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World of Drones is your weekly drone update brought to you by the team at AirVuz News.

Ford Motor Company filed a patent on October 10th for a drone you can deploy from your car’s trunk. The patent illustrations show a quadcopter design with four propeller blades that connect to the drone and extend away from the body via arms. Ford says the drone would have a variety of uses, most of which are safely related, such as in a car crash to help first responders locate the vehicle by shining a light on the location of the accident as well as play a siren. The drone could also relay information to first responders by streaming footage and sending location coordinates.

U.S. Defense contractor company, Raytheon, is working on new technology that could stop drones from flying over stadiums and spot the people flying them. The counter-drone system is already being tested at venues and according to Raytheon has led to the apprehension of at least four people. The technology would use radars and high-powered cameras to spot drones and allow law enforcement to respond in a matter other than shooting the drown out of the sky and potentially causing more harm.

The Drone Racing League unveiled its new RacerAI last week, a drone programmed to fly itself. The drone uses four cameras, four propellers and a Nvidia processor. Nine teams of programmers from around the world worked on coding the software to control the RacerAI and it was put to the test at Addition Financial Arena in Orlando, Florida. It’s all part of the Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing series that has computer-piloted drones competing against each other. From that, the best AI-piloted drone will then take on a human drone pilot on December 6th in Austin, Texas.

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