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Copenhagen by Mavic Air 2


COPENHAGEN | Denmark by Drone in 4K - DJI Mavic Air 2


Top AirVuz contributor eCKsplorer used a DJI Mavic Air 2 to create this excellent aerial tour of Copenhagen, Denmark.  The video opens with a shot heading towards the Christiansborg Palace, home of the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister's offices.  Starting at the :50 mark, you'll circle the spire of the famous Baroque Church of Our Saviour.  At 1:35, you'll turn off the Hønsebroløbet canal onto the Nyhavn and approach the New Kings Square (Kongens Nytorv).  Other highlights include a great shot of Frederik's Church at 2:53.  

DJI Mavic Pro over Copenhagen


Copenhagen Denmark


Explore the Danish capital city Copenhagen in this beautiful aerial video by contributor Drone_biker.  The city on the Strait of Øresund has a population of about 800,000, and is the center of a metropolitan area with a population of over 1.5 million.  It's one of the largest urban areas of the Scandinavian region, as well as one of its great cultural centers.  Copenhagen was the filming location for the finale of Pitch Perfect 2 (2015), the highest grossing musical comedy of all time as of 2019.

Copenhagen on Covid-19 Lockdown


Lock-Down in Copenhagen | Covid-19 Pandemic

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Top AirVuz contributor AIRFLIX created this rather haunting video of the great Danish city of Copenhagen in a state of near-lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  Produced with a mix of drone and ground camera footage, the video will take you around one of Scandinavia's great cities with its streets and squares virtually empty due to social distancing measures.  With its first novel coronavirus infection on February 27, Denmark was one of the first European countries to introduce community quarantine measures.  

Copenhagen's Kastellet Fortress


Copenhagen - Travel video 4k - DJI Mavic Pro


Contributor Hittheroadlat used his drone to create a stunning video of the Kastellet fortress in Copenhagen, Denmark's largest and capital city.  The fortification was initially completed in 1626 and later further strengthened during the course of the country's long periods of conflict with its neighbor Sweden.  It's considered one of the better preserved examples of the star-shaped or bastion fortress, an early-modern design which evolved as a defensive response to improved artillery technology.

Frederiksborg Castle and Charlottenlund Palace


Frederiksborg Castle and Charlottenlund Palace Phantom 4 pro


In this drone video by Franek Epic Movies, you'll get bird's eye views of two of the most well known landmarks in Denmark. Frederiksborg Castle is located in the northern part of Zealand Island, just north of Copenhagen.  It was built in the 17th century as the royal palace for the king of Norway-Denmark, which were merged under one crown from 1523-1814.  Charlottenlund Palace was a former summer residence for the royalty of Denmark; completed in 1881, it lies just to the north of central Copenhagen.    

Copenhagen's Bridges


Bridges of Copenhagen

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Copenhagen, Denmark is a city of the water: it's partially built on a series of islands on the Øresund, which connects the Baltic Sea to the North Sea.  Not surprisingly, bridges are critical to the city and were amongst the most important assets in propelling this Viking village into the ranks of Europe's most important cities.  In this drone video by AIRFLIX, you'll get a bird's eye views of some of the bridges (including pedestrian bridges) which grace this magnificent Scandinavian metropolis.     

Copenhagen's Opera House


Copenhagen opera


The Opera House of Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the world's most famous.  Located on the island of Holmen, the modern architectural masterpiece was competed in 2004 at an estimated cost of US $500 million - one of the most expensive opera houses ever built.  Its position just opposite the Danish Royal Family residence known as the Amalienborg is testament to the opera house's centrality to Copenhagen and indeed to the Danish nation.   You can see the famous opera house from above in this fantastic drone video by David.Haring.  

Christiansborg and Amalienborg Palaces, Nyhavn, and More


Copenhagen Aerial & Travel Video


Contributor myflyingeyes used drone and ground camera footage to create this memorable video of a two-day stay in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The video features views of some of the most popular spots in this Scandinavian cultural treasure, and includes some great time-lapse sequences walking the city's streets and a number of great drone-lapse clips.  Highlights include:  Christiansborg Palace, Amalienborg Palace, the Nyhavn neighborhood, the Church of Our Saviour, the Opera House, and more.  

Copenhagen's Cruise Ship Port


Viking Star

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With deep roots as a port city, Copenhagen, Denmark has shifted away from freight traffic to become a major port of call for the many cruise ships which ply the Baltic Sea.  In this drone video by AIRFLIX, you'll see the MV Viking Star heading out of the Port of Copenhagen at sunset.  The lead of the Viking Star class operated by the namesake cruise line, the ship displaces just under 50k tons, is just under 230 meters lone (around 750 ft.) and carries a bit over 900 passengers.  



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Copenhagen - Denmark