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Aerial Tour of San Salvador


Centro H


Contributor and pilot Fotovideorestudiosv created this drone video of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador in Central America.  The city was originally built by 16th century Spanish conquerors more or less on top of a native town which had stood there, but was shortly thereafter relocated southward to its present location in  Boquerón Volcano Valley.  It's one of the most seismic areas on earth, and the city has survived numerous earthquakes and eruptions from the nearby volcanoes.

Ancient Ruins of Tazumal


Parque Arqueológico Tazumal


Contributor Fotovideorestudiosv created this amazing drone video of one of the great ancient ruins sites in Central America.  Tazumal is an archaeological site in western El Salvador, near the town of Chalchuapa and close to the border with neighboring Guatemala.  The ruins date to the 3rd century AD, during a time known as the Preclassic Maya period.  Over the subsequent few centuries, the Tazumal complex is believed to have played a key role in the transmission of Mayan culture deeper into the Central American region.  

El Zonte: Salvadorean Beach Community


Playa el Zonte


Contributor Fotovideorestudiosv created this magnificent aerial video of a beautiful Pacific Ocean beach in El Salvador.  The Central American country was torn apart by a brutal civil war which began in the 1970's and delayed its discovery by tourists.  Fortunately, the country has returned to political stability, and tourists are beginning to discover the charm of its pristine beaches.  El Zonte lies along this developing line of beach communities, about an hour's drive from the capital San Salvador.    

Aerial Tour of El Salvador


Exploring El Salvador


Contributor Asenseofhuber has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram as of year-end 2018.  He ventures around the world making travel videos that mix drone and ground camera footage.  In this video, he brings us to the Central American nation of El Salvador, the only country in the region with a coastline only on the Pacific Ocean.  Ride along and you'll get some epic bird's eye views of this magnificent country: jungle waterfalls, idyllic beaches, and towering volcanoes are all on offer here.  

Punta Roca: Surfing Paradise


Punta Roca El Salvador Centro America


Unlike its neighbors in Central America, El Salvador only has one coastline, on the Pacific Ocean.  That's the right side though for surfing, and like so many other countries with a Pacific coast, El Salvador is developing its own surf culture.  One of the top spots is Punta Roca, which lies towards the northern end of the country's coastline.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of this fast-developing surfing destination, courtesy of contributor and drone pilot Fotovideorestudiosv.

Mayan Ruins in La Libertad


Parque Arqueológico San Andrés


Part of the allure of El Salvador is the cultural history associated with its western portion, which was part of the Mayan Empire that ruled much of southern Mexico and Central America in Pre-Columbian times.  Provinces like Ahuachapán and Santa Ana covered the southwestern reaches of the Mayan territory.  In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of the Parque Arqueológico San Andrés, a Mayan site in the province of La Libertad, compliments of contributor and drone pilot  Fotovideorestudiosv.

La Puntilla: El Salvador's Beach Country


La Puntilla Beach | El Salvador | Mavic 2 Pro


The growing beach tourism of El Salvador in Central America is centered on a stretch of its Pacific coastline west of the Lempa River, running to Playa del Tunco.  Like the Pacific beaches of Guatemala (to the north) and Honduras (to the south), El Salvador's beaches are increasingly being mentioned in the same breath as those of Costa Rica or for that matter the Mexican beaches further to the north.  In this drone video by Byron.linares, you'll get a bird's eye view of La Puntilla Beach, in the heart of El Salvador's emerging beach country.  

Lake Coatepeque, Santa Ana




Lago de Coatepeque Caldera is a crater lake in the Central American nation of El Salvador.  It's part of the volcanic Coatepeque Caldera in Santa Ana, the northernmost of the country's 14 departments (states).  The lake covers about 26 square km (around 10 square mi.) and is one of the country's larger lakes.    It's believed that the caldera was formed between 57k-72k years ago - a blink of the eye in geological terms.  You can check out the natural wonder from above in this drone video by fotovideorestudiosv.

Cerrón Grande Lake, Cuscatlán Department


Puerto San Juan, Suchitoto


El Salvador's Embalse Cerrón Grande is a reservoir lake on the Lempa River which was created in connection with the construction of the Cerrón Grande Dam in the 1970's.  It's the largest freshwater body in this small Central American country.  In this drone video by contributor and pilot Nieto_Drone, you'll get a bird's eye view of a small village on the shores of the lake called Puerto San Juan.  It's located near Suchitoto, in the department (state) of Cuscatlán near the center of the country.



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