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Sri Lanka Drone Tour


Sri Lanka from above - Cinematic aerial film DJI Mavic 2 Pro


Following a series of suicide bombings in early 2019, the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka imposed a total ban on drones out of concern that UAV's could potentially be weaponized. Contributor DigitalTravelCouple visited the country before the ban went into effect, and created this stunning video using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. The video features footage of some of the top sights of this tropical paradise, including the Nine Arches Bridge, Diyaluma Falls, and more. This video was a DVOW winner in December 2019.  

Sri Lanka Trip Video


Sri Lanka Travel Video | Cinematic Drone Footage From Above


Brand-new contributor Tadulea69 brings us this fantastic drone video from Sri Lanka.  Shot with a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom over the course of three weeks, the video features the following locations: Colombo, the country's largest city; Mirissa, a small town on the southern coast; Udawalawe National Park, in the south-central part of the country; the town of Ella and the nearby Nine Arches Bridge; Nuwara Eliya, in the hill country of the Central Province; the interior city of Kandy; the fortress of Sigiriya; and the beach town of Hiriketiya.

Sri Lanka DVOW Finalist


The Beauty of Sri Lanka in 4K

  • hamzamuj
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  • about 5 years ago

Shot with his DJI Mavic 2 Pro, top content creator and pilot hamzamuj takes us on a magical journey through the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka. This Drone Video of the Week Nominee features the port city of Trincomalee; the small towns of Ella, Buttala, Hatton and Demodara; Yala National Park and Kumbuk River; Nuwara Eliya, the city nestled in the hills of tea country; the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya; the famous railway line Nine Arches Bridge; and the holy mountain Adam's Peak. 

Backpacking Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Backpacking Trip


Backpacking offers a great way to see a small yet incredibly diverse country like Sri Lanka, and by taking a small drone the scenery can be captured from the air.  Top content creator and pilot Mikezwijgers spent three weeks backpacking the length and width of this amazing Indian Ocean island country, being careful to keep room in his pack for a DJI Mavic Pro drone. The results speak for themselves.  This outstanding video from his trip was selected as a Drone Video of the Week nominee in August, 2018.

Sri Lanka's 10 Best Spots


The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sri Lanka🌴🌴


There are numerous spots to explore in the Indian Ocean nation of Sri Lanka, but if we could only choose ten it would look something like this. Contributor Tjantrnkaproductions was nominated for a Drone Video of the Week Award for this stunning travel video taken across the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, the nation which was once known as Ceylon during its days as part of the British Empire. This video is nominated for the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards in the People & Lifestyle category. 

Over Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan Dreams - Style Piece


If you’ve ever dreamed about being on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, these aerial views will bring those dreams to life! Soar over the lush palm trees and find happiness in the smiles of the people of Sri Lanka.  Formerly known as Ceylon, the island nation sits in the Indian Ocean, just south of the tip of India. These cinematic drone shots by top contributor Joe Images, who was a nominee for the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards, capture the true essence of this glorious island country.

Diyaluma Falls, Sirigaya, and More


Memories of SRI LANKA

Daniel Nun...

AirVuz contributor daniel.nunes brings us this fabulous video from the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka.  Its aerials shot with a DJI Spark, the video features great shots of the country's famous beaches and hilly interior.  Some of the recognizable spots include (in order of first appearance) Diyaluma Falls in Uva Province; the Sigiriya hilltop fortress near the town of Dambula in the Central Province; the Nine Arches Bridge, in the Uva Province; and the Abhayagiri vihāra  monastery in Anuradhapura in the North Central Province.

Aerial Reel from SL


Sri Lanka - Aerial Reel


From boating to surfing, to waterfalls of the rainforest, and to golden horizons, the naturally diverse landscape of Sri Lanka is a drone pilot’s paradise. There is nothing like a birds eye view of the endless coast lines and rich culture of this Indian Ocean island, so close to the Indian mainland and yet so different.  Top contributor and drone pilot Joe Images, who was a finalist for the 2017 AirVuz Drone Video Awards, put together this epic highlight reel of his drone footage of Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka by Mavic Pro


Sri Lanka Drone Travel Compilation

Thib from ...

For being a relatively small country, Sri Lanka offers a tremendous amount of biodiversity, stunning landscapes, and cultural landmarks indicative of tens of thousands of years of human habitation.  This incredible video by contributor Thib from Above, which was created with a DJI Mavic Pro drone, will give you a bird's eye view of this amazing Indian Ocean island nation.  Watch it to catch some epic bird's eye views of the country's famous rainforests, beaches, and mountaintop fortresses.  

