AV Focus: Jesse Perkins and the Tiny Whoop Revolution

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Around the time that Horizon Hobby created the consumer-friendly, "toy" type Blade Inductrix, professional pilots and hobbyists alike loved the micro-sized drones, but the pros wanted more. That's where this story begins. Hear the story behind the Tiny Whoop craze from the company who created the first micro drone and the man who has become synonymous with Whoopin, Jesse Perkins. 


AV Focus: Droneworks Studios

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This episode of AV Focus is all about DRONEWORKS, a Houston-based husband-wife duo turned production company that specializes in aerial cinematography, 360/VR applications, and flying YouTube phenom Casey Neistat from a homemade, sixteen-motor drone. With beginnings serving the energy industry and decades of experience, Justin and Elaine Oakes have built the Droneworks brand from the ground up, and continue to push the boundaries of aerial cinematography by taking on some of the industry's most technically complex work.


AV Focus: PART 1 - AV Productions at Air + Style LA

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In 2017, FAA Certified UAV Pilots Tyler Mason, Jay Christiansen, and Mike Welsh traveled to Los Angeles for the Air+Style Snowboarding Competition and Music Festival. Hired to provide live aerial video for broadcasting, the AV crew also gets some downtime to fly drones over other sites in the Los Angeles area.  In this episode of AV Focus, you'll see some of the aerial footage from this epic trip, including bird's eye views of the (empty) Dodger Stadium.  


AV News: Women Who Drone

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While drones continue to grow in popularity, the number of women flying them stays relatively the same - a disappointing less than 5 percent. One woman is determined to increase that number by showing ladies and girls the love of flight. Find out more about Elena Buenrostro and the ladies behind Women Who Drone in this AirVūz News story. 


AV News: George Matus Profile

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An innovator. A business owner. A pilot. A businessman. A boy genius. These are all terms that have been used to describe George Matus, the Utah phenom behind TEAL Drones. We went to Salt Lake City to find out more about him, hear what he had to say about himself and his company in this AirVūz News story. 


AV NEWS: Did Casey Neistat Fly Legally in NYC?

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Flying a drone in all 5 boroughs of New York City is prohibited. But leave it up to viral video sensation Casey Neistat to find a way around New York's rules and regulations.  The footage is stunning, which explains the massive amount of views the video has garnered. However, with its popularity has come loads of questions about the flight's legality.



AV News: Drone Master Class

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AV News: Celebrities with Drones

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AV News: Droning Without Limits

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