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30 Days in NSW and Queensland

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30 Days in Australia // DJI Mavic Pro


Would you drop everything and buy a one-way ticket to Australia? Would it be worth the risk? It was for the duo behind backpackpassion. Follow their incredible journey road tripping along Australia’s east coast with a DJI Mavic Pro drone. When you see this video you'll appreciate that New South Wales and Queensland aren't just about the big coastal cities; they have endless coastlines and expansive interiors.  Spoiler alert – you will also see some wild horses and a couple kangaroos.  

Roadtrip: Sydney to Darwin

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Australia Roadtrip - 2018

  • Pdidii
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  • 5 months ago

Contributor Pdidii created this magnificent video record of an epic road trip through some of the vast expanses of Australia.  The video opens with an excellent hyperlapse of Sydney Harbor and the iconic Harbor Bridge, then shifts to a beach hyperlapse.  From there it's on to the Outback, the gigantic area that isn't precisely defined but in its broadest definition includes the entire interior of the country.   Here you can follow along on a trip that goes all the way to Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territories.  

Aerial Tour of New South Wales

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Australia From Above


The Australian state of New South Wales is the largest state in Australia by population.  It occupies most of the southern half of its endless eastern coastline, between the state of Queensland to the north and the state of Victoria to the south.  Top contributor BigHeadGreg used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this marvelous aerial tour of areas of NSW outside of Sydney, which includes aerial footage of the Blue Mountains, Royal National Park, Palm Beach, Jervis Bay and Seas Cliff Bridge.   

Adelaide: SA's Capital City

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Adelaide South Australia- Drone Footage

Sandrine Hecq

Behold this marvelous video of the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia from top contributor Sandrine Heq.  The capital of the state of South Australia, Adelaide offers a more relaxed urban environment compared to Sydney and Melbourne.  While its skyline lacks the skyscrapers of some of Australia's other large cities, its natural backdrop makes it amongst the most attractive.  Situated on the St. Vincent Gulf, the coastline around Adelaide is backed by high cliffs, beyond which lies the Outback.

Sydney by Drone

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Top of Sydney: DJI Mavic Pro Footage

Potent Sky

Sydney is Australia's largest city and the capital of New South Wales, its largest state.  Host of the 2000 Olympic Games, Sydney is widely considered to be among the world's most beautiful cities; partly for that reason, it's also among the most expensive.  Contributor and pilot Potent Sky used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to fly over this amazing metropolis.  Highlights of this aerial tour include the Botanical Gardens, Observatory Hill, Barangaroo, South Head, Vaucluse, Watsons Bay, and more.

Esperance: Jewel of Western Australia

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Through My Eyes: Esperance, Western Australia

Merr Watson

This recap of a trip to Western Australia is another gem by contributor and travel vlogger Merr Watson. She visited Esperance, a small city on the lightly populated southern coast of WA.  In Merr's own words: “words cannot describe how truly beautiful Esperance is with its stunning white, sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, extremely turquoise waters and magical sunsets. It had left me breathless and I never wanted to leave!”  Watch the video and you will likely share her sentiment! 

Tasmania by Drone

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Tasmania is an island state of Australia, the only one of the eight (including the two territories) not on the mainland.  The island sits about 250 km (150 mi) off the southeast mainland coast, closest to the state of Victoria.  The state is made up of the main island (one the world's 30 largest) plus several hundred islets.  Contributor Minglam flew a drone over the island, which at one point was a British penal colony.  The video he created will give you a bird's eye view of all that Tasmania has to offer.    

DVA Nominated Showreel from Melbourne

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Raven Air Showreel 2018


Australian company RavenAir is one of the top professional aerial filming countries in the world.  Hailing from Melbourne, their work has included TV shows, commercials, documentaries, and other high profile assignments.  With aerial views of massive shipyards, a cattle heard, glaciers and mountains, skyscrapers, their 2018 demo reel was nominated for the Drone Video of the Week and was picked as a Finalist in the Reels category for the second annual Drone Video Awards.  

