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Drone Tour of Houston

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Tour the city of Houston, Texas from above in this drone video collection, which was created using footage from the "Drone Videos of Houston" collection.  You'll get bird's eye views of the city's impressive Downtown skyscrapers, NRG Stadium, Minute Maid Park, the Rice University campus, and more.

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Aerial Tour of Houston


Houston, Texas

Lone Star ...

Lone Star Drones put together this nice reel of his best drone footage from Houston, Texas.  Watch it for bird's eye views of the following locations of Greater Houston:  (1) the downtown skyline; (2) Minute Maid Park; (3) the Museum of Natural History; (4) Hermann Park; (5) NRG Stadium and the Astrodome; (6) Rice University; (7) the University of Houston; (8) the NASA Johnson Space Center; (9) the Port of Houston; (10) the San Jacinto Monument; (11) the USS Texas battleship; (12) the UofH's TDECU Stadium.      

Houston by Drone


Houston, Tx with the Mavic Pro

  • Dabert07
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  • about 7 years ago

Take an aerial tour of Houston, Texas in this drone video by Dabert07.  The video opens with some nice shots of Hermann Park in the southwestern part of the city, including the Sam Houston monument.  Most of the rest of the video was shot in the downtown area, home to some of the USA's largest skyscrapers.  Here you'll see views of 1400 Travis (the city's highest building), TC Energy Center, the Wells Fargo building (the city's second-tallest), CenterPoint Energy Plaza, and more.  

1400 Smith Street fka Enron Center


The Former Enron Tower in Houston

Lone Star ...

The Houston, Texas skyscraper now known simply as 1400 Smith Street has a storied history.  Seen here in this drone video by Lone Star Drones, the tower was previously named for its major tenant: Enron Corporation, which spectacularly collapsed in late 2001 amidst what is still  considered history's greatest accounting scandal.  The first "big story" following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, for weeks TV newscasts carried footage of distraught employees outside of what was then known as Enron Center.  

Houston's Skyscrapers


Downtown Houston

Lone Star ...

In this video by Lone Star Drones, you'll get a nice aerial view of the Houston, Texas skyline.  The "star" of the video is the tower now called 1400 Travis Street.  Originally known as Texas Commerce Tower and then JP Morgan Tower, the 75 story building was the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi River when it was completed in 1982: 305 meters, or just over 1k ft.  Like most of the city's skyscrapers, it was constructed during the oil boom of the late 1970's and early 1980's.  

Houston under Quarantine


Visiting Houston Texas 2020

Bumble Bee...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Bumble Bee Productions spent several weeks in Houston, Texas during the Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  Working on a response related to the novel coronavirus, he had an opportunity to film the great city as it was virtually shut down to fight the spread of the deadly virus.  The result is this excellent if somewhat haunting drone video collage of one of the USA's largest cities; it includes footage of the Hines Waterwall in the Galleria area, the downtown skyscrapers, the Convention Center, and more.  

2020 Reel: Houston/Galveston


Visiting Texas - Compilations 2020

Bumble Bee...

Contributor Bumble Bee Productions brings us this excellent drone reel showing his highlights of flying around the Houston/Galveston area over the course of 2020.  Featured locations include the Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park in Houston's Galleria district, Toyota Center, the Virtuoso sculpture in Houston's Theater District, the USS Texas in San Jacinto, Kemah Lighthouse and Boardwalk on Galveston Bay, the San Jacinto Monument, the Houston Ship Channel, the Barbour's Cut Container Terminal, Minute Maid Park, and JP Morgan Chase Tower.  

NRG Stadium and the Astrodome


Houston's NRG Stadium and Astrodome

Lone Star ...

Lone Star Drones brings us this aerial view of Houston's NRG Stadium and the now-obsolete adjacent Astrodome.  Originally called Reliant Stadium, the retractable roof NRG opened in 2002 as the home of the Houston Texans of the National Football League.  Seating about 72k fans, it replaced the 60's era multipurpose Astrodome for football.  Once called the world's 8th Wonder, in the 1990's the Astrodome lost its pro football and baseball teams.  Protected by preservation statutes, it lies in an abandoned state.  

Hermann Park: Houston's Green Space


Hermann Park, Houston

Lone Star ...