Across Sri Lanka by Mavic Pro


Sri Lanka: The Pearl of the Indian Ocean


Take a tour of beautiful Sri Lanka with this incredible drone video.  The areas featured in the video (in order of appearance) are Tangalle/Goyambokka, Jungle Beach (Unawatuna), Sigiriya, Ella, Kandy and Midigama.  Fans of the Indiana Jones movie series may find some of this territory looks familiar: Kandy was used as a primary filming location for the second installment of the series, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984).  The famous scene with the rope bridge was filmed near here.  

Aerial Tour of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka

Light Line...

The beauty of the Indian Ocean is on full display in this video from Light Line Entertainment, which is shot primarily in Sri Lanka.  The video features amazing aerial footage from the island's coastline as well as from its mountainous interior.  You'll be treated to overhead shots of some of Sri Lanka's famous trains, as well as views of the well-sculpted rice terraces that abound throughout the inner reaches of the island.  Watch it and gain a newfound appreciation for this emerging tropical paradise! 

Sri Lanka by Mavic Pro 2


Sri Lanka in 4k | DJI Mavic 2 Pro

arthem43 ...
  • arthem43
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  • almost 4 years ago

Check out this fantastic aerial tour of the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka, compliments of new contributor arthem43.  Shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2, the video opens with shots of the island's hilly interior and some spots along its beautiful coastline.  At the 1:05 mark, you'll see the Peraliya Memorial on the southwestern coast, a symbol of remembrance for the thousands killed in the 2004 Tsunami.  Other highlights include some grazing elephants (2:45), Nine Arches Bridge (3:05), Galle Lighthouse (4:45), and more. 

People and Landscapes of Sri Lanka


SRI LANKA: The Journey (a7iii / DJI M2P)

  • Cedricjb
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  • almost 5 years ago

There's something for everyone in this stunning drone video of Sri Lanka, created by top contributor and pilot Cedricjb.  The video weaves together spectacular aerial footage captured with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone and ground camera footage.  Exceptionally well edited, the video takes you across the stunning island nation, which is situated just south of India in the Indian Ocean. It highlights not just the stunning natural scenery of the island, but also the fascinating people who live there.   

All around Sri Lanka


SRI LANKA | Our dream...

Robin Pusk...

Check out this amazing video of Sri Lanka by top contributor and drone pilot Robin Puskas.  Shot with a combination of drone and ground camera footage, the video takes in the sights and sounds of this magnificent island nation in the Indian Ocean.  It includes footage from across the island, ranging from its beautiful coastline to its jungle-like interior.  It also includes footage from the Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo and the remote Uva Province in the southeastern part of the island.  

Sri Lanka's Interior by Drone


Sri Lanka: Earth and Sky


Top contributor Thedronetrip created this stunning drone video from the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka. Much of the video was shot in the interior of the island, a land of tea plantation, elephant preserves, and hilltop fortresses. The stunning beauty of the Sri Lankan interior led to it becoming a primary filming location for the 1984 blockbuster Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, much of which was shot around the area of Kandy.  Kandy is located near the geographic center of the island.

Sri Lanka's Marine Wildlife


Experience Ocean Safari with Borderlands Sri Lanka.


It is reasonably well known that the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka is among the most biodiverse countries on earth.  What is perhaps less well known is that this label extends to the Indian Ocean waters off the coast of this small country, located just to the south of India.  In this video, contributor and pilot Summittosea gives us a look at this Sri Lankan offshore biodiversity in the form of blue whales - the largest creature on earth.  The drone footage of this graceful animal is stunning.

Sigiriya: Sri Lanka's Rock Fortress


Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


Contributor NGreyTravels used a DJI drone to create this remarkable aerial video of one of the world's most famous hilltop structures.  The Sigiriya ("Lion Rock") is a gigantic rock fortress and monastery complex located near the center of Sri Lanka, the island nation off the southern coast of India.  The fortress was built in the 5th century AD as a new capital city by Kashyapa I, a long-serving king of Sri Lanka.  It was later converted to a monastery, which was active until the 14th century.

Matara: Sri Lanka's Southern City


Beach City of Matara Sri Lanka South Asia


Check out this drone video of an important city in Sri Lanka, compliments of AirVuz contributor DronecamAerials.  Matara is one of the main cities on the southern coast of this tropical island nation in the Indian Ocean, lying about 160 km (around 100 mi.) southeast of the capital city Colombo.  An important commercial center, the architecture of the town bears the imprint of Portuguese and later Dutch influence.   The video features footage of the town and some of its attractions, such as the Paravi Dupatha Temple on tiny Pigeon Island.  

