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Aerial Tour of Tasmania
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Tasmania is an island state of Australia, the only one of the eight (including the two territories) not on the mainland.  It sits about 250 km (150 mi) off its southeast coast, closest to the state of Victoria.  The state is made up of the main island (one the world's 30 largest) plus several hundred islets.  Contributor Minglam flew a drone over the island, which at one point was a British penal colony.  The video he created will give you a bird's eye view of all that Tasmania has to offer.    

Mersey-Forth: Devils Gate Dam
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Devils Gate Dam, Tasmania.

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The Devils Gate Dam is a part of the Mersey-Forth Hydro Scheme which flows down from the highlands to the ocean in northern Tasmania, the island state of Australia.  Mersey-Forth draws from four separate rivers and runs seven power stations.  Contributor FergTas was fortunate to be near the dam when there was visible mist rising from the dam spillway.  Using his drone he created this amazing aerial video of this major hydropower project with double rainbows in the background.  

Cruise Ship at Beauty Point
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L'Austral Cruise Ship off the Tasmanian Coast


Drone pilot Fergtas typically flies over the stunning landscapes of Tasmania, but this time he took to the ocean for a flight over the majestic L' Austral in this aerial film.  The ship displaces about 10k gross tons, and has a length of about 140 meters (about 460 ft), and carries up to 264 passengers.  It was launched in 2011 and is operated by the French cruise line company Compagnie du Ponant.  The video shows the ship approaching Beauty Point, on the northern part of the island.

Tasmanian Wilderness: Devils Gullet
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Devil's Gullett, Tasmania


One of the defining features of the Australian island state of Tasmania is the Tasmanian Wilderness, a giant nature preserve which covers 16k square km (around 5k square mi.), about 20% of the island.  It covers much of the western part of Tasmania, extending from its southern coast deep into the interior.  In this video, contributor FergTas gives us a bird's eye view of the Devil's Gullet, near the northern end of the Wilderness, which is home to some of the world's most spectacular rock formations.  

Central Tasmania: Alum Cliffs
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Alum Cliffs Tasmania


In this video, FergTas brings us another epic bird's eye view of the spectacular scenery of the Tasmanian Highlands.  Alum Cliffs is located in the north central part of the Australian island state, a bit north of the great Tasmanian Wilderness preserve.  The relatively recent glaciation which has occurred here has carved spectacular rock formations out of the mountains, the highest in Australia.  The resulting landscape is like no other on earth, a national treasure of natural beauty. 

Tasmania's Wind Turbines
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Cape Portland Wind Farm, Tasmania


The Australian island state of Tasmania lies within the band of latitude known as the Roaring Forties, where a atmospheric and geographical factors conspire to produce some of the world's steadiest air currents.  The resulting wind patterns helped propel sailing ships to and from  Australia, and more recently have been harnessed to provide windpower.  In this video, contributor FergTas gives us a drone's eye view of the Musselroe Wind Farm in Cape Portland in northeast Tasmania.

Cruise Ship Near Hobart
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Ovation of the Seas Approaching Hobart, Tasmania


This drone video by FergTas manages to accomplish two things.  It will give you (a) a beautiful bird's eye view of one of the world's largest cruise ships and (b) an equally epic view of the Tasmanian capital city Hobart, which said ship is approaching.   If you look at a map of this Australian island state, you'll also get an appreciation for the navigation skills of the captain of this 167k gross ton displacement ship: the approach to the Hobart may be the world's most complex.

Launceston: Tasmania's Second City
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Launceston: Tasmanian Seaport


In this drone video, contributor FergTas treats us to a bird's eye view of the second largest city of Tasmania, the Australian island state.  Launceston is near the northern coast of the island, where the North and South Esk Rivers join to become the Tamar, which then proceeds about 70 km (43 mi) further north to its mouth on the sea.  Launceston is over 200 years old and was one of the first cities to be settled by Europeans.  The video was shot with a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Tasmania National Park
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Two Days in Tasmania


Contributor Luke Nathan, who hails from New South Wales, made the most of a two day trip to Tasmania to create this beautiful aerial video of Tasmania National Park.  The park is in the southeast part of the island, not far from the state capital Hobart.  The shape of the coastline here is fantastically complex; if you look at a map it's almost impossible to describe it.  As you will see in the video, the coastline is spectacular, with caves and rock formations that defy comparison.  

Freycinet Peninsula: Cape Tourville
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Cape Tourville and the Nuggets on Tasmania's Freycinet Peninsula


FergTas brings us this beautiful drone video from an idyllic spot off the coast of Tasmania, Australia's island-state.  Cape Tourville lies on the Freycinet Peninsula, which juts south into the Tasman Sea from the island's eastern coast.  The cape is known for its lighthouse (which you'll see in the video), and even more so for a chain of small islands called the Nuggets which lie just offshore.  These tiny islets collectively cover just 16 hectares of land area.

Freycinet Peninsula: Bicheno
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Bicheno and Little Beach, Tasmania


Bicheno is a town on the east coast of Tasmania, south of mainland Australia.  It lies near the base of the Freychet Peninsula, about 185 km (around 120 miles) north of the Tasmanian capital city Hobart.  Once a small port for handling grain and coal shipments from the interior, as well as for whaling, it's now primarily a seaside resort town.  In this drone video, you'll get a bird's eye view of Bicheno as well as the idyllic looking nearby Little Beach, compliments of contributor FergTas.   

Drone Views of Tasmania
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Tasmania 2018 Cinematic Drone 4K Edit - John Murphy - Sunshine


Check out this beautiful aerial mini-tour of Tasmania, compliments of contributor and drone pilot shaneyshoots.  Tasmania is one of the eight states and territories of Australia, and the only one which sits off the country's mainland.  Much of Tasmania's beauty stems from its young age as an island; as recently as the end of the last ice age 10,000 years ago, Tasmania was part of the mainland.  Around that time, rising seas formed the Bass Strait and separated Tasmania from what is now Victoria.


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South Esk River Tasmania.

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West Head Tasmania.