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Aerial Tour of San Francisco
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Aerial Visuals of San Francisco: DJI Mavic Pro


A great deal of care went into this 4k cinematic drone reel of San Francisco from contributor AttilioRuffoPhotography. He cautiously flew a DJI Mavic Pro drone over the northern California city, capturing its skyline (including the new Salesforce Tower), the famed Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill, Dolores Park, and more.  If you love the City by the Bay, these bird's eye views will delight you! 

SF Skyline During Fire Season
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San Francisco Smoke


Sfdrones created this amazing (if haunting) drone video of San Francisco choked in smoke from nearby wildfires.  As the sun struggles to fight through the smoke, you will see some of the most familiar (and beautiful) sights of the city (including the Financial District and Rincon Park) from a completely different perspective.  The most chilling footage shows the new Salesforce Tower, now the tallest building in the city, looming menacingly in the distance.  The smoke triggered major air quality alerts.  

The Mighty Golden Gate Bridge
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Golden Gate Bridge


The Golden Gate Bridge connects the City of San Francisco with Marin County to its north, at the opening of San Francisco Bay.  It was conceived during the depths of the Great Depression, and at the time of its completion in 1937, it was the longest and tallest suspension span bridge in the world at 1.3k meters (4.2k ft.).  Contributor Jordanthe used a drone to create a memorable aerial view of this bridge, which since its construction has been one of the most iconic sites in the United States.   

60 Second Drone Tour of San Francisco
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iDroneU - Experience San Francisco


For a 60 second tour of the proverbial City by the Bay, it's tough to beat this one by iDroneU. With short bursts of epic footage, you will be taken around to see virtually all of the highlights of San Francisco. Watch it for bird's eye views of Lombard Street, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Presidio, the Financial District, the Marina area, and more.  The highlight is probably some amazing overhead shots of Alcatraz, the former prison-island in the middle of San Francisco Bay.  

The Bay Area by Drone
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Bay Area By Air


Contributor SFDrones put together this epic aerial video of the San Francisco Bay area.  While it's got amazing bird's eye views of the iconic San Francisco skyline, much of the video is shot outside of "the City" as its known to the locals.  It has some amazing aerial shots of the South Bay, including the area around the Dumbarton Bridge (the southernmost of the three bridges which cross the bay, Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara (home of the 49ers football team), and much more.  

Bay Area Drone Tour
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EPIC San Francisco Travel Video!


EPIC is right. Check out this amazing travel video from contributor Jayxlamar.  He used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro to create an amazing aerial portrait of San Francisco, the City by the Bay.  Strap yourself in for a ride which will take you along the city's Pacific coastline, over the Golden Gate Bridge.  There's a great fly-by of Coit Tower at night at the :52 mark, and a great shot of the eastern terminus of the Bay Bridge.  It also includes some amazing shots of the Financial District, the hills of Marin County, and more.

The Transamerica Pyramid
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Aloft in California - Transamerica Pyramid 4K


The TransAmerica Pyramid is one of the USA's most iconic skyscrapers.  Completed in 1972, it had a two year run as the tallest building west of Chicago, surpassed by LA's Aon Center in 1974.  Its run as the tallest building in San Francisco lasted considerably longer: the 260 meter (about 850 ft.) structure held the title of the tallest building in the City by the Bay for over four decades before being passed by the tower during construction in 2017.

SF's New Skyline
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Don't Call It "Frisco"

Matt Dutcher

San Francisco has one of the most widely recognized skylines of any city in the world.  That skyline has been transformed recently with the construction of the Salesforce Tower, a new skyscraper in the heart of the city's Financial District.  It has a rooftop height of 326 meters (1,070 ft.), handily ending the 45 year reign of the TransAmerica Pyramid as the city's tallest building.  Contributor Matt Ducher used a DJI Inspire 2 drone to create this amazing aerial look at the city's new-look skyline.

San Francisco Skyline by Drone
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San Francisco Skyline & Beyond by Drone in 4k

Glazed Aerials

San Francisco has one of the USA's most impressive skylines.  With some of the tallest skyscrapers on the West Coast, and a stunning setting on the bay, the SF skyline is even more of a marvel when seen from an aerial perspective.  In this reel, contributor Glazed Aerials used a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this amazing aerial tour of the city, which includes footage of the Transamerica Pyramid, SalesForce Tower, and more.  

The "New" SF Bay Bridge
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Cinematic Shots of the "New" SF Bay Bridge

  • bbloss
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  • a year ago

Top contributor Bbloss created this stunning drone video of what may be the world's most expensive bridge. Following its partial collapse during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, a decision was made to rebuild the eastern half of the landmark San Francisco Bay Bridge, which spans over 7 km (almost 4.5 mi.) over the bay.  Construction on the eastern span replacement began in 2002 and wasn't completed until 2013, a six year delay. Its final coast was $6.5 billion, vs. an initial estimate of $250 million!  

Muir Woods
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Fog over Muir Woods at Sunset


Muir Woods is one of the great natural treasures of the San Francisco Bay area. It's an area of old growth redwood forests near Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The main area of the woods was donated to the US government from a private citizen, and later converted to a national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt.  In this video from Trosencrantz, you'll get a bird's eye view of the fog-enshrouded ancient forest.

Around SF Bay by Drone
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Aerial Reel of the San Francisco Bay Area

91 Kilometers

Check out this beautiful tour-by-drone of the San Francisco Bay area, compliments of contributor 91 Kilometers.  It opens with a beautiful shot of the Palace of Fine Arts, the museum which was destroyed by the '06 earthquake, rebuilt, and is now a theater.  From there it jumps across the bay to the Port of Oakland, which has long-since replaced San Francisco's in importance to the area.  You'll also get some overhead shots of the new eastern section of the SF Bay Bridge, completed in 2013.

