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Chiang Mai Temple
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Amazing Drone Views of Chiang Ma, Thailand


The principal city of northern Thailand, situated on the Ping River near the border with Myanmar, is Chiang Mai.  Founded in the 13th century, this jungle city has immense historical and cultural significance to Thailand.  It was capital of the Lan Na Kingdom, one of the principal tributaries of the Kingdom of Siam.  Contributor Tominspires used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create a mesmerizing aerial view of this city, home to some of the most well known (and spectacular) Buddhist Temples in the world.   

Doi Inthanon: Thailand's Highest Peak
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Sunset over Doi Inthanon

Unraveled Studios

Unraveled Studios created this epic drone video from one of the most scenic spots in Thailand and indeed in all of Southeast Asia.  It's shot at Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand at almost 2.6k meters (8.4k ft.) above sea level.  It's in the country's Chiang Mai province, its northernmost, near the border with Myanmar.  The video beautifully captures the mountain peak at sunset as well as the iconic looking Doi Inthanon temple shimmering in the fading sunlight.  

The Grand Canyon of Thailand
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Chiang Ma, Thailand: Elephants and Canyon Jumping


The title of this video is perhaps a little misleading - it has elephants and Grand Canyon (of Thailand) jumping, but it's not elephants jumping the canyon.  Contributor and drone pilot RoamwithJohn created this marvelous aerial video of the Elephant Care & Grand Canyon destination in the Chiang Mai province of northern Thailand.  It is a protected sancturary where Thailand's endangered elephants (who once numbered over 100k) can be seen in a natural environment.

Drone Tour of Chiang Mai
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Thailand from Above: Chiang Ma Aerials (#2)


Watch this drone video by Tominspires to get a good look at the Thai city of Chiang Mai, the largest in the northern region of the country.  Chiang Mai was founded in the 13th century, and became the principal city of one of the tributary states of the Kingdom of Siam.  Set in the mountains of northern Thailand near the border with Myanmar, the temples and other architecture of the city and the surrounding province are some of the most amazing sights in Thailand.  

Lampang Province
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Beautiful Mountain Temple in Thailand's Lampang Province


Monskie123 used a drone to create this phenomenal aerial tour of the province of Lampang in Northern Thailand.  Lampang is situated to the south of the better known province of Chiang Mai.  While its mountains are not quite as high as those of the province to its north, they are nonetheless spectacular.  Some of the rock formations of their peaks have temples atop them, further enhancing the visual appeal of this province which is still "under the radar" of the world's tourists.

Chiang Mai Province: Chiang Dao
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Drone Diaries 01: Hiking Chiang Dao, Thailand


In this video, contributor and drone pilot Where-is-Fab gives us a bird's eye view of a beautiful spot in the far northern reaches of Thailand.  Chiang Dao is the northernmost district of the province of Chiang Mai, its northernmost province.  The district is in the heart of the mountains that cover northern Thailand, up against the border of Myanmar.  As you'll see, this is a place of stunning beauty, much closer in resemblance to Myanmar than to Bangkok or Phuket.  

Phitsanulok Province: Noen Maprang
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Noen Maprang: Limestone Karst Mountains

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Karst mountains require unusual combinations of rock composition and drainage patterns to form; basically they are caused by rocks dissolving into underground pools.  One of the places where these conditions exist is in Northern Thailand.  In this drone video from LV4260, you'll get a look at some karst formations in the district of Noen Maprang District.  It's part of the region of Phitsanulok Province, which lies due north of Bangkok and borders on Thailand's eastern neighbor Laos.  

Sukhothai: UNESCO Historical Site
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Sukhothai Historical Site


Contributor Vdubtravels created this amazing drone video of the Sukhothai historical site in Northern Thailand.  Sukhothai was the center of the Kingdom of Sukhothai, which ruled over a portion of modern day north central Thailand from the 13th to the 15th centuries.  During its peak, it was one of the great powers of the entire Indochina peninsula.  The site you see in this video is located near the modern town of Sukhothai, and is a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  

Chiang Rai: Karen Longnecks
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Karen Village of the Longnecks, Chiang Rai, Thailand


RoamwithJohn created this beautiful drone video of a remote area of Northern Thailand which is home to a highly distinctive ethnic group called the Kayan.  Fleeing persecution in Burma, some of the tribe settled around a village called Karen in the province of Chiang Rai, the northernmost province of Thailand.  Female Kayan undergo various treatments and procedures to make their necks appear longer; for this reason, the people in the area are known as the Karen Longnecks.  


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Wat Thang Sai