Lakes Jam 2019


The area around Brainerd in northern Minnesota has become one of the premiere lake getaway districts in the Midwestern USA.  One of the big summer events here is Lakes Jam, a three day concert festival held on the grounds of Brainerd International Raceway.  Contributor Blaze was hired by the concert to film the event in 2019, which marked its seventh anniversary.  Watch his video footage and you'll see some of his footage from the event, which included 24 musical acts.  

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Thanks to Lakes Jam for having BlazeAir out this year as this official aerial provider. We had a blast out there! Also thanks to my homies Espen aka PilotViking, and of course the one and only Jaybyrd. Was so great having them out there!

Aerial shots were filmed on the DJI Inspire 2.

Ground shots were filmed on RED Cam and Osmo Pocket (that Pocket is AMAZING! The footy is insane).