San Francisco Luxury Apartment
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$8.5M luxury estate drone real estate video by Douglas Thron

Douglas Thron

By virtue of space constraints, building restrictions, and the ever present allure of living in the Bay Area, San Francisco is perenially among the most expensive real estate markets in the USA.  The city has become a magnet for the ultra-rich who are not put off by sky-high prices.  In this video, contributor Douglas Thron used a drone to help create a promotional video for a high end penthouse condominion in the heart of the city.  

Treasure Island
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Treasure Island, San Francisco


This is a drone video from 400ft of Treasure Island, an artificial island in San Francisco Bay.  The island was built in the 1930's for the World's Fair.  It was originally planned to be the site of a second San Francisco airport, but when World War II started it was taken over by the US military.  Following base closure in the late 1990's the island has been undergoing a process of environmental remediation and redevelopment.

The New Embarcadero
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Rincon Park on San Francisco's Waterfront

91 Kilometers

Contributor 91 Kilometers created this great drone video of San Francisco's Embarcadero, the eastern part of the city's waterfront.  After the Lomita Prieta Earthquake of 1989, it was feared that the elevated freeway which had obscured the area for years was not structurally sound and was torn down.  Since then, the waterfront has been  completely transformed.  It's now a lively pedestrian scene and home to one of the country's largest farmers markets.    

Coit Tower
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Aloft in California - Coit Tower in 4k


Adventurous Drone created this brilliant aerial of Coit Tower, one of San Francisco's most recognizable landmarks.  The 64 meter (210 ft.) concrete tower is situated atop Telegraph Hill, by most accounts the most scenic of the city's seven main hills due to its panoramic vistas.  The Art Deco tower was completed in 1933, and was dedicated as a memorial to firefighters who perished in San Francisco's fires.  The video will give you the view from above the tower, one of the best in the USA. 

Golden Gate Bridge
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Aloft in California - Golden Gate 4K


AdventurousDrone brings us this beautiful look at a fog-enshrouded Golden Gate Bridge, one of the world's most recognized landmarks.  One of the reasons why it's almost universally recognized is that it's one of the world's biggest movie stars.  Literally dozens of feature films have used the bridge as a shooting location, ranging from its use as the backdrop for a well known shot in Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo to the scene of an epic fight in the 1985 James Bond movie View to a Kill

The Presidio
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Presidio of San Francisco / Golden Gate Bridge


Check out this amazing dronie from the Presidio in San Francisco, compliments of contributor Pedrooninsta.   Now part of the Golden Gate Recreational Area, the Presidio was a US Army fortress until being phased out after the Cold War.  Originally a Spanish fortress, the forces stationed at the Presidio were called upon to assist the city when it was devastated by the great 1906 Earthquake.  In the video, the shot pulls in the Golden Gate Bridge looming behind the fortress.

Good Times in SF with Mavic Pro 2
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I Found My "IT GIRL" | SAN FRANCISCO - 2018


Go on an aerial getaway with contributor mamitagadventures in the great city of San Francisco, California!  He and his wife explore all the fantastic sights of SF with his new DJI Mavic 2 drone.  He combined aerial views of the Golden Gate Bridge, that peeks out from dense bay fog with ground shots that contain all the excitement of Chinatown to create one spectacular drone reel of the #1 tourist destination city in the United States.

FPV Diving Coit Tower
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Coit Tower Night Dive

  • SFPV
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  • 2 years ago

Coit Tower is an art deco architectural masterpiece on Telegraph Hill in the heart of San Francisco.  It is dedicated to those who perished in major fires in San Francisco, including the fire which occurred in connection with the great 1906 earthquake.  In this video, top drone racing pilot and contributor SFPV flew a racing quadcopter via first person view (FPV) over this iconic California landmark, which sits in the USA's Register of Historic Places.  

San Francisco at Sunset
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San Francisco Sunset in HD

Zachary Bostick

Zachary Bostick used a DJI Mavic Pro to create this beautiful aerial view of San Francisco at sunset.  It opens with a great shot of the iconic San Francisco Ferry Building, which once was used to shuttle tens of thousands of passengers across the bay before the city's bridges were built.  From there it's on to a shot of the western part of the Bay Bridge, some beautiful shots of the financial district, a look northward towards Coit Tower.  At the end, you'll be able to see Alcatraz off in the distance.

Aerial Tour of SF
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San Francisco by Air


Check out this beautiful aerial tour of San Francisco, compliments of contributor trosencrantz. The video features some amazing bird's eye views of the Transamerica Pyramid, the new Salesforce Tower, and the other skyscrapers of the Financial District.  It's also got some great shots of Golden Gate Park, including some amazing views of the windmills at the park's western end.  Just for good measure, you'll also see some great views of Coit Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the city's Pacific beachfront.

Marin County: Mt. Tamalpais
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Mt. Tamalpais - 2018


Check out the views from atop Mt. Tamalpais overlooking San Francisco, complimens of Mamitagadventures.  The mountain is situated in Marin County, on the far (north) side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It has a peak elevation of about 780 meters (just under 2.6k ft.), with very high prominence due  to its base being right at sea level.   It's a very popular hiking area, and its peak affords unmatched views of the City (as San Francisco is known to the locals) and the entire northern bay. 

Golden Gate Park by FPV
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San Francisco - Golden Gate Park


You will get an entirely new perspective on San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in this awesome first person view (FPV) video by contributor and FPV pilot InspireFPV.  The rectangular-shaped park is almost 5 km long (just under 3 mi.) and is 20% larger than New York's Central Park in terms of land area.  The video will give you some epic first-person views of some of the park's top sights, including Music Concourse plaza, the Academy of Sciences, and the Hamon Observation Tower.


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SF Sunrise

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SF Sunset

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The Commute