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Eastern India by Drone




Check out this marvelous travel reel from eastern India, compliments of AirVuz contributor Aerial Nomad.  The reel highlights the stunning diversity of the region which covers the so-called "Seven Sisters" states, which is connected to the rest of the country by a narrow corridor north of Bangladesh and which has been heavily influenced by the cultures of neighboring Tibet and Myanmar.  As you'll see, it's a land of alluvial plains, mighty rivers, massive lakes, rushing waterfalls, and Buddhist temples, among other visual delights. 

Aerial Highlights of Northeastern India




Contributor Aerial_Nomad created this amazing aerial view of some of the spectacular natural and cultural scenery of northeastern India, which is generally defined as the eight states lying to the east of West Bengal.  This region is in many ways the most fascinating part of the country; it includes lands which are extremely remote (both culturally and geographically) from the main body of India, and it sits on some of the main routes by which both Hinduism and Buddhism were transmitted to Southeast Asia.  

North Bengal: Great Plain of India


Timelapse: North Bengal at Sunrise

Avijit Sar...

Northern India's dominant physical features are the Himalayan Mountains and the great Indo-Gangeatic Plain which runs to their south.  The latter is one of the world's great "flat spots" and its fertile soil feeds hundreds of millions.  In this drone video by Avijit Sarkar, you'll get a bird's eye view of the magnificent plain in North Bengal, the northern area of the Indian state of West Bengal.  Note both the vastness of the plain and the rather sudden shift to the mountainous north in the distance.  

Kolkota: India's #3 City


Kolkata, India


AirVuz contributor and pilot shahraanr.uddin brings us this fantastic drone video of the great city of Kolkata, India.  The capital of the state of West Bengal, Kolkota is the center of the country's third-largest metropolitan area (after New Delhi and Mumbai), and the largest in the eastern part of the country.  Once known as Calcutta, the city was the capital of British India until 1911, when the capital was moved to New Delhi.  It remained India's commercial and financial capital until after India achieved independence in 1947.   

North Sikkim


North Sikkim In November

Tapas GHos...

Sikhim is not only India's smallest state but also one of its most fascinating.  It touches only one other Indian state (West Bengal), while most of its borders are with the neighboring countries of Bhutan, China (Tibet), and Nepal.  North Sikhim, which is a district which covers the northern half of the state, is even more removed; it touches no other Indian territory.  Sparsely populated and deep in the Himalayas, it offers some spectacular scenery, as you will see in this drone video from Tapas Ghosh.  

Drone Tour of Nagaland


North East India | Nagaland From Above, first green village of the Asian continent

Tapas GHos...

Take an aerial tour of the Nagaland state in Eastern India, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Tapas GHosh.  Nagaland is bordered by fellow Indian states Assam, Arunchal Pradesh, and Manipur; its eastern border is the international boundary with Myanmar.  Originally part of the state of Assam, Naga achieved independent statehood following a period of insurgency in the 1950's.  The video includes footage of the state capital of Kohima (including its World War II era cemetery) and the village of Khonoma.

Namchi: Himalayan Foothills


Namchi, South Sikkim

Tapas GHos...

Sikkim is one of India's least populous states and the second smallest in terms of land area.  It is situated  near the narrow band of territory which connects Northeast India with East India.  Until 1975, Sikkim was actually an independent kingdom.  Tapas Ghosh created this drone video of Namchi, a city in the state's South Sikkim district.  Get a bird's eye view of this beautiful city in the Himalayan foothills, including shots of its Guru Rinpoche statue, in honor of the patron saint of Sikkim.

Manipur's Phumdi Lake


Loktak Lake, Manipur

bir mangan...

Check out this amazing drone video from a famous lake in the far eastern corner of India, compliments of bir mangangcha.  Loktak Lake is located in the state of Manipur, which is the easternmost of India's 29 federal states.  The lake covers almost 300 square km (111 square mi.) but is quite shallow, with an average depth of just 2.7 meters (just under 9 ft.).  It's known for its giant phumdi's, floating islands made of decaying organic matter.  The largest of these is over 40 square km, over 10% of the lake's surface area! 

