Skopelos and Skiathos: Momma Mia Islands
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Mamma Mia!: Greece's Sporades Islands


Contributor Patassini_ale used a DJI Mavic Drone to create this beauiful video of Greece's Sporades Islands in the Aegean Sea.  The video includes footage of three of the four inhabited Sporades: Skopelos, Alonissos, and Skiathos.  Skopelos is the most well known of these islands, in part because it was the shooting location of the 2008 blockbuster film Momma Mia, which was based on a Broadway show of the same name and starred Merryl Streep.

Demo Reel from Greece
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Aerial Cinematography Reel - 2018

  • telakos
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  • 3 months ago

Prepare to be amazed by this amazing demo reel from contributor Telakos, a professional aerial videographer from Greece.  In this highly cinematic piece, you will see footage from one of the world's most beautiful countries with some highly creative editing.  The video features footage from across the country, including the famous rocktop monasteries of Meteora, beautiful fishing villages, bright blue seas, and some of the world's most complex bridges which link the various regions of the country.

Spring Break Trip to Greece
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Greece Island Hopping

iDrone Aerials

Top contributor iDrone Aerials, whose work has been nominated for the Drone Video Awards, created this beautiful reel from a Spring Break trip to Greece.  The video features footage from both of the main groups of Greek islands - Corfu on the Ionian Sea and Santorini in the Aegean - as well as some epic shots of the Parthenon and other sights of Athens on the mainland.  The video features a mix of drone and ground camera footage, and combines some excellent editing to make a highly entertaining trip reel. 

Monasteries of Meteora
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Meteora: Greece's Orthodox Monasteries


Top contributor GeorgeMarcu treats us to this epic aerial tour of the famous monasteries of Meteora in the Thessaly region of northern Greece.  The immense rock pillars of the region are home to six Greek Orthodox monasteries.  The most well known is the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.  This masterpiece "played the role" of St. Cyril's in the 13th James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only (1981), in which 007 (played by Roger Moore) scales a cliff and dispatches a henchman of Aristotle Kristatos.

The Acropolis of Athens
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Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens, Greece

The capital and most important city of Greece is Athens, and the center of Athens is the Parthenon, the ancient Greek temple built atop the Acropolis (or citadel) in the center of the city. Contributor georgelek1966@hotmail flew his drone over this important UNESCO World Heritage cultural site, the centerpiece of which is the Parthenon temple, constructed in 447 BC and dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena.  Athens hosted the 2004 Summer Olympic Games.

Santorini: Aegean Islands
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Santorini is a small crescent-shaped Greek island in the Aegean Sea, the southernmost of the Cyclades group of over 200 islands (many of which are uninhabited).   It is known for its crisp, white buildings and blue roofs, jutting out from the cliffside towards the azure sea. Top contributor Lucaspinhel, who has over 200k followers on Instagram, uses those blues and whites to his advantage, creating pops of orange, yellow, and red with the beautiful dresses his models wear in this unique drone video.

Greece's Holy Mount Athos
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Athos, The Holy Mountain

Icarus Aerial Filming

In this video, contributor Icarus Aerial Filming gives us a spectacular bird's eye view of the area around Mt. Athos in northern Greece.  In addition to being home to some of the most important Eastern Orthodox monasteries, the fabled mountain (called Holy Mountain) was the site of one of the great bits of luck enjoyed by the Greeks in the Antiquity - the foundering of a Persian fleet off the coast of Athos in 492 BC forestalled an imminent Persian naval invasion of the Greek mainland.   

Samos: North Aegean Island
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Exploring Samos from Above: DJI Mavic Pro


Samos is an island of Greece lying in the eastern end of the Aegean Sea.  Part of the North Aegean official grouping of islands, it features a mix of quaint seaside towns, amazing beaches, and numerous historical sites especially in the mountains situated in  the interior of the island.  Ride along with contributor Beemflights, who uses a drone to give us an amazing aerial tour of this Mediterranean paradise, which is actually much closer to mainland Turkey than to the Greek mainland.

Agrafa Mountains of Central Greece
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Sunday at Agrafa Mountain Range, Greece

Icarus Aerial Filming

The Agrafa Mountains are in central Greece.  The range is an extension of the Pindus mountains, which run over northern Greece and into Albania.  The mountains are dotted with gorgeous lakes and valleys and many small towns whose red brick roofs present an amazing visual appearance.  In this video, contributor Icarus Aerial Filming took a drone on a Sunday trip through the mountains, providing us with a marvelous bird's eye view of an area in the heart of Greece.

Crete: Largest Island of Greece
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Crete by Drone!


Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and one of the 100 largest islands in the world.  The island is home to numerous ancient ruins and stunning white sand beaches.  Contributor Mitch Pappas used his drone to create this brief but altogether memorable aerial tour of the island which has been occupied for several millenia, and which serves as the southernmost boundary of the country's Aegean island region.  

Pirus: Metsovo
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Metsovo, Greece


Metsovo is a town in the Pirus region of north-central Greece.  Rich in history, the town has immense visual appeal, especially from an aerial perspective, with the deep red roofs of the buildings standing in brilliant contrast to the Pindus Mountains in the background.  Contributor Dimi Maran used a DJI drone to give us a spectacular bird's eye view of this cultural and natural treasure, one of the most visited sites in northern Greece.

Milos: Southernmost Cyclades Island
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Milos Island, Greece: Abandoned Sulfur Mine Dronie

  • wrenee
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  • 2 years ago

Top contributor wrenee has a well earned reputation as the Queen of the Dronie.  Her AirVuz video portfolio consists of dozens of epic drone selfies shot from exotic places all over the world.  In this video wrenee and her drone, Furbie, collaborated to shoot a spectacular dronie on the Greek island of Milos outside of an abandoned sulphur mine.  Milos is the southernmost of the Cyclades group of islands, a region of Greece in the western Aegean Sea.  

Simonos Petra: Monastery of Athos
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Simonos Petra Monastery at the Holy Mountain, Greece

Icarus Aerial Filming

Icarus Aerial Filming created this stunning bird's eye view of the Simonos Petra Monastery, one of the great cultural treasures of Greece.  The monastery is on the Holy Mountain of Athos on a peninsula of Thrace in northeastern Greece.  The mountain is considered one of the most important places in the Eastern Orthodox religion, and Mt. Athos is technically a monastic state within the state of Greece, a status which has some similarities with that of the Vatican.  

Zakynthos: Ionian Island
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Zakynthos 2019


Check out this stunning drone video of the Greek island of Zakynthos, compliments of contributor Harispomonis.  Sometimes called Zante, it's one of the seven main islands that line Greece's western coast on the Ionioan Sea.  Zakynthos is the third largest and southernmost of the seven, lying more or less due west from the Greek capital Athens.  It's not only a major tourist destination but a place of considerable cultural significance, having earned mention in Homer's epics the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Euripidus Bridge: Connecting Euboea
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Extreme Aerial Dance at Epirus Bridge

  • Badios
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  • 2 years ago

Top contributor Badios used a drone to film this aerial dance over an important bridge in Central Greece.  The Euripus Bridge spans the Eurpirus Strait, a narrow body of water which separates the island of Euboea from the Greek mainland.  The bridge, which was completed in 1992, was the first cable-stayed bridge in the country.  The eastern terminus of the bridge is Chalcis, the main town on the island.  It's located about halfway down the west coast of Euboea, Greece's second largest island.

Thessaloniki: Greece's Second City
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Thessaloniki, Greece by Drone

  • SioU
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  • 3 months ago

If you want a great look at Greece's second city, check out this video of Thessaloniki by SioU. The capital of the Macedonia province, it's the largest city in northern Greece, and the second largest overall after Athens. The largest seaport on the Aegean Sea, it has a rich history, notably as the birthplace of Alexander the Great and as the second largest city in the Byzantine Empire after Constantinople (now Istanbul).  Today, it is often  considered the cultural capital of Greece.  

West Macedonia: Pentaflos
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Aerial View from Pentaflos, Greece: DJI Mavic Pro


Check out this stunning drone video of a winter scene from Northern Greece from contributor MavicProGr.  Pentalofos is a town in the mountains of West Macedonia, the region which covers much of north-central Greece.  It's in the Voio Mountains, one of several which cover much of Northern Greece.  The highest peaks in this particular range are about 1.8k meters, or around 5.9k ft. above sea level.  As you will see from the video, it's an absolutely stunning area.

Kefalonia: Largest Ionian Island
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Ionian Island Kefalonia, Greece | Drone video in 4K

XL Creations

XL Creations used a Zenmuse X camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 1 drone to create this epic aerial video of Kefalonia, the largest of Greece's Ionian Islands.  Some scholars believe that Kefalonia was the land of Attica in Homer's Odyssey, although this remains speculative.  The video contains bird's eye views of some of the island's most well known sights, including Myrthos Beach, Fiscardo, Melissani Cave, Argostoli, The Venetian Castle Ruins, and more.