Nine Arches British: Colonial Era Bridge


Nine Arches Bridge - Ella, Sri Lanka

Michael Mc...

Check out this amazing drone video of one of Asia's most well-known bridges, compliments of contributor and pilot Michael McColl.  Sri Lanka's Nine Arch Bridge is located near the town of Demodara in the south-central part of the nation.  The bridge, so named because of its nine distinctive-looking arches, was a collaboration between a Sri Lankan designer and a British engineering firm.  The almost 25 meter (80 ft.) bridge runs for just over 90 meters (300 ft.) in total length.  It was completed in 1921.  

Motorcycle Ride across Ceylon


WeRide - A journey with Royal Enfield - Sri Lanka - LankaTuber

  • ablbaset
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  • about 6 years ago

While its tourism industry has grown in recent years, Sri Lanka is still far enough off the beaten path that it appeals to more adventurous travelers.  Case in point is this group of travelers who drove their Royal Enfield motorcycles across this island nation in the Indian Ocean.  Using a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, contributor Ablbaset memorialized the trip with this amazing aerial video.  While a road trip like this is not for the faint of heart, you can ride along from the comfort (and safety!) of your own screen.  

The Lighthouse of Oluvil


Light House - Oluvil - Sri Lanka


Top contributor ablbaset used a drone to film one of the most well known lighthouses on the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka.  It's called the Oluvil Light House, and it's located on the country's southeastern coast. The distinctive looking white cylindrical structure stands just under 24 meters (about 80 ft.) high.  Opened in 1999, it was the first lighthouse constructed in Sri Lanka since the country achieved its independence from the British Empire several decades previously.  

Tanelle, Polonnaruwa, and Sigiraya


Sri Lanka - 2018

Tropical R...

Take a tour through the heart of Sri Lanka in this terrific travel video by Tropical Road.  The video will take you between scenes of dancers on the southern coast near Tangalle and two of the country's most important cutural sites: the ruins of Polonnaruwa in the North Central Province, the capital of a kingdom which ruled the island for two centuries during the Middle Ages; (3) the famous monastery-fortress of Sigiriya in the Central Province, the remains of an even earlier Sri Lankan kingdom capital.

Diyaluma Falls


The Most Beautiful Waterfall in Sri Lanka

  • ablbaset
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  • almost 5 years ago

Diyaluma Falls is the second highest waterfall in the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka.  The waterfall is situated in the Badulla District, which covers a portion of the interior of the tropical island.  The falls are formed by the waterway known as the Punagala Oya, a tributary of the Kuda Oya river.  Diyaluma Falls has a total height of 220 meters, or a bit over 700 ft.  You can see these beautiful falls from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by top content creator and pilot ablbaset.  

Arugam Bay: Heart of Sri Lankan Surf Country


Arugam Bay Sri Lanka - The Surfers' Paradise


Check out these drone views of Arugam Bay on the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot DronecamAerials.  The bay is located on the southeastern coast of the island, about 320 km (around 200 mi.) due east of the capital city of Colombo.  With numerous breaks, it's one of the country's top surfing spots.  While surfing was unknown in Sri Lanka until the 1960's, it's since become one of the more popular Asian surfing destinations and a major source of tourist traffic.

Hikkaduwa Beach


Hikkaduwa Beach, Sri Lanka

Aerial Eye...

Check out this drone video of one of the most famous beaches in Sri Lanka, compliments of contributor and pilot Aerial Eye.  Hikkaduwa Beach lies in the southwestern part of this Indian Ocean island nation, south of the capital city Colombo.  With its many reef breaks, Hikkaduwa Beach is popular with surfers, divers, and others who simply enjoy world-class beaches.  That moniker is certainly no exaggeration; Hikkaduwa was named one of the top 20 beaches in Asia in a recent ranking by CNN Travel.

Kalutara Chaitya Temple, Kalutara District


Kalutara Bodhiya by Drone- Mavic 2 Zoom, Sri Lanka


Kalutara Chaitya is a modern Buddhist Stupa on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka.  Seen here in this drone video by deathstalker, its importance derives from its proximity to the Kalutara Bodhiya, a Bodhi (sacred fig tree), one of the most important sites in Sri Lankan Buddhism.  The tree is believed to be one of 32 saplings from the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi fig tree, which was planted in the third century BC and is believed to be the world's oldest living tree.  The temple was completed in 1974, following a ten year construction period.  