Assam: Brahmaputra River


Mahabahu Brahmaputra


The Brahmaputra is one of the three great rivers of southern Asia, along with the Ganges and the Indus.  It rises in Tibet and flows through great stretches of northeastern India before entering Bangladesh, where it merges with one of the two main Ganges distributaries and thereafter forms the great Ganges Delta. At 3.8k km (2.4k mi.), it's the world's fifteenth longest river.  In this drone video by Cpborgohain, you'll get an epic drone's eye view of this magnificent waterway flowing through the Indian state of Assam. 

India's Andaman Archipelago


India's Andaman Islands


India's Andaman Islands actually lie far off the east coast of the mainland of India, between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.  The islands are part of an archipelago, some of which is controlled by India and some by Myanmar.  The islands are home to a culturally distinctive ethnic group called the Andamanese.  In this video, top contributor and drone pilot Pixeldo gives us an aerial tour of this tropical paradise, whose beaches regularly appear on authoritative lists of the best beaches in Asia.  

India's Mega-Stadium in West Bengal


Salt Lake Stadium: Kolkata, West Bengal,


Streamon created this aerial video of India's Salt Lake Stadium (Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan), which hosted the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup football tournament.  With current seating capacity of 85,000, it's the largest in India.  Before its renovation in 2011, it seated 120,000, and was the world's largest football stadium.  In 1997, the stadium packed in almost 132,000 spectators for a tournament, a record which still stands.  Salt Lake Stadium is located in Bidhannagar, part of metropolitan Kolkata.

Meghalaya's Khasi Hills


Meghalaya The Abode of Clouds Cinematic [4K]

Avinash Mo...

Check out this drone video from India's Khasi Hills, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot Avinash Mohanty.  Part of the subtropical forest area of Meghalaya, one of the states which is part of the eastern (nearly-disconnected) part of the country, the area is home to some of the world's highest annual recorded rainfalls.  The "stars" of the video are the magnificent Nohkalikai and Sawdong Falls; it also features footage of Mawlynnong, Mawlyngbna, Lawbah, Nowhet, Dawki, Shiliang Jashier, Lyngkhet, and Shnogpdeng.

Berhampur Stadium, Odisha


Largest Image of a Human Foot

eureka apt...

In this remarkable video by contributor and drone pilot Eureka Apta, you'll get a bird's eye view of a remarkable scene from the eastern part of India.  In it, a UAV was used to film a large crowd of people who had arranged themselves into what is believed to be the largest ever image of a human foot.  It was filmed in the Sports Stadium of Berhampur in the state of Odisha in eastern India.  While we don't know if this was an officially certified record, it would be hard to imagine that it's not - that is a VERY big foot! 

Cuttack: Odisha's #2 City Quarantined


Lockdown 2020 Cuttack (Apocalypse)

Avinash Mo...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Avinash Mohanty brings us this fascinating drone video of an important city in Eastern India under a near-"lockdown" during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  It was filmed over the city of Cuttack, the second-largest in the state of Odisha.  It's also considered the commercial capital of the state, which lies just to the south of West Bengal and Jharkhand.  Like most of the rest of India, Cuttack was subject to national and state social distancing measures beginning in mid-March.  

Behal: Suburb of Kolkata




Here's a great top-down aerial video of one of the suburbs of Kolkata, India, compliments of contributor Travelogueonereel.  Behala is located to the southwest of central Kolkata (once known as Calcutta), in the east Indian state of West Bengal.  Kolkota is the capital of the state, the country's fourth most populous.  While Kalkota proper is not one of India's largest cities, it's the center of the country's third most populous metropolitan area, with an esimtated population of about 15 million.  

Kalapathar, Little Andaman


Kalapathar - Little Andaman - India


India's Andaman Islands are one of the up-and-coming beach destinations in Asia.  They lie well off the mainland in the Bay of Bengal, closer geographically to several Southeast Asian nations than to the rest of India.  Some of the best beaches can be found on Little Andaman, the fourth largest of the group, which lies towards the southern end of the archipelago.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot PixelDo, you'll get a bird's eye view of Kalapathar, one of the beaches on Little Andaman.  