Drone Tour of Greece's Ionian Islands
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Aerial Greece | Lefkada, Ithaki, Kevalonia, Fiskardo

11 Shots Media

Contributor and drone pilot 11 Shots Media created this brilliant 60 second aerial tour of three of Greece's islands in the Ionian Sea to the west of the mainland.  The islands shown in are Lefkada, Ithaki (Ithaca), and Kevalonia.  These are the central islands of the group, which also includes Corfu, Paxi, Zakynthos, and Kythira.  As you'ss see in this video, these islands combine aspects of Greece's Aegean islands to the east and the islands of southern Italy to the west.  

Crete's Island of Lepers
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Island of Lepers: Spinalonga, Greece


Contributor Grigorelis created this memorable drone video of a little known Greek island called Spinalonga.  It actually wasn't originally a separate island; it was created by the Venetians, who controlled Crete for a time and "disconnected" Spinalong from the thin peninsula which had connected it to the Crete mainland, building a large fortress upon it.  In the 20th century, Spinalonga served as a leper colony, the last such instance to remain active in Europe.

Mykonos: Party Capital of the Aegean
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Droning Dutchman - Mykonos by Drone


The Droning Dutchman headed to the Greece to create this stunning aerial video of Mykonos, one of the country's Aegean Islands.  Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group which lies on the western side of the sea.  Mykonos is informally known as the party capital of the Aegean for its legendary nightlife scene and relaxing atmosphere.  Historically, it was also known as the "Island of the Winds"; its position near the middle of the Aegean meant that it played an important role in shipping.  

Southern Greece: The Peloponnese Peninsula
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Reflecting on Peloponnese


Contributor inva+sla created this beautiful aerial video of the Peloponnese, a peninsular area in south-central Greece.  This area was the home of ancient Sparta, a city state which was located in what is now Laconia in the southeastern part of the peninsula, and which fought first with and then against the city-state of Athens.  The video includes bird's eye views of Elafonnisos, Kardamyli, Limeni, Monemvasia, the Dimitrios Shipwreck, Voidokoilia and Methoni.

Thessaly: Pelion
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Pellon, Greece: October, 2017

Icarus Aerial Filming

Mt. Pelion is a 1.6k meter (5.3k ft.) peak in central Greece.  It is situated in the southeastern portion of the Thessaly region, which extends into northern Greece.  The mountain occupies a significant position in Greek mythology, and is said to be the home of the Centaur.  Contributor and drone pilot Icarus Aerial Filming created this stunning aerial video of the mountain, which is in an area which was much slower to develop than other parts of Greece.  

Corinth Canal: Through the Isthmus
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Extreme Aerial Dance at the Corinth Canal by Katerina Soldatou

  • Badios
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  • 2 years ago

In this video, contributor and drone pilot Badios filmed Katerina Soldatou doing her "Greece Has Soul" aerial dance over the Corinthian Canal, one of the most well-known sights in central Greece.  The canal was built in the late 1800's to connect the Saronic Gulf and the Gulf of Corinth, which sit on opposite sides of the Isthmus of Corinth connecting the Peloponnese Peninsula with the mainland of Greece.  While the canal is too narrow for shipping, it is big enough for small boats.

Greece's Highest Mountain
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Olympos: The Mountain of the Gods


Dragonfly flew a drone off of the highest peak in Greece to create this magnificent aerial video of this (literally) legendary region.  The Mytikas peak of the great mountain reaches an altitude of just over 2.9k meters (almost 9.6k ft.) above sea level.  It's part of the Olympus range in the northern part of the country.  Ancient Greeks believed that their gods lived atop the great mountain, and it figured prominently in stories of Greek mythology.  It's also considered important in the Eastern Orthodox religion.  

Patras: Greece's Third City
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Patras Hyperlaps "Aenaon" by Mavic Pro 2

  • SioU
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  • 5 months ago

Patras is the third largest city in Greece, after the capital Athens and the northern port city of Thessaloniki.  It's on the Peloponnesian Peninsula which sits just south of the main Greek mainland.  It's an important port city, and is considered the country's principal gateway to western and southern Europe.  In this video, you'll get an epic bird's eye view of this 4,000 year old city, shot with hyperlapse on a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, by contributor SioU.

Greece Compilation Video
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Greece from Above 🇬🇷

AirVūz Social

Opa! Take an aerial journey through Greece with this compilation of highlights from some of the best drone videos on AirVuz. Among other sites, you will fly above the Acropolis in Athens, the iconic blue and white buildings of Santorini, the UNESCO World Heritage site Meteora, the holy Mount Olympus, Santorini Island in the Aegean Sea, and so much more!   This compilation will have you booking travel to Greece in no time.  All of the featured videos can be found in the Greece collection.


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This is Lefkada!

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Acropolis Athens Greece

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