Dambulla, the Golden Temple, and More


Sri Lanka 2017

  • MiLiKo
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  • about 6 years ago

Contributor DonMigel used a combination of drone (DJI Mavic Pro) and ground camera (GoPro Hero 4) footage to create this amazing video record of a trip to the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka.  The video features footage of the following locations: the Central Province city of Dambulla,  the Golden Temple,  the "rock fortress" of Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Trincomalee, the fortress of Batticaloa,  the Batticaloa Light House, Minneriya National Park, Minneriya, Rankot Vihara, and Gal Vihara. 

Camping Site in Kirinda, Southeastern Coast


Beach Camp Yala Sri Lanka


In this drone video by AirVuz contributor and pilot DronecamAerials, you'll get a bird's eye view of a camping site along the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka, the Indian Ocean island nation once known as Ceylon.   Kirinda is situated less than a half hour drive east of Matara, the main city on the island's southern coast.  It lies just to the west of Yala National Park, one of the natural treasures of Sri Lanka, which is the second-oldest and most-visited of the country's national parks.  

Dondra Head, Ravana Falls, and More


Beautiful Sri Lanka - Aerial Showreel

Copter Wor...

Take in some of the most beautiful sights of the island of Sri Lanka in this fantastic reel by top contributor and pilot Copter Works.  The video features footage from the following locations of this fascinating country: (1) the Dondra Head Lighthouse at the southern tip of the island, Sri Lanka's tallest lighthouse; (2) the magnificent Nine Arches Bridge around Ella in the south-central Ulva Province; (3) the beaches of Galle, in the coastal Southern Province; and (4) the stunning cascading Ravana waterfalls, back near Ella.  

Polonnaruwa, Hummanaya Blowhole, and More


View from Above- Sri Lanka

Copter Wor...

This beautiful piece from Copter Works will take you over the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka.  Featured locations include the Dondra Head Lighthouse at the island's southern tip; the ruins of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa in the North Central province (the capital of a Sinhalese kingdom that once ruled the island); the Ravana Waterfall in the south-central Uva province near Ella; the Hummanaya Blowhole (believed to be the world's second-largest blowhole) near Tangalle on the southern coast; the central highlands; and more.

FPV: St. Clair's Falls, Nuwara Eliya District


St Clair's Falls - Nuwara Eliya | Cinematic FPV


Enjoy these first person view (FPV) drone views of a well-known waterfall on the Indian Ocean island of Sri Lanka, compliments of AirVuz contributor pradeep_lakmal.  St. Clair's Falls, also sometimes referred to as the Little Niagara of Sri Lanka, is one of Sri Lanka's widest waterfalls.  It's located just a couple of mi./km from the town of Talawakelle in the Nuwara Eliya District, which is part of the Central Province, near the island's geographic center.  The falls are part of the Kotmale Oya River, a tributary of the Mahaweli.

Barberyn Lighthouse


Beruwala Lighthouse


Check out this drone video of a well known lighthouse on the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka, compliments of contributor deathstalker.  It's called the Barberyn (Beruwala) Lighthouse, and it's located on a small island off the main island's southwestern coast, less than an hour's drive south of the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo.  The lighthouse's granite tower stands 34 meters tall, or about 112 ft.  The lighthouse opened in 1889 and it's still operational.  It can be seen from a distance of up to 50 km or about 30 mi.

Bopath Ella Falls, Ratnapura District


Bopath Ella Waterfall Kuruvita Sri Lanka 4K Mavic 2 Zoom


Check out this drone video of one of the most famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka, compliments of AirVuz contributor and pilot deathstalker.  Using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom, he filmed the Bopath Ella Falls.  Shaped to resemble the Sacred Fig (from which it derives its name), the falls is located in the Ratnapura District in the south-central part of this Indian Ocean island nation.  The subject of various local myths, the waterfall has a total drop of 30 meters or just under 100 ft.  It is formed by the Kuru Ganga River.

Akkaraipattu, Eastern Province


Akkaraipattu Special Edition

  • ablbaset
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  • almost 5 years ago

Top contributor and pilot ablbaset created this aerial tour of an important town on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka.  It's called Akkaraipattu, and it's located in the Eastern Province, which covers most of this Indian Ocean island nation's eastern coastline.  It's located roughly 250 km (around 160 mi.) due east of the capital city of Colombo. Part of the country's dry zone, Akkaraipatu is home to some of its most productive rice growing acreage.   It's also become a popular beach destination.   

