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Nepal Himalaya - Khumbu 3 passes trek with Phantom4

Chris Jeon

Contributor jeon.donghee faced not only the challenges of hiking through the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal, but he also had to overcame the numerous challenge of flying his DJI Phantom 4 in some of the most extreme conditions. Go along on his aerial trek through Nepal's massive mountain landscape in this drone video.  The video is beautifully captioned and features footage of Mt. Everest on a very clear day, as well as several other peaks in the massif.   


Besos from Nepal - Everest Base Camp

The Flip Flop Squad

This amazing drone video from contributor Flip Flop Squad was shot around the magnificent Himalayan country Nepal.  It includes aerial footage of Kathmandu, Thamel, Lukla, the Khumbu valley, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche Monastery, Khumjung Village, and more.  The highlight of the video is spectacular footage of Mt. Everest, the world's highest mountain with an altitude of about 8.8k meters (just over 29k ft).   


K2 with a drone!


Pakistan is perhaps best known as the home of K2, the Himalayan mountain which is the world's second highest mountain after Mt. Everest and the highest peak in Pakistan.  Its peak is about 8.6k meters (just over 28k ft.) above sea level.  Contributor Scientik traveled with a group on an epic hike around the great peak.  The video contains brilliant footage of the region and also demonstrates the challenges faced when flying a drone at extremely high altitudes.  



Luiz Gerbase

Mt. Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Andes range and enjoys the distinction of being the highest mountain in both the Western Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere, rising to a height of nearly 7k m (almost 23k feet).  It lies in a far western part of Argentina, more or less due west from Buenos Aires, and not far from the country's border with Chile.  In this amazing drone video, contributor Luiz Gerbase uses a drone to give us an amazing aerial view of this monster mountain.     


Chamonix Mont-Blanc in Winter


Mont Blanc, in the French Alps, is the highest mountain peak of France, as well as the highest in the entire Alps system. Chamonix is a small village located in the shadow of the great mountain. It was the site of the first Winter Olympics. DroneAlps, one of the top French drone piloting companies, found the perfect sunny day to capture this quaint Alpine paradise under a fresh coat of snow. Check out these aerial views of this beautiful wintry scene from the Alps.


Mount Kilimanjaro Drone Video

Espen Bålerud

Mount Kilmanjaro is a legendary volcanic mountain in Tanzania, in Sub-Saharan Africa.  At almost 6k meters (just over 19k ft), it is the tallest mountain in Africa.  The mountain actually consists of three distinct volcanoes, an unusual structure.  In this video, top contributor Espen Balerud used a DJI Phantom 3 Professional to fly over parts of the mountain, treating us to this amazing aerial video of the mighty Kilmanjaro, which fascinated novelist Ernest Hemingway.    


Dolkova Spica - 2591M - From the AIR in 4K

Jus Medic

The Julian Alps extend from northern Italy westwards into Slovenia.  A sub-range of the larger Alps system, their  highest peak is Mt. Triglav, which stands 2.9k meters (9.4k ft) and lies in Slovenia's Triglav National Park.  In this video, contributor Jus Medic and a friend took a drone and hiked to the top of Dolkova Spica, a slightly smaller mountain in Slovenia, capturing Mt. Triglav in the distance.   The epic aerial views of the Slovenian mountains are spectacular.  


3 Peaks 3 Days

Piers Cunliffe

Piers Cunliffe brought his DJI Mavic Pro drone to record his conquering of the Three Peak Challenge - climbing to the tops of the highest mountains in each of England, Wales, and Scotland.  First conquered was Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands, which is also the highest mountain in the UK.  Then it was on to Mt. Scaffel in the Lakes District of Northern England, and thence to the top of Mt. Snowdon in Wales.   The "challenge" for the viewer is to decide which is the most spectacular! 


Seebensee 4K


In this drone video by DJphotography, you'll get a beautiful bird's eye views of one of Austria's most spectacular alpine lakes as well as of the highest mountain in Germany.  The Seebensee is located the Austria's mountainous Tyrol province.  It's not far from the town of Ehrwald.  The lake affords excellent views of Mt. Zugspitze over the border in Germany.  This is Germany's highest peak, standing almost 3k meters (about 9.7k ft.) above sea level.