Australia's Northern Territories

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Northern Territory- Travel Video

Sandrine Hecq

Prepare to be amazed by this amazing tour of Australia's Northern Territory, compliments of top contributor and Vlogger Sandrine Hecq.  This vast territory, which reaches from Australia's northern coast deep into the massive Outback, has some of the country's most spectacular nartural scenery.  The video includes epic aerials of many of these sights, including Alligator Gorge, a kangaroo orphanage in Josephine, the famous  Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (Olgas), Watarrka (Kings Canyon), and more.

Melbourne Shrine: Memorial to Australia's Fallen

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The Melbourne Shrine | DJI Phantom 4


Australia was defined as a nation by its participation in the Great War, subsequently known as World War I.  The conflict broke out just a few years after Australia was granted independence by Great Britain in 1901.  As a Dominion country, Australia made an immense contribution to the Allied victory, both in Western Europe and in the Gallipoli campaign.  Contributor Fade2Gray used a drone to create this moving aerial view of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne, a memorial to the 60k Australians killed in the conflict.  

Victoria's Cape Schenck

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Cape Schanck


Cape Schenck is a promontory in Victoria, the Australian state in the southeastern corner of the country.  A well recognized natural sight on the Mornington Penninsula near the Victoria capital city Melbourne, the cape is is brought to life from an aerial perspective by AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Prav0008.  The video, shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone, includes bird's eye views of the iconic Cape Schenck Lighthouse and the stunning rock formations lying off the coast on the Tasman Sea.

Australia Day on WA's Rottnest Island

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Australia Day 2017- Rottnest Island- Boat Party

Sandrine Hecq

Rottnest Island is situated off the coast of Western Australia, just a short distance due west from from Perth, the capital of the state.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 drone and a GoPro Hero 5 mounted to a DJI Osmi, top content creator and pilot Sandrine Hecq gives us an aerial view of an epic boat party held off the island to celebrate the Australia Day holiday.  Held on January 26th every year, the national holiday commemorates the arrival of the first British ships in Sydney Harbor in the 18th century. 

Brisbane: Queensland's Capital City

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Sunrise in Brisbane, Australia


Brisbane is the largest city in Australia's Queensland state,  which covers the northeast corner of the country.  In this video, top AirVuz content creator and pilot Paul Vlad flew his DJI Mavic Pro drone over Brisbane at sunrise, creating a marvelous aerial perspective of Australia's third largest urban area after Sydney and Melbourne, both of which lie to the south of Brisbane.  Brisbane sits on the Brisbane River, a few km/mi upstream of where it empties into Moreton Bay on the Coral Sea.

Perth: Capital of Western Australia

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Perth, Western Australia: The World's Best Sunsets!

Intrepid Drone Services

Perth is the capital of Western Australia, the vast state which would be a large country on its own.  Roughly 80% of Western Australia's 2.5 million inhabitants live in this city on the Indian Ocean, making it the fourth largest city in the country after Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  The city is extremely remote from other Australian cities, the closest one being Adelaide nearly 2.7k km (1.5k mi) away.  Using a DJI Inspire 2 drone, contributor Intrepid Drone Services created this memorable aerial video of Perth at sunset.  

Melbourne: Australia's Second City

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Melbourne Aerial View: 2018


Here's a spectacular aerial tour of Melbourne, the capital of Australia's state of Victoria and the country's second largest city.  It includes epic shots of the skyline of the city, which is home to five of the seven tallest buildings in Australia as of year-end 2018.  The list is led by Eureka Tower, a 91 floor residential structure that reaches a height of just under 300 meters (975 ft.).  Other notable Melbourne skyscrapers include Aurora Melbourne Central, 120 Collins Street, 101 Collins, and Prima Pearl.  

Legendary Bondi Beach, Sydney

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Sydney's Amazing Bondi Beach by DJI Mavic Pro

Potent Sky

Like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Australia's Sydney is known for being home to some of the world's best beaches. The most famous of these is Bondi Beach, which sits to the southeast of the city center.  Contributor Potent Sky took his DJI Mavic Pro out to Bondi Beach to capture some remarkable 4K aerial footage of the area.  Highlights include bird's eye views of the Bronte coastal walk, Bronte Beach, Tamarama Beach, and Bondi Icebergs.  It's one of the draws that has made Sydney one of the world's top destinations.

