland. Using some creative editing, this film is a breathtaking aerial tour of the Netherlands through all of the seasons.

“Discover Madeira Island From The Sky l Cinematic Aerial Film” - DigitalTravelCouple
Another former ‘Drone Video of the Week’ winner, the DigitalTravelCouple brings us this spectacular cinematic aerial film from the Portuguese island of Madeira, which was named the “World’s Leading Island Destination” in 2020.

Iceland 2020 Reel by Misha Martin - _mishamartin
Back-to-back ‘Drone Video of the Week’ nominee, Misha Martin uploaded this cinematic masterpiece from his year in Iceland. Featuring famous waterfalls, Icelandic wildlife and an erupting geyser, this aerial film is filled with shots that will amaze.

“My Adventures in the Pandemic 4K | Winter 2021” - Muhamad AbuShakra
Multiple time ‘Drone Video of the Week’ nominee, Muhamad AbuShakra, spent his time during the pandemic exploring the winter landscapes in the German and Austrian Alps. Hiking and climbing alone in the winter elements, you are able to feel his passion for travel and discovery. 

And the ‘Drone Video of the Week’ and winner of the $250 cash prize is… By_ewold with “DUTCH 2020 | Beauty around the corner 🙏🇳🇱.”  Congratulations By_ewold. Your film will now compete in the ‘Drone Video of the Month’ contest for February, where it could win an additional $500.

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