Sivasagar: Assam City under Quarantine




Sivasagar is an important city in the Indian state of Assam, one of the states of Eastern India.  Surrounded by the Dehing Rainforest, the city is built on the shores of its namesake lake.  Once known as Rangpur, Sivasagar was the one-time capital of the Ahom Kingdom, which ruled over much of the region in the 18th century.  In this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot Aerial_Nomad, you'll get a bird's eye view of Sivasagar during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020, when much of India was placed under community quarantine.

Baliyatra Festival in Odisha


Baliyatra in Motion

eureka apt...

Contributor and drone pilot Eureka Apta combined drone and ground camera footage to record a religious celebration in the city of Cuttack in eastern India.  The festival is called Bali Jatra, and it's held throughout the state of Odisha to commemorate the ancient Sadhaba mariners' trips to Bali and Java.  The mariners were part of a very old seafaring tradition in Odisha and were critical to the transmission of both the Buddhist and Hindu religions into the furthest reaches of Southeast Asia.  

Root Bridges in Meghalaya


NONGRIAT - Indian village with root bridges

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Contributor and drone pilot prtzy created this aerial video of a serene scene in eastern India.  It's an area around the village of Nongriat, which is known for the root bridges you'll see in the video.  It lies in the state of Meghalaya, one of the so-called Seven Sisters state of northeastern India, which are connected to the rest of a country by a narrow corridor.  Meghalaya lies just to the southeast of the corner, its northern border being the Brahmaputra River and its southern border with Bangladesh.  

Pagoda in Arunachal Pradesh


Golden Pagoda Monastery


Content creator and pilot Aerial_Nomad created this fascinating drone video of as well known Buddhist temple in the East Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.  It's called the Golden Pagoda of Namsai, and it was completed in 2010.  The temple is located in the Nasai District of the state, the northeasternmost of the 29 which make up India.  The Golden Pagoda is the site of the annual Kathina festival, which is celebrated at the end of the rainy season and which originated in what is now Bangladesh.  

The Ganges River near Bhagalpur, Bihar State


BHAGALPUR,BIHAR | Cinematic drone video


For a first upload to AirVuz, brand-new contributor aasishchoudhary12 brings us this excellent drone video from Eastern India.  The video was filmed along the Ganges River near the city of Bhagalpur, in the state of Bihar.  The area is is the heart of the great Gangetic Plains, whose fertile lands gave birth to many of the great civilizations of the Indian Subcontinent.  The Ganges runs in a generally eastern direction here, before turning to the southeast and emptying into the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.  

Lagoons of the Andaman Islands


Local Transport in Rivers of India


India's Andaman Islands, located far to the east of the mainland in the body of water known as the Andaman Sea, are home to some of the world's most well-known mangrove forests.  Mangroves are trees which can thrive in the brackish and saline waters of river estuaries.  Contributor created this remarkable drone video of some of the watercraft which ply these wetland areas.  The video was shot on a journey from one of the small outlying islands to Rangat, a small town on the interior of the main island.   

Khasi Hills Drone Views


Urkali Nongstoiñ - A Bird's Eye View

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The Khasi Hills are a low mountain chain in the state of Meghalaya in northeastern India.  The hills form the northern edge of the Shillong Plateau, which covers much of the state.  The highest peak of the Khasi Hills is Lum Shyllong, which has a maximum elevation of just under 2k meters above sea level (about 6.5k ft.).  The area is considered part of the Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion.  In this drone video by new AirVuz contributor fdphy, you'll get a bird's eye view of the western Khasi Hills.  

Sivasagar: District Capital in Assam


Our City


Aerial_Nomad brings us this beautiful drone video of his home city in eastern India, Sivasagar.  It's a district capital in the state of Assam, one of the so-called Seven Sisters states that lie east of a narrow corridor connecting them to the main body of India and which have been heavily influenced by cultures of the surrounding countries such as Bhutan and Myanmar.  Sivasagar has a rich history; in the 18th century it was capital of the Kingdom of Ahom, an important power in the region for centuries.   



Gopalpur beach in Motion!

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