St. Vincent Bay; Kangaroo Island

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Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Drone Cinematic Edit 4K 2018


Kangaroo Island is a large island of the state of South Australia.  In effect it forms part of St. Vincent Gulf, at the head of which is the state's capital and largest city Adelaide.  In addition to its lighthouses (critical in this area for navigation), Kangaroo Island is known in part for an important bird sanctuary which lies on the island.  In this video, contributor Shaneyshots flew a DJI Mavic Pro drone over this amazing island, the country's third largest by area after Tasmania and Melville.

Brisbane: Australia's Third City

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Brisbane, Australia: DJI Mavic Pro Footage


Here is an awesome aerial video of Brisbane, the great Australian city near the mouth of the river by the same name.  Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, the third most populous of Australia's seven states and its second largest by land area.  Hekticdrones used a DJI Mavic Pro to shoot this dawn-to-dusk montage of Australia's third largest city, whose metropolitan area is home to nearly 2.5 million people and which has one of the most impressive skylines of the cities of Australasia.

The Great Outback

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The Outback 2019 | Exploring Adventures Travel Film


Australia's Outback is vast but not precisely defined; under some definitions, it encompasses most of the interior of this gigantic nation-continent.  Mostly (although not entirely) arid, it covers an enormous expanse by any definition, and would represent one of the world's largest countries by land area were it independent.  In this drone video by By_ewold, you'll get some amazing perspective on this natural wonder, in the portion which falls within the (northeastern) state of Queensland.  

Queensland's Babinda Boulders

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Flying over the Babinda Boulders by DJI Mavic Pro

  • y0shi
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  • 3 years ago

The Babinda Boulders form a natural pool where three streams come together in the Cairns Region on the northern coast of Queensland, the northeastern state of Australia.  Because of the fast-moving currents running over the rocks, the site is sometimes referred to as the Devil's Pool.  The boulders' origin is the subject of a local legend involving a young warrior and his lover.  Content creator and pilot Y0shi flew a drone over the Babindas to create an amazing aerial video of one of the world's most distinctive-looking rock formations.  

WA's Margaret River Region

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Surf & Drones - Margaret River Region, Western Australia

Sky Perth

While the Australian surfing scene is most closely associated with the eastern beaches around Sydney in New South Wales and the Gold Coast area of in Queensland, Western Australia also has some of the best surfing beaches in the world.  The endless coastline and a much lower population density of the vast state make for some incredible spots to ride the waves.  In this video, contributor and pilot Sky Perth uses a drone to give us a bird's eye look at one of these spots, in WA's Margaret River region.

Newcastle: NSW's Second City

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Newcastle August 2016


Sfdrones brings us this beautiful drone video of Newcastle, the second largest city Australia's New South Wales state.  The city was built on a foundation of coal, for decades Ausralia's biggest export product (now a close second to iron ore).  For most of the 20th century, it was also the center of Australia's steel industry, although the gigantic BHP steelworks which once employed 50k was shut down in 1999.  While maintaining its industrial heritage, Newcastle is also home to some of NSW's top beaches.  

Yogi Sally Mustang in Byron Bay

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Byron Bay


With over over a million views, this viral aerial video of from the eastern coast of Australia’s is worth a watch. Cinematographer and drone pilot Jaxon Roberts, along with yogi and social media influencer Sally Mustang, brings us dolphins, horses, palm trees, beaches, and more in this must-see drone video of the beautiful Byron Bay.  Byron Bay is located in the northeastern corner of the state of New South Wales, just a bit to the south of Gold Coast in the neighboring state of Queensland.

Gold Coast: Queensland's Second City

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Australia's Gold Coast: DJI Mavic Pro


Top content creator and pilot 70daysaroundtheworld created this amazing drone video of Gold Coast, one of the main beach cities of eastern Australia and the second largest city in the state of Queensland.  It's located south of the state capital of Brisbane.  Since 2005, Gold Coast has been the home of the tallest building in Australia: Q1 (Queensland Number One), which you'll see clearly in the video.  The 78 story residential tower has an architectural height of just over 320 meters (1.06k ft.).

Great Barrier Reef: Heron Island

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Heron Island from Above


Contributor MantaMattMedia created this epic drone video of Heron Island, a coral cay located on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef off of eastern Australia.  The Great Barrier Reef is the largest system of coral reefs in the world.  It is situated in the Coral Sea, which separates mainland Australia from the South Pacific islands such as New Caledonia.  Heron Island is one of the few inhabited islands amongst the 900 islands which make up the great Reef, and a popular departure point for divers.