Hermann Park is one of the great green centers of Houston, Texas. It's located southwest of downtown, at the southern end of the Museum District. Covering about 450 acres, the park is home to numerous outdoor attractions, including the Houston Zoo, the Miller Outdoor Theater, and a golf course.  It's also home to the Sam Houston Monument; erected in 1925, it's one of the city's most recognizable landmarks.  Check out the beautiful park from above in this drone video by Lone Star Drones.  

Johnson Space Center


Johnson Space Center, Houston

Lone Star ...

Seen here in this video by Lone Star Drones, the Johnson Space Center is the most important center for manned space flight at the USA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Located in the southeastern outskirts of Houston, Texas, its most famous moment was in July, 1969, when Mission Control here directed the Apollo 11 moon landing.  The JSC also been a filming location for a number of films, notably two of the biggest blockbusters of the 1990's: Apollo 13 (1995) and Armageddon (1998). 

The Williams Tower, Galleria


Williams Tower, Houston


Williams Tower is a skyscraper in the Galleria area of Houston, Texas.  At 275 meters (900 ft) it dominates the low-rise architecture of this shopping and office district, which lies a few km/miles to the west of downtown Houston near the interchange of two of the city's busiest freeways.  At the time built, during Houston's oil boom in the early 1980's, it was the world's tallest skyscraper located outside of a central downtown zone.  Contributor Mavictraveler flew his DJI Mavic Pro drone to give us a look at all of its 64 floors.

Rice University


Rice University, Houston

Lone Star ...

Lone Star Drones created this nice aerial view of Rice University in Houston, Texas.  Founded in 1912, the private school is generally considered the most prestigious in the Lone Star State.  In the 2020 edition of the US News and World Report college rankings, Rice was tied for #17 with the Ivy League Cornell University in the National Universities ranking.  Located on a campus near Houston's Medical Center neighborhood, Rice's enrollment of just over 7k students is about 55% undergraduate.  

Houston's Museum of Natural Science


The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Lone Star ...

Houston, Texas is one of the USA's top museum cities.  Its Museum District southwest of downtown is home to 19 different museums and galleries, which collectively attract almost nine million visitors per year.  Probably the most well-known is the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Seen here in this drone video by Lone Star Drones, it's located at the northern end of Hermann Park.  Based on visitor traffic, the museum ranks amongst the top 4-5 in the country outside of the Smithsonian system.  

Minute Maid: Home of the Astros


Houston's Minute Maid Park

Lone Star ...

It's gone by several names, but since 2000 the ballpark now known as Minute Maid Park has been the home of Major League Baseball's Houston Astros.  Located on the eastern edge of downtown, the retractable-roof stadium seats just over 41k fans.  The Astros moved here after playing for over 30 years at the multi-purpose Astrodome, and in 2017 they became the first Texas team to win a World Series title.  Nicknamed the Juice Box, you can check it out from above in this drone video by Lone Star Drones.  

Kemah: Getaway on Galveston Bay


Kemah Boardwalk

Bumble Bee...

Kemah, Texas is one of the top getaway spots within Greater Houston.   The town lies on the western side of Galveston Bay, due east of Johnson Space Center and about 50 km (around 30 mi.) southeast of downtown Houston.  Once a small village and heavily damaged both in the Galveston Hurricane of 1901 and Hurricane Carla in 1961, Kemah now offers a large boardwalk and a plethora of entertainment and dining venues.  Check out Kemah and its boardwalk from above in this drone video by Bumble Bee Productions.  

Galveston: Houston's "Sister" City


Galveston, Texas

Lone Star ...

Check out Galveston, Texas from above in this drone video by Lone Star Drones.  The city sits on a long, narrow island of the Gulf of Mexico, southeast of Houston.  Galveston was the sight of the USA's most deadly natural disaster: the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900, when a category 4 storm hit the island with full force and without sufficient warning.    The storm killed between 8-12k people (up to a third of the city's population) and the city never recovered its status as a "twin" city to Houston.  

