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Wedding Reel from Southern Thailand


Aerial Footage of Weddings: Koh Samui, Thailand

Aerial Pho...

From poolside, to seaside, to beachside, these aerial views of wedding ceremonies that took place in Koh Samui, Thailand are truly memorable. Aerial Photography Asia captured all these happy couples who tied the knot on this tropical paradise island in this drone video. When it comes to capturing destination weddings, Koh Samui is perhaps the best place to combine celebrations of love, scenic views, and drones.  It's part of the Chumphon Archipelago, a group of islands in the Gulf of Thailand.  

Wedding at a Scottish Castle


Droneland 2018 - Wedding Ceremony


AirVuz contributor and pilot Droneland captured this excellent aerial footage of a cheerful wedding that took place at a Scottish castle in the Edinburgh countryside.  He leads us into the experience flying through the grand gate entrance and reveals the luxurious estate where the special occasion was held. This wedding drone video is complete with kilts, single malt Scotch, perfectly landscaped gardens, and a happily married couple celebrating their lifelong commitment with their loved ones.

Wedding in Carpathian Ukraine


To live life is not a field to cross. (Philosophical)

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You may have seen drone videos of weddings, but probably nothing like this amazing piece from the Ukraine by DmyAnd.  The video shows a white-gowned bride followed by a black-tuexedoed groom walking up Mt. Gemba, a peak in the Carpathian Mountains which cover the southwestern part of this giant country.  With a peak elevation of just under 1.5k meters above sea level, or about 4.9k ft., the mountain's summit can be reached via a trail.  As you will see in the video, the graceful mountains make a stunning backdrop for the wedding scene.

Engagement in Northeastern Brazil


We got engaged in Paradise | Itacaré & Morro de São Paulo (Brazil) | Cinematic Drone video 4K

Seven Cine...

Seven Cinematics created this epic drone video from a trip to the coast of Brazil's Bahia state during which they got engaged.  The video uses a combination of footage from a DJI Mavic Pro drone and ground camera footage to capture the tropical atmostphere of the beaches of Northeastern Brazil.  The video was filmed in a number of beach towns on the so called Cocoa Coast of northern Bahia: Morro de São Paulo, Itacaré, Praia da Tiririca, Praia do Resende, Praia da Ribeira, and Prainha.  

Proposal in Hawaii


Kauai, Hawaii - We're Engaged!


Top contributor th3venture created this truly memorable video from a trip to Hawaii where he was engaged to his beloved.  The proposal took place atop a hill on the Na Pali Coast, a wilderness area in the northwestern part of the island.  You can see the moment where he pops the question at around the 2:00 mark in the video.  It's hard to imagine a more beautiful place for anything let alone committing to a lifetime together; not surprisingly, she said "yes"! This video was a DVOW nominee in April 2019.

Jet Surfing Wedding


A Wedding with a jet surf under COVID 19 at lichadonisia by Takis Giannetos of Skyeye


As the Covid-19 pandemic required social distancing measures around the globe to fight the spread of the deadly virus, daily life required massive adjustments.  Rituals like weddings took on forms which would have been incompehensible in the pre-coronavirus era.  Witness this incredible video from Central Greece by Skyeye_Aerials.  Shot in the town of Lichades, the video uses first person view (FPV) racing drone footage to capture the groom cruising the waters of the North Euobean Gulf to meet his bride.  You have to see it to believe it! 

"Cinewhooping" a Wedding


Liberty Warehouse, Brooklyn NY


Take a look at the packed dance floor in this cinematic first person view (FPV) micro drone video by AirVuz contributor El Buho. The flight takes place at a wedding in the Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. The warehouse is located on Pier 41 in the historic shipping yards of Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was constructed in the pre-Civil War 1850’s and is the only location in the city where you see the Statue of Liberty from the front, as she looks out towards France.  This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in May, 2019.

Wedding at Turkey's Salda Lake


Amazing Drone Wedding Film Salda Turkey Crater Lake *MavicAir*@tahaaakin


Check out this amazing video of a Turkish wedding, compliments of AirVuz contributor Tieychen-Taha AKIN.   The video, which combines drone and ground camera footage, begins with footage from around Salda Lake in the province of Burdur.  Then the scene shifts to the famous lavender fields in nearby Isparta.  The lake and lavendar fields are two of the natural wonders for which southwestern Turkey has become known; the former covers an area of about 44 square km or aboput 18 square mi. and is one of Turkey's larger lakes.

