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India's Wide Open Spaces

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INDIA | 4K | DJI Mavic 2 Pro Footage


With its enormous population of over 1.3 billion people, it's easy to get the impression that this is a country entirely covered by people.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Although the country now has dozens of cities with populations of over a million, it still has huge areas of wide-open nature with nary a soul to be found.  In this magnificent drone video by Arsonic, you'll get to see some of the diverse and stunningly beautiful scenes of nature to be found in this ancient land, far from its teeming cities.  

Aerial Tour of India

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Hello India!


Take a tour of India in this incredible drone reel from contributor and drone pilot Witterproductions.  The video will take you across the length and breadth of the world's second most populous country.  Strap yourself in for a ride that will give you bird's eye views of the national capital Delhi; Kochi and Wayanad (in the state of Kerala); Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Mamallapuram, and Madurai (Tamil Nadu); Mysore (Karnataka);Pondicherry (Pondicherry); and the back waters of the state of Kerala.

Jodhpur: Capital of Rajasthan

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Jodhpur, India


Jodhpur is an important city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, the westernmost city in that state which lies close to the Indian border with Pakistan.  Jodhpur is surrounded by the Thar Desert.  It is perhaps best known for Mehrangarh, a giant 15th century fortress which overlooks the city.  In this video, NGrey captures a woman practicing yoga against the distinctive blue buildings of the skyline of the city, which was the shooting location for the 2012 film Dark Knight Rises.

Aerial Tour of Kerala

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A Glimpse of Exquisite Kerala


The Indian state of Kerala is situated on the western half of the southern tip of India, on the Malabar Coast.  Due to its role in the spice trade, this area of India was one of the first to have extensive contact with the outside world, first via Africa and the Middle East and later via the European colonial powers.  In this video, contributor Ashframes used his DJI Mavic Pro drone to create an aerial tour of this tropical paradise on the Indian Ocean, which is regularly inundated with monsoon rains.  

Tamil Nadu: Southern Tip of India

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Aerial Magic - Tamil Nadu, India

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Tamil Nadu is the southernmost Indian state, occupying the eastern side of the southern tip of India.  While home to some large cities (its capital Chennai being the sixth largest city in the country), it is mostly a rural state, characterized by mountains and dense jungle areas.  Contributor Prtzy used a drone to create this marvelous aerial tour of the great state in the south of India, which was formerly known in British colonial times as the state of Madras.   

Goa: India's Smallest State

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Mavic Pro in Goa, India

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Goa is India's smallest state.  It is situated roughly in the middle of the coast of South India on the Arabian Sea (an extension of the Indian Ocean), about 600 km (360 mi) south of Mumbai.  Goa was the center of Portuguese colonization of India, which began in the late 15th century.  Today, among other distinctions, it's known as one of the top beach areas in Asia.  In this video, contributor Al uses his DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us a bird's eye view of this incredible region.

Varanasi: Holy City in Uttar Pradesh

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Varanasi, India


Varanasi is a culturally important Indian city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh.  It's situated on the  Ganges River, India's most important waterway.  Varanasi is considered the holiest of the seven cities deemed sacred under the Hindu religion and is also important in the Jain Dharma religion.  Contributor created this amazing drone video of the river city, which is the site of two large temples built during the time of the Mughal Empire.  

Golden Temple of Amritsar, Punjab

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Golden Temple, Amritsar


Contributor Harry713 created this stunning drone video of the Golden Temple, one of the most sacred places in the Sikh religion.  It's in the city of Amritsar, in the Punjab region of northwestern India.  The temple was built in the 16th century and suffered significant damage over the years from those hostile to the Sikh religion.  Sikhism is a monotheistic creed which originated in the Punjab region in the 15th century and is the world's fifth largest religion by followers.

India's City of Lakes

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Udaipur, Rajasthan


In this video, contributor Pixeldo treats us to an aerial view of the Indian city of Udaipur.  The capital of the northwestern state of  Rajasthan, Udaipur is commonly known as the City of Lakes due to the presence of five major lakes.  The Taj Lake Palace, which covers a tiny island in one of the lakes and is first visible at the :18 mark, was one of the key shooting locations for the 1983 James Bond film Octopussy, the 14th in the series.  In the film, 007 (played by Roger Moore) meets his to-be-ally Octopussy here.  

Folk Festival in Gujarat

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A Human Sea in Gujarat: Captured by Drone


In this epic drone video by contributor Damardhaval, you'll get an amazing bird's eye view of thousands of people participating in an Indian folk dance.  It's part of the United Way Garba Celebration at Vadodara, Gujarat, the westernmost state of India.  The occasion is Navratri, a nine day Hindu festival festival which occurs in September/October every year.  In other parts of India, it is celebrated at different times of year and in some cases with greater than annual frequency.  