NSW's Blue Mountains

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Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW


Top contributor and drone pilot Luke Nathan brings us this epic bird's eye view of Wentworth Falls in the heart of Australia's Blue Mountains.  The waterfall is one of the main attractions in this mountain range in the southeastern state of New South Wales, much of which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage natural site.  Wentworth Falls is a three tier waterfall with a total height of 187 meters (614 ft.).  It's situated within a national park by the same name located just a short drive west of Sydney.

Uluru: Ayers Rock

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Ayers Rocks - Uluru (Australie) et les Monts Olga (Kata Tjuta NP)

  • Lumy
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  • 12 days ago

One of the great natural sites of Australia is the giant rock formation known variously as Ayers Rock and Iluru.  The huge sandstone rock is located near the center of this enormous country, in the southern part of the Northern Territories.  The great rock is considered sacred to the two aboriginal groups which live here, and is home to many stone paintings and artifacts.  Fantastically remote, the rock is part of the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park.  See it here from a drone's perspective in this video by Lumy.  

Cairns, Northern Queensland

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Cairns: The Wild Side of Australia


Top content creator Zimydakid does it again with this fantastic video from the area around Cairns in eastern Australia.  Cairns is the hottest ecotourism destination in Australia; it's the city closest to the heart of the Great Barrier Reef (which runs along most of the coast of the state of Queensland) as well as the Cape Tribulation nature area where crocodiles can be found in abundance.  In Zimydakid's well-developed style, the video features a mix of drone, ground camera, and underwater video footage.  

Australia's Wheat Belt

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Mukinbudin, Western Australia by Drone


Content creator and drone pilot CarrandDrone gives us a nice bird's eye view of the Wheat Belt in the interior of the vast state of Western Australia.  Mukinbudin is a small town with a population of less than 1,000 inhabitants, situated a few hours drive due east of the WA capital city Perth.  The video will give you a sense of the beauty and endless horizons of Western Australia, a state which is roughly 4x the size of the state of Texas in the USA by land area and dwarfs the entire Great Plains area of the USA.   

Profile of WA's Sandrine Hecq

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The Drone Dish: Sandrine Hecq

The Drone Dish

Born in South Africa and now living in Australia, top content creator Sandrine Hecq is a world-traveling, drone-flying adventurer.  She has become a juggernaut on Instagram, with over 50k followers as of the beginning of 2019, and her video "My Drone Story" was picked as a finalist for the second annual DVA's.  On this episode of The Drone Dish, Sandrine talks about how she got into travel vlogging, what it's like to fly in Zimbabwe, the Maldives, her adopted new home in Western Australia, and what's next.

Around Eastern Australia

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East Coast Australia 2019

Travel Lifestyle

Off on another adventure, drone pilot and content creator Travel Lifestyle has been renting out a camper van to experience all that can be seen and done on the eastern coast of Australia. The eastern half of this massive continent-country is home to around 80% of Australia’s population and includes the Gold Coast, Queensland; Newcastle, New South Wales, and Wollongong, New South Wales. The coastal cities are massive, and the beaches are even more impressive in this drone video of Australia. 

Down Under Drone Tour

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Down Under


The Commonwealth of Australia is the sovereign nation that encompasses the Australian continent, Tasmania, and several other small islands. The name “Australia” is derived from the Latin words “Terra Australis” or a southern land. Commonly referred to as “The Land Down Under” or just down under, the country is known for its incredible landscape that is largely untouched. Drone pilot Joe.images, took a trip down under with his wife and put together this exciting montage to remember the vacation. 

Profile of Jaxon Roberts

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The Drone Dish: Jaxon_roberts

The Drone Dish

In this episode of the Drone Dish, host Tyler Mason talks with drone pilot and aerial videographer Jaxon Roberts.  Hailing from Western Australia, his top video on AirVuz was actually shot on the other side of the country, in New South Wales.  "Byron Bay", which he filmed with Instagram star and yogi Sally Mustang, has garnered well over a million views on AirVuz and was nominated as a Finalist in the first annual Drone Video Awards.   Tune in as he shares some of the tricks of the trade with Tyler.