EPIC Lofoten Islands in Winter


The Lofoten Islands in northern Norway offer a stunning winter landscape, even though the winter temperatures are surprisingly mild for a location above the Arctic Circle.  Top contributor BashirAbuShakra used a drone to create an epic aerial video of this stunning region in the depths of winter.  You will be treated to bird's eye views of fjords, snow covered mountains, floating icebergs, and much more.   

  • 7 months ago
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Description: Hallo friends, i'm very glad and excited to show you my latest work as i promised on 15. April, which has a special meaning to me. It was not only a landscape adventure, i went through many disappointments through this journey, i learned a lot, but all the difficulties i had pushed me more to give my best and give many emotions, which i think is more important that the footage itself. This time i chose a very epic and emotional music by Hidden Citizens, it was built up on the famous symphony of Beathoven "Moonlight Sonata". Brilliant music, and i was touched right after listening to it, and decided to use it in my next film. I hope i can deliver a message in this film, where and how drones should be used, and to show that drones are more than taking a video from the sky, you can be creative and give your hidden emotions through the music you choose. I hope you enjoy this film! And stay tuned for my next biggest Film in the italian dolomiten in the next months :)


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