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Beaches, Bikini's & BFF's ☀️👙

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Sun’s out, drones out! These drone pilots brought their drones along to capture all the summer fun. AirVūz has put together the best of the best including babes soaking up the sun in Indonesia, partying with friends on the beaches of Florida, taking dronies and swimming with sharks. Click to watch this fun sun-filled summer drone video. 

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The Bahamas - Modeling with Drones

AirVūz Official

In this video from the Bahamas, AirVūz Cinematographer Jay Christensen partnered with Sports Illustrated model Haley Kalil, and models Catalina Freer and Courtney Byrd to create this aerial film emphasizing the new, dynamic angles those in the fashion industry can expect with the advent of filming with drones.  Prepare to be amazed by the bird's eye views of these beauties frolicking in the warm South Atlantic waters.    

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Drone Bikini Shoot @ryzphoto


Is a drone bikini shoot really a thing?  Turns out, it is!  Professional drone pilot and surf photographer RYZPhoto took to the skies above the tropical islands in Indonesia to make this amazing video of some surfer-models. The crystal clear waters are the perfect backdrop for watching these ladies shred the surf from a brand new (aerial) perspective.  Enjoy the views!

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KALOEA Surfer Girls - This is Tahiti (HD Drone)

Kaloea Bikinis

Take Tahiti by drone to ride the waves of the South Pacific with a few gorgeous Kaloea surfer girls. Not only are the aerial views of the French Polynesian landscape breath taking, but the ladies showing you all the Island has to offer as well!  The beauty of the South Pacific and these models for a swimsuit company which produced this video for promotional purposes will take your breath away. 

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iDroneU - Los Roques

  • iDroneU
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  • 2 years ago

Contributor iDroneU collaborated with a swimsuit company to make this amazing drone video of fashion models showing their stuff on a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean Sea.  The video was shot in Los Roques, a group of islands and coral reefs lying a short distance off the mainland coast.  Watch this video to get a bird's eye view of a tropical paradise and see see how drones are becoming tools in fashion marketing.

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One Day in Bali with Britt and Maddie


Volcanic mountains, endless beaches, and iconic rice paddies make Bali, Indonesia the best destination for BFF's Britt and Maddie!  Contributor and pilot RYZPHOTO and his DJI Inspire drone were able to capture the treasured travel of two best friends in bikinis taking in everything the Indonesian island has to offer.  This short but sweet video will have you Bali dreaming! 

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Zrce Beach, on the Croatia's northern Adriatic Sea coast, has become a prime spring break destination.  This is a place of DJ’s, yachts, water sports, pool parties, and a few adult beverages later.  Wished you hadn't grown up?  Join the fun and watch it all go down with an exclusive view from above.  Contributor Jantrnkaproductions uses a drone to treat us to a bird's eye view of this Mediterranean party paradise. 

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Tha Lane Bay, Krabi Thailand Dronie

  • wrenee
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  • a year ago

What could possibly be better than lounging at the beach in a bikini with a drone in hand? And let's just add that this is in Krabi, Thailand - one of the hottest beach destinations in Southeast Asia, how about now?  Get a sky-high view of the ultimate tropical relaxation destination with contributor wrenees, more familiarly known as the Queen of the Dronie. You’re going to wish you were there too!  Krabi is one of the primary Thailand beach regions; it sits on the eastern side of Phang Nga Bay.

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Scape From Love - Cancun & Tulum


Contributor LucasPinhel has earned a worldwide social media following from his travel Vlogs that artfully combine drone footage and people.  In this video you can join him to fly the skies of two Mexican vacation destinations, Cancun and Tulum. Both lie on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on the Caribbean Sea.  These drone shots will let you join him and his friends as they make the most of their trip living in swimsuits in the sunshine and celebrating life along the beautiful coastline!


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Chill In Mauritius

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Bali Trip Adventures

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The amazing Nicole

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