India's Andaman Sea Archipelago

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India's Andaman Islands


India's Andaman Islands actually lie far off the east coast of India, between the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.  The islands are part of an archipelago, some of which is controlled by India and some by Myanmar.  The islands are home to a culturally distinctive ethnic group called the Andamanese.  In this video, contributor Pixeldo gives us an aerial tour of this tropical paradise, whose beaches regularly appear on authoritative lists of the best beaches in Asia.  

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

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Chandra Taal: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Spiti is a valley in the Indian Himalayan mountains.  It lies in the state of Himachal Pradesh, near the border with Tibet.  The valley is surrounded by mountains, with the "passes" at elevations of 3.5-4k meters (13k-15k ft).  Contributor created a series of similar drone videos in different villages of the valley, such as the one shown here.  Each begins with a "pull out" shot revealing the extent of the massive valley and the towering peaks which surround it. 

South Sikkim: Connecting East India

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Namchi, South Sikkim

Tapas GHosh

Sikkim is one of India's least populous state and second smallest in terms of land area.  It is situated  near the narrow area which connects Northeast India with East India.  Until 1975, it was actually an independent kingdom.  Tapas Ghosh created this drone video of Namchi, a city in the state's South Sikkim district.  Get a bird's eye view of this beautiful city in the Himalayan foothills, including shots of its Guru Rinpoche statue, in honor of the patron saint of Sikkim.

Great Forts and Palaces of India

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Six Places to Visit in Northern India

As a top cultural and tourim destination, India offers a variety of soul-stirring, historical, and natural attractions.  The India-bound traveler will appreciate this wonderfully curated, aerial short list of must-see stops in this remarkable Drone Video of the Week nominee from videographer  The locations you will see, in order, are Panna Meena Kakun, Amer Fortress, and Hawa Mahal in Jaipur; Jodhpur Fort in Jodhpur; Udaipur City Palace in Udaipur; and the Taj Mahal in Agra.

India's Most Famous Monastery

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Key Monastery: Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Contributor PixelDo created this epic drone video of one of the world's most famous Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.  Key Monastery is situated in the Spiti Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India.  It's in the foothills of the Himalayas, at an altitude of over 4.1k meters (almost 13.7k ft.).  Believed to have been built in the 11th century, it's the largest monastery in the Spiti Valley, which served as the conduit for the spread of Buddhism from its birthplace in Tibet into India.

Demo Reel from Rajasthan

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India Drones Company

Drones Company

India's Drones Company works throughout the state of Rajasthan in northern India. This video is a collection of drone footage from around the state which was put together for a tour company interested in showing off the region.  The highlight of the reel is some epic bird's eye footage of the great fortification and palace complex called Amer.  Located just a few km/mi from the state capital of Jaipur, this magnificent structure is one of a series of famous hill forts around Rajisthan.  

Brahmaputra River

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Mahabahu Brahmaputra


The Brahmaputra is one of the three great rivers of southern Asia, along with the Ganges and the Indus.  It rises in Tibet and flows through great stretches of northeastern India before entering Bangladesh, where it merges with one of the two main Ganges distributaries and thereafter forms the great Ganges Delta. At 3.8k km (2.4k mi.), it's the world's fifteenth longest river.  In this drone video by Cpborgohain, you'll get an epic drone's eye view of this magnificent waterway flowing through the Indian state of Assam. 

Western Ghats in Chikmagalur, Karnataka

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Chikmagalur: Through My Flying Eyes


Chikmagalur is a district in the mountains of the state of Karnataka in southwestern India.  The mountains here are part of the Western Ghats range which runs down the length of India's western coastline.  The interior of Karnataka has become something of a magnet for eco-tourism, as the area is home to thousands of rare species of flora and fauna.  Located in the south-central part of the state, the area is home to numerous wildlife preserves and parks.  This video was filmed with a DJI Spark drone.  

Western India's Thar Desert

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Adventures in India's Thar Desert


While India is perhaps most closely associated with gigantic mountains and wide rivers, it's also home to one of the world's largest deserts.  The Thar Desert, sometimes known as the Great Indian Desert, covers 200k square km (just over 75k square mi.), most of which is in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan.  It's one of the world's top 20 deserts in area, and the most populated.  In this video, you'll get an aerial tour of this magnificent desert, compliements of contributor Miapvideos.

India Pro Drone Reel

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Drone Showreel India Aerial

Brand Icon Studio

Brand Icon Studios is one of the top drone piloting companies in India.  In this aerial reel, they showcase their work across the country.  The reel includes footage of many spots in India as well as some stunning aerial footage of Indian wedding ceremonies.  The reel is impressive in its own right but also provides great aerial views of some of the sights and sounds of the great country of India, as seen from a bird's eye perspective.

