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Aerial Tour of South Korea
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Korea 4K - Land of Morning Calm (Busan, Geoje, Seoul)


Contributor Majestic, winner of the innaugural Drone Video of the Week Award, created this stunning aerial tour of his country, South Korea.  Using a DJ Mavic Pro drone, the video contains amazing aerial footage of the Seoul and Busan skylines, as well as other sights from across the country.  The "star" of the video is the Lotte World Tower, Seoul's tallest building and the fifth tallest in the world as of year-end 2018.  Completed in 2016, the 115 floor skyscraper stands at 555 meters (over 1.8k ft.).

Seoul's Banpo Hangang Park
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Drone in Seoul - Banpo Hangang Park


Banpo Hangang Park is siuated on the Han River in Seoul, the great metropolis which is both the capital of and the and largest city in South Korea.  AirVuz contributor Roam with John created an amazing video by flying his drone over this park during the day and also at night.  You'll get a splendid view of the park as well as the gleaming skyline of Seoul.  Having been thrust on the world stage as host of the 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul is now the center of one of the world's largest metropolitan areas.    

South Korea by Drone
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Fly By Korea

  • Axlfro
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South Korea hosted its second olympics in 2018, having hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul.  In connection with the XXIII Winter Olympics Games held in Pyeongchang (a city in the northeastern part of the country, not far from Seoul), AirVuz contributor Axlfro was hired to capture drone footage from around the country.  The result is a full blown aerial collage of this astonishingly beautiful country.  The video features footage of PyeongChang, as well as Gangneung, Samchock, and Sokcho.

Seoul, Busan, Jeju Islands
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Korean Air Business Class

Tommy Choi

The strength of South Korea’s booming economy is reflected both by the rising skylines of its metropolitan centers, but also by the world’s continued interest in its dynamic range of exports - from telecommunications, electronics, autos, and even pop culture.  Drone pilot Timmy Choi captured creative and telling shots of Seoul, Busan, and Jeju island to share elegant aerial tour (and Drone Video of the Week nominee) of the commercial, ocean-side hubs of this modern and impressive country.

Jeju Islands
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Jeju Shores


Jeju is an island lying off the southern tip of South Korea, in a body of water known as the Korean Strait.  At over 1.8k square km (about 700 square mi), it is the country's largest island.  The island's volcano and lava tubes are a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.  In this beautiful video, contributor Majestic used a drone to film this exotic island.  The video shows the blue-green waters, sprawling beaches, and a small wind farm located off the shore of the island.    

Busan: Holi Festival
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Official Holi Hai 2017, Busan South Korea

Aerial Aspects

Holi Festivals are a Hindu tradition in which participants cover themselves in bright colots.  The festivals began in India but have become popular with non-Hindus throughout the world.  One of the largest  is the Holi Hai Festival of Colors in Busan, South Korea.  Contributor Aerial Aspects worked with the event's organizers to film the 2017 festival with a drone, providing us with an amazing aerial view of this sea of colors in the second largest city of South Korea.

One Year with a Drone
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Travel in Korea - 1st Year YouTube anniversary!


Contributor RoamwithJohn took up drones in his native South Korea.  He has since gone on to make dozens of aerial videos of his country as well as of other places he has traveled.  In this video, he presents a compilation of highlights of his work in South Korea over a year.  In the video, we are treated to bird's eye views of many of the most popular sites in the country, including Seoul, Busan, and Jeju Island.  Strap yourself in for a ride over one of the world's most fascinating countries! 

Suncheon Bay
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Sunset of Suncheon Bay National Garden


Suncheon Bay is a preserved wetland area near the southern tip of South Korea, whose saltwater marshes provide greater resistance to pollution.  It is home to a number of unusual species such as the racoon dog and the whooper swan, as well as to a number of rare migratory birds.  Contributor Rabiies flew a drone over the area, providing us with a bird's eye view of this important ecological treasure.  Most of the bay is now part of Suncheon Bay National Park

Rural South Korea
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Soaring over South Korea | DJI Mavic Pro


While Seoul is the most recognized part of South Korea, few people realize how large the country is and how much it has to offer outside of its capital city Seoul and other major urban areas.  It offers a stunning diversity of scenery, including mountains, national parks, seaside villages, and numerous rivers.  In this video, contributor Stevocious used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to treat us to a more comprehensive aerial tour of this magical Asian country.  

The Mountains of Korea
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Mountains of KOREA

Chris Jeon

This is a video that was years in the making. The shots of the mountains of South Korea range from dawn to dusk, hyperlapses to short, vibrant cuts, from rolling clouds and spinning turbines to deserted winter scenes and lush, green hills in spring, Chris Jeon is a master in creating a moving piece out of a singular subject. "Mountains of KOREA" was an AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Nominee in August of 2018. Watch it and you'll see why!

FPV Diving Lotte Tower
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Diving Lotte Tower, World's Fifth Tallest Building

Wons fpv

In this first person view (FPV) video by contributor and drone pilot wons fpv, you'll see the tallest skyscraper in South Korea from an entirely new perspective.  Completed in 2016, the 123 story Lotte Tower stands almost 555 meters tall (just over 1.8k ft.) above the streets of Seoul.  Nearly twice as tall as the next tallest building in the capital city, it's the fifth tallest in the world as of early 2019.  Wons fpv advises that he flew with permission from the building and took appropriate safety precautions.    

Profile of RoamwithJohn
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The Drone Dish: RoamwithJohn

The Drone Dish

Contributor John Lee, aka RoamwithJohn, hails from Seoul, South Korea.  While he travels the world making drone videos, some of his best come from his home country, including his videos of Seoul, Neejangshan National Park, and other spots.  His videos are featured prominently in the AirVuz South Korea collection, among others.  In this episode of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason chats with John about his interest in aerial videography, his travels, and his favorite spots to fly in South Korea.  


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Giant Pinocchio 4K UHD

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Jeju Island Wonders 4K

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Drone Series: South Korea

Iris Films
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Jeju Island FPV Tour