The United States from Above

Published 12/25/2018 09:28

In this aerial compilation of the United States of America created by the editorial team at AirVūz, viewers will see the best aerial footage from around this diverse country. Being the third largest country in the world, there are plenty of places for aerial cinematographers to fly their drones. States featured in the curated collection of drone videos include California, Hawaii, New York, Florida, Texas, and more. Fly over skyscrapers, waterfalls, mountains, beaches, glaciers and lakes in these aerial films.

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    Angie Avestruz

    Director of Social Media for AirVūz | Host of AirVūz Original Productions | Contributor and writer for AirVūz News | Former Host of Droning America | Southern California girl living in the Twin Cities | Lover of travel, sports and dogs! | BIG fan of Dronies! 😜

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