India's Great Plain in North Bengal

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Timelapse: North Bengal at Sunrise

Avijit Sarkar

Northern India's dominant physical features are the Himalayan Mountains and the great Indo-Gangeatic Plain which runs to their south.  The latter is one of the world's great "flat spots" and its fertile soil feeds hundreds of millions.  In this drone video by Avijit Sarkar, you'll get a bird's eye view of the magnificent plain in North Bengal, the northern area of the Indian state of West Bengal.  Note both the vastness of the plain and the rather sudden shift to the mountainous north in the distance.  

Around Hyderabad, India's #4 City

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Aerial Cinematography India


Contributor Vishweshwar created this outstanding drone reel which features amazing footage from southern India.  Most of the footage was shot around the city of Hyderabad in the interior of the state of Telangana (recently carved out from Andhra Pradesh).  Hyderabad is the second largest city in southern India (after Bangalore) and the fourth largest city in the country.  A relatively young city by Indian standards, Hyderabad was founded in the late 16th century by the Qutb Shahi Dynasty.

Drone Tour of New Delhi

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Drone Compilation India: New Delhi


Aerialindians created this excellent drone reel of India's national capital New Delhi.  The city is its own federal territory and lies in the north central part of the country.  New Delhi was built relatively recently, in the early 20th century, to the southwest of the old Mughal capital of Delhi.  It was constructed as the new capital of India under British rule, which had previously been in Kolkata (Calcutta).  Situated on the Yamuna River, it's India's largest city, with a metropolitan population of over 25 million.  

Jog Falls, Karnataka

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Jog Falls: The Niagara Falls of India


Behold this drone video of one of the world's most famous waterfalls, courtesy of contributor Anudeephegde18.  Jog Falls is in the Karnataka state of India, in the southwestern part of the country.  Also called Gerosoppa Falls, during certains types of the year it becomes a plunge-type waterfall, in which the water loses contact with the surface and simply "plunges" below.  With a total height of 250 meters (829 feet), it's one of the country's top tourist destinations.

The Ganges River in Uttarakhand

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Dronie from the Ganga (Ganges) River, Uttarakhand


The great Ganges (Ganga) River is amongst the 3-4 most important rivers in the world, although in terms of length it's a distant #35 at just over 2.5km (1.56 mi.).  It rises in the Himalaya's and runs through the North Indian Plain before breaking into distributories that empty into the Bay of Bengal. Passing through the most holy sites in Hinduism, it's considered sacred in the third largest religion.  In this video, you'll get an aerial look at the river nearer its source, compliments of contributor Miapvideos.

Coastal Town in Maharashta

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Monsoon Dapoli- Maharashtra, India


Contributor and drone pilot Travelogueone created this lovely aerial video of a town on India's western coastline.  Dapoli is situated on the Arabian Sea in the state of Maharashta.  It's in the Ratnagiri district, about 215 km (about 135 mi.) south of the great city of Mumbai.  In Colonial times, it was a military camp, and it's the burial place of many British officers.   In the video, you will get a visual sense of the countryside of Maharashta, which is the second most populous state in the country.   

Motorcycle Trip in the Himalaya's

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Biker's Paradise in India

drone fella

The Indian state of Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of the country was the scene of an epic 18 day motorcycle trip by a group of Brazilian bikers.  Contributor Drone Fella was able to film portions of the trip with a drone.  The result is this epic video which features extensive bird's eye views of the Royal Enfield motorcycles tearing through the countryside of the Himalayan foothills.  Himachal Pradesh is in the north-central part of the state, south of Jammu & Kashmir.  

Aerial Tour of Himachal Pradesh

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Land of Gods


Located in the Himalayan mountains, Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state. The area is known for its scenic mountain towns and resorts, as well as its mountain activities like trekking, climbing, and skiing areas. Himachal Pradesh also has a very strong Tibetan presence with many Buddhist temples and monasteries because it is host to the Dalai Lama. Drone pilot leopaulcj brings us the “land of Gods” via his DJI Spark in this aerial video. 

Kerala by Drone

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Kerala, India: Drone Journey

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Top contributor Pritzy created this marvelous mini-tour of Kerala, India's southwesternmost state.  Its coastline is called the Malabar Coast and is known in part for its intense rainfall during Monsoon season.  With a population of about 35 million as of 2018 and no mega-cities, it's a largely rural state.  The long, narrow state is characterized by parallel "strips" of differing landscapes, with the easternmost highlands running up into the Western Ghats Mountains which form its eastern border.  

Ancient Hampi

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The Magical Rocky Hampi | Cinematic Drone Footage in HD- Incredible India Travel Vlog 2019

Tapas GHosh

Check out this beautiful drone video from an important historical site in Southern Indian, compliments of contributor Tapas Ghosh.  Hampi is a monument complex in the interior of  Karanataka, in the southwestern part of the country.  The structures were built by the  Vijayanagara Empire, a Hindu kingdom which arose in the 14th century and eventually succumbed to Muslim invasions.  At the height of its power, the city was the second largest in the world.  It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.  


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North Sikkim In November

Tapas GHosh
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MUNNAR Vibes | India

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