Indian Wedding by FPV


India Wedding FPV


Weddings play an extremely important role in the culture of India, and they're big business, too: by some accounts, India's roughly 10 million annual weddings contribute over $50 billion to its economic output, a higher share of GDP than any other major country.  Perhaps not surprisingly, talented first person view (FPV) drone pilots are being hired to film Indian weddings, providing an entirely new perspective on these rituals.  An example is this video by contributor muno.explore, which made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2023.  

Wedding in Spain's Costa Verde


Bird's Eye View of a Wedding


Check out this gorgeous drone video from a wedding in Northwestern Spain, compliments of contributor GalendeFotografia.  It was filmed at the Beach of Silence (Playa del Silencio), a beach along the famed Costa Verde, a stretch of coastline along the Bay of Biscay in the region of Asturias.  It's near the town of Cudillero, which is located about midway along the Asturias coastline.  The beaches here are backed by steep cliffs and offer true seclusion, a magical spot for the betrothed to take their vows.

Wedding Reel from Georgia


Sky Travel Studio Wedding intro 4k 60 fps by David Lukhava

Sky Travel...

Top AirVuz contributor and drone pilot Sky Travel Studio put together this magnificent reel of wedding footage from across the Caucasus republic of Georgia.  The video features footage from a number of different locations throughout the country.  Some of the best shots are from Batumi, the modern-looking seaside city which is sometimes called the Las Vegas of the Black Sea.  Other shots are from the hilly interior of the country, much of which sits on the south slopes of the Caucasus Mountains.  

Proposal on Greece's Mt. Olympus


How I proposed to my girlfriend. Oh, yeah, of course with the drone!!! :)


AirVuz contributor MIAPVIDEOS picked an amazing place to propose to his girlfriend: Greece's Mt. Olympus!  Being an avid drone pilot, he (of course) managed to record the great event as an aerial video.  Hiking with his party high into the peaks of Greece's highest mountain, he pops the question at about the :55 mark.   Receiving (we gather) the hoped-for response, the party gathers to celebrate with an epic dronie shot from the Chapel of the Prophet Elias, a 16th century church which lies about 120 meters (around 500 ft.) below the summit.

Wedding Showreel from Italy


Wedding Showreel 2018

Mauro Scia...

A wedding is one of the most magical moments to capture for any photographer or videographer. With so many couples saying "Yes!" to wedding videos, those who want to be a step above the rest are turning to drones. Because of this, aerial pilots now have an additional market to offer their skills to. If you're interested in getting into the wedding video game, we recommend watching this reel by Mauro Sciambi - it's the perfect example of how to use drones effectively to capture a couple's memorable moment.

Wedding in Luzon, Philippines


Jep and Zel | Mountains Tell Stories

Sherard Yu...

Talk about a wedding for the ages!  This prenuptial video was filmed primarily with drone footage from the province of Zambales in western Luzon, Philippines.  The area around Anawangin Cove features epic views of the South China Sea, backdropped by the mountains which run up and down this part of the country, part of the official region of Western Luzon on the country's most populous island.  With this kind of production for the prenup, we can only imagine what's in store for the wedding ceremony! 

Wedding by Micro-Drone


The Wedding, my point of view as a guest

Dronotron ...

AirVuz contributor and pilot Dronotron was asked by a friend to fly a DJI Mavic drone at his wedding.  Dronotron had another idea though.  Rather than flying a comparatively large gimbal-stabilized aerial videography drone, he went with a tiny first person view (FPV) quad.  With its small size and ducted propellers, these very small drones can be safely flown in close proximity to people and property.  It makes for a much more "up close and personal" look and allows for a different level of interaction with the subjects being filmed. 



Cinematic Wedding - short

Mauro Scia...

iDroneU - Wedding Proposal

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Aerial Wedding Reel

B. Dumas...
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Proposal By Drone at Skyway


Wedding at Oheka Castle

Flying Fil...