Kitugala: Canyon Borderlands


Marvel Canyon Borderlands Sri Lanka Adventure Base Camp


Travelers to the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka seeking adrenaline filled adventure are well advised to consider the Borderlands Sri Lanka Adventure Base Camp.  The camp is situated near the town of Kitulgala, situated in the rainforests of the western part of this small South Asian country.  As you'll see in this drone video by contributor and pilot Summitosea, the nearby Marvel Canyon is an adventure-sports heaven featuring kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, cliff jumping, and more.   

Captioned Tour of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka- Like You've Never Seen Before


Take a tour of Sri Lanka in this beautiful, well-captioned video by deathstalker.  Featured locations include the Pinnawala Elephant Sanctuary in the west-central Sabaragamuwa Province; the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens, just west of Kandy in the Central Province; the Temple of Kandy; Golden Temple of Dambulla, north of Kandy in the Central Province;  the Sigiriya rock fortress and monastery, also located near Dambulla; and Anuradhapura, the principal city of northern Sri Lanka.

17 Locations in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka 2018

  • ablbaset
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  • almost 6 years ago

Check out this stunning aerial tour of Sri Lanka from top contributor ablbaset.  The video features footage from 17 locations across this island nation in the Indian Ocean: Akkaraipattu, Addalaichenai, Oluvil, Kalmunai, Sainthamaruthu, Nintavur, Pottuvil, Eravur, Batticaloa, Dahaata Wanguwa, Rathna Falls, Komari, Sembuwatta, Panamkadu, Arugambay (Ulla), Lagugala, and Hasalaka.  These represent some of the most well-known spots in the country, a growing tourist destination.  

Six Spots in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka by Drone

Aldo ...
  • Aldo
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  • over 4 years ago

Take a mini tour of the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka in this beautiful piece by contributor and drone pilot Aldo.  The video features footage of the following locations: Tangalle beach, near the southern tip of the island; the rice fields of Polonnaruwa; Little Adams peak near Ella, in the south-central part of the island; Dikwella beach, just west of Tangalle; and Blue Beach and Unawatuna Beach on the southwestern coast, the latter being considered the country's most famous beach. 

Five Places in Sri Lanka


Sri lanka - BEST PLACES 4K

Tropical R...

Contributor Tropical Road created this video featuring five of the best spots to visit in the South Asian island nation of Sri Lanka.  The five spots are (in order of appearance): (1) Jungle Beach, located in the Trincomalee District of the Eastern Province; (2) Polannaruva, a town in the North Central Province; (3) Bentota Beach, on the southwestern coast in the Southern Province; (4) the Mahaweli River, the country's longest; (5) the Sigiriya rock fortress, located near the city of Kandy in the Central Province.    

Sri Lanka by DJI Spark


Shades of Sri Lanka


The South Asian country of Sri Lanka is known for its unique blend of cultures, languages, and ethnicities as well as its 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, tropical climate, Buddhist temples and endless beaches. The countless national parks and forest reserves are also home to a plethora of wildlife, such as exotic birds, reptiles, sloth bears, leopards, elephants, and crocodiles. You can see many of those animals in this aerial video, shot on the DJI Spark, by contributor and pilot dronerditaly. 

Sri Lanka by Drone


Sri Lanka by Drone


The lure of Sri Lanka's natural beauty, stunning wild life, and epic surfing have ignited a multi-year tourism boom for this island nation located off the southern coast of India.  In this outstanding video, top contributor and pilot NGreyTravels uses a drone to create a magnificent aerial tour of this tropical paradise.  The footage includes aerial views of the great rooftop fortress/monastery of Sigiraya, as well as of some of the more exotic residents of Sri Lanka - namely, a herd of elephants! 

Nine Arch Bridge from Above


Nine Arch Bridge | Ella | Sri Lanka | FPV


AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot pradeep_lakmal brings us this excellent FPV video of Sri Lanka's Nine Arch Bridge.  One of the most recognized landmarks in this South Asian island country, Nine Arch Bridge is located near the town of Demodara in the state of Uva, in the south-central part of the island.  Also known as the Bridge in the Sky, the viaduct span was completed in 1921.  The almost 80 ft. tall (25 m) bridge has a total length of about 300 ft. or around 90 m.  



Sri Lanka from Above

AirVūz Soc...

Sri Lanka, country like no others



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Lighthouses of Sri Lanka


Tangale waves and my sexy wife.

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