Houston by FPV


Houston Astros x Lexus - Lexus IS 2021 || CINEMATIC FPV

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Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot beto.fpv brings us this incredible FPV video from Houston, Texas.  The video was produced as part of a collaboration between the Lexus car brand and the Houston Astros, the city's Major League Baseball team.  The video opens with some shots of Minute Maid Stadium, the Astros' home field.  Then you'll fly under the Chevron Tower Walkway, aka the Skyring, before hitting other spots around the city.  This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list and was also a DVOW Finalist.  

The University of Houston


University of Houston

Lone Star ...

Check out this drone video of the main University of Houston campus, compliments of contributor and pilot Lone Star Drones.  UH is the third-largest of the public universities in Texas, after University of Texas - Austin and Texas A&M University.  Situated southeast of downtown Houston, the school's student body numbers a bit over 42k, of whom roughly 80% are undergraduate.   Founded in 1927 as a junior college, UH is an athletic powerhouse, competing in the American Athletic Conference.

The Port of Houston


Barbours Cut Terminal at Morgan's Point, Texas

Lone Star ...

Lone Star Drones created this nice aerial view of one of the largest port facilities in the USA.  It's the Barbours Cut Terminal at Morgan's Point, in the eastern reaches of Houston.  The facility is part of the Port of Houston, which runs for many km/mi along the Buffalo Bayou, Galveston Bay, and the Houston Ship Channel. It's the second-busiest port in the United States by freight tonnage.  Opened in 1977, Barbours Cut is the largest single terminal at the port and the first to handle containerized cargo.

Petrochemical Plant in La Porte


Petrochemical Plant near Houston, Texas

Lone Star ...

Houston, Texas is the center of the USA's (and in many respects, the world's) energy industry.  It's home to some of the world's largest oil refineries and petrochemical factories; the former produce gasoline from crude oil while the latter use (largely) natural gas feedstock to produce materials ranging from synthetic fibers to detergents.  In this drone video by Lone Star Drones, you'll get an aerial view of a petrochemical plant operated by Total USA near La Porte, just east of Houston.  

Ship Traffic at Morgan Point


Busy Morning At Morgan's Point

Bumble Bee...

Check out this drone video of some of the busiest shipping waters in the USA, compliments of Bumble Bee Productions.  He filmed ships cruising along Morgan's Point, Texas, where the Houston Ship Channel meets Galveston Bay, about 50 km (around 30 mi.) east of Houston.  Much of Morgan's Point is covered by the Barber's Cut Terminal, the Port of Houston's main container facility.  However, most of the ship traffic here is bulk cargo; with its giant refineries and petrochemical plants, the Port of Houston is the USA's #2 port by tonnage.  

The USS Texas Museum


San Jacinto Monument

Lone Star ...

One of the things which makes Texas amongst the most distinctive states is the fact that it was its own country for almost a decade before being admitted to the Union in 1845.  The Republic of Texas was declared in 1836, shortly before Sam Houston's troops decisively defeated Mexican forces in April, 1836 near San Jacinto.  The great battle is commemorated with the gigantic monument you'll see in this drone video by Lone Star Drones; completed in 1939, it's the world's tallest masonry structure.  

FPV Diving Bank of America Center


ill-fated (covid-19)

  • beto.fpv
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  • about 4 years ago

As America essentially shut down for business during the Covid-19 epidemic in the Spring of 2020, the downtown areas of even its largest cities came to resemble virtual ghost towns.  Against this backdrop, first person view (FPV) pilots were able to fly over spots that would normally be difficult to access, all the while maintaining proper social distancing.  Case in point is this FPV video by betodiaz, who was able to FPV one of the tallest skyscrapers in Houston, Texas: the 56 story Bank of America Center.  

Houston Drone Tour


The Vibes of Houston, Texas | 4Κ

Paschalis ...

Explore Houston, Texas from above in this excellent drone video by contributor Paschalis Doumanis.  At the :14 mark, you'll see the Sam Houston Monument in Hermann Park, at the southern end of the Museum District.  At 1:09, you'll see the Museum of Natural Science, one of the finest such museums in the USA.  Starting at about the 1:30 mark, there's a great view looking over Sam Houston Park towards the Downtown skyscrapers to the southeast.  Other highlights include the Toyota Center (home of the Houston Rockets basketball team) at 2:27.  



Houston, Texas

OGB - Omer...

One line inside Space Center Houston

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Space Center Houston || CINEMATIC FPV

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