Cristian Bunda

Christian Bunda used a drone to create this magnificent video of the highest mountain on the Balkan Peninsula.  Its peak stands 2.9k meters (about 9.6k ft), making it the tallest mountain between the Alps and the Caucasus.  It's located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, in the Rila National park.  As you'll see in the video, the top of the mountain affords a spectacular peak of Bulgaria's other mountain ranges, which collectively cover much of the Southeast European country.  




Qualico Drones gives us a marvelous view of a portion of the Andes Mountains in Central Ecuador.  The centerpiece of this is Mt. Chimborazo.  This volcanic mountain stands 6.3k meters (about 20.7k ft.) above sea level, making it the highest mountain in this South American country.  The mountain is part of the Cordillera Occidental range, which is a sub-range of the Andes.  The peak of this monster can be seen from Guayaquil, the capital city which lies 140 km (about 85 miles) away! 


Elbrus 5642 m


In this video, you'll get a magnificent look at the highest mountain in Russia.  Mt. Elbrus is lcoated in the southern part of the country, near the border with Georgia.  It's a dormant volcano.  It's peak sits 5.6k meters (about 18.5k ft.) above sea level.  Geologically, it is a mere infant, having been formed only about 2.5 million years ago.  It is believed to have last erupted around 2,0000 years ago.  In addition to being Russia's tallest mountain, it's the tallest mountain in the Caucasus.  


Mt. Fuji, Japan


Contributor Earthspace101 used a drone to give us this beautiful view of Japan's highest mountain.  The mighty Mt. Fuji is a volcanic mountain which stands about 3.8k meters (12.4 ft.) above sea level on the island of Honshu.  The mountain is known not just for its height but for its geometric near-perfection; the shape of its cone is nearly symmetrical.  Of immense cultural significance in Japan, on clear days the peak of the mountain can be seen from 100 km (about 60 mi) away in Tokyo.


Testing the X7. ITALY: Staffal, Valle d'Aosta. Cinematic 5K drone footage of the surrounding mountains


Val d'Aosta is the smallest of Italy's 20 official regions and possibly its most beautiful.  It is located in the northwestern part of the country, partly surrounded by the larger Piedmont region.  It's essentially a single valley within the Italian Alps, created by some of the highest mountains in the system.  These include Monte Rosa, the highest peak of Switzerland and the second highest in the Alps.  In this video, contributor Electric Life gives us a spectacular bird's eye view these magnificent mountains.


Chalenging Hike at Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl) Highest Mexican Volcano

Nomade World

Contributor Nomade World used a drone to capture a memorable hike on Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépetl), otherwise known as the highest mountain in Mexico.  The dormant (but not extinct) volcano is situated on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt that defines so much of the geography of the country.  The mountain stands about 5,600 meters (about 18.5k) ft. above sea level, making it the third highest peak in North America.  Orizaba is the world's second most prominent volcanic peak.  


Store Lakselvtinden, Lyngen Alps


Contributor Uglefisk created this amazing video of one of the highest peaks in the Lyngen Alps of northern Norway.  Contrary to what the name suggests, these mountains are not related to the Alps Mountain system; rather they are part of the Scandinavian Mountains system.  They are located in Troms County, which is north of the Arctic Circle.  Though not as tall as the "real" Alps, the Lyngen Alps present some of the most technically demanding climbing conditions in Europe.  


The Khor Virap Monastery, The Ararat, Armenia


In this video by AlexAvsharov, you'll get a view of a famous Armenian Monastery as well as the highest mountain of Turkey.  The Khor Virap Monastery is in the west-central part of the country, near the Turkish border.  It helped to play a crucial role in the conversion of Armenia to Christianity, one of the most important event in the religion's history.  Located on the Ararat Plain, you'll see the peak of Mt. Ararat clearly in the distance.  At 5.1k meters (16.1k ft.) it's the highest peak in Turkey.


The Drone Dish: Petr Juračka

The Drone Dish

Petr Juračka's video "To the Mystery" was nominated for a Drone Video of the Year Award in 2017. His video "K2 with a drone" is one of the most viewed videos on AirVūz. Needless to say, Petr - aka Scientik - is a pretty talented drone pilot and cinematographer. On this episode of The Drone Dish he talks about what it was like flying around, and preparing to fly around one of the world's tallest mountains before many people had ever heard of modern civilian camera drones.