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Epic Drone Fails 💥

AirVūz Social

Flying a drone often results in an epic video, but sometimes it can result in an epic fail. AirVuz created a video compilation of some of the best (or worst?) crashes. In one instance the drone pilot was able to chase the drone that got away from him right before it landed in the water! Another drone is attacked by a ram. See a drone get taken away by a bird! Then there are lots of drones flying into trees, phone lines, cliffs and other hazards. Fly safe, everyone! 

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Amazing drone footage struck by lightning !!!

Florian LE PRIOL

There's nothing like getting all geared up to go rip some packs, setting your quad down to launch, and taking off only to be owned by a sudden bolt of lightning.  This is exactly what FPV pilot Florian LE PRIOL experienced one stormy day when he had to say good bye to his GoPro HERO 5 session and most of his quad.  Watch the lightning strike in this short FPV clip; it's pretty amazing to see.

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Crash Compilation

JonhyO Tapadas