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AV News: Drone Captures Blue Whales Feeding

AirVūz News

In this AirVuz News story, Kendall Mark catches up with a drone pilot who has a great aerial video and a whale of a story to go with it.  Todd Chandler used a drone to capture some stunning footage of a blue whale enjoying a very hefty meal of plankton in the waters off the coast of Australia.  Researchers say that this footage is helpful in advancing understanding of the feeding patterns of these gigantic sea mammals.  Drones make this sort of footage possible for the first time.

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Humpback's of Ha'apai - Kingdom of Tonga

Cameron McGeorge

Top contributor CM Photography spent two weeks in Tonga, an island archipelago situated towards the eastern end of the South Pacific Islands, in the region known as Polynesia.  His spectacular drone film documents humpback whales in the warm waters of Tonga during their migration from Antarctica. The aerial footage of these majestic creatures was taken off the northern tip of Tonga's Foa Island, part of the country's Ha'apai group of islands.  

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Humpback Whales & Praia do Forte Coast, Bahia, Brazil


Parts of the northern Brazilian coast are legendary whale watching spots.  This is particularly true in the coast of the Northeast Region, where seasonal migration patterns can result in large populations of humpbacks and other species swimming in these Atlantic Ocean waters.  Contributor Iimoveisbrasilbahia was able to capture a group of these beautiful creatures off the Praia do Forte in the Bahia state, giving us this marvelous bird's eye view of these amazing sea mammals.   

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The Whales of Hermanus


Hermanus, a small town near the southern tip of South Africa, is best known for its whale watching.  During the certain months, thousands of southern right whales migrate through its waters, easily spottable from shore.  Top contributor Luke Maximo Bell used a DJI Phantom drone to film these magnificent creatures swimming off the shore of the town which was once an important center for the whaling industry and is currently considered one of the world's best whale-watching spots.

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Magic Sea Unicorn

Florian Ledoux

Among the most unusual looking whale species are Narwals.  They are very much distinguished by a large "tusk" which is a residual tooth.  Award winning contributor Florian Ledoux was part of a team searching for these elusive creatures in Nanuvut, in the far Arctic reaches of Northern Canada.  After a few days, they located some of these elusive creatures and were able to film them with a drone, resulting in this astounding video.  

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Paddle Boarding with Whales, Esperance Island Cruises

  • Jaimen
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In this very popular drone video by contributor Jaimen Hudson, he filmed a stand up paddleboarder cruising the waters off of Esperance, in Western Australia.  While it's not known if the paddleboarder was aware of it, two giant whales are swimming within meters/feet of him.  The unforgettable bird's eye view of this scene is testament to the power of drones to look at our world from entirely new perspectives which would be otherwise impossible to see.

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Ocean Giants of Cape Town

Exclusive Aerials

Table Bay is so named because it sits in the shadow of Table Mountain, above Cape Town near the southern tip of South Africa.  Due to its location at the border between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the area has always sported a diversity of marine life.  Contributor Exclusive Aerials flew a DJI Phantom 4 drone over the bay and created this impressive drone film of whales and dolphins passing through these waters during seasonal migration.  

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Experience Ocean Safari with Borderlands Sri Lanka.


It is reasonably well known that the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka is among the most biodiverse countries on earth.  What is perhaps less well known is that this label extends to the Indian Ocean waters off the coast of this island nation.  In this video, Summittosea gives us a look at this Sri Lankan offshore biodiversity in the form of blue whales - the largest creature on earth.  The drone footage of this graceful animal is stunning.

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I Got Published By National Geographic!! Why Are Gray Whales Losing Their Tails


Contributor and Jayxlamar, who has done extensive filming of whales by drones, recently had some of his video footage picked up by National Geographic.  He was able to capture aerial footage of gray whales missing perhaps their most-noticed feature - their tails.  His footage points to fishing equipment entanglment as a possible cause of these tragic disfigurements, and we can only hope this can now be prevented.

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Drone Whale Watching | Patagonia | 4K


Among the many attractions of South America's Patagonia region are some of the world's best spots for whale watching.  Seasonal migration patterns result in many species of whales moving in large numbers past the coasts of southern Chile and Argentina.  In this video, contributor Jonathanwyn used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to film Southern Right Whales off the coast of Argentina during the winter months when they move away from the waters of Antarctica.

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Waves & Whales


The area around Gold Coast, Australia is known for being amongst the world's top surfing spots as well as a great place for whale watching.  Tweed Head is a small beach town in New South Wales, just south of Gold Coast (which is part of the Queensland state).  In this video, contributor Corellovel managed to capture the surfing scene at Tweeds Head with some epic shots of some humpback whales.  You'll see the surfers and the sea mammals sharing the stunning torquoise waters.

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Orca Encounters


Orca's, otherwise known as killer whales, are one of the most fascinating species.  Closely related to dolphins, they are among the most intelligent of whale species.  They are some of the most fearsome predators in the sea, and one of the few capable of attacking larger whales.  Contributor Swacolez encountered a pod of orca's off of Saturna Island in Western Canada, creating this memorable drone video from the occasion.  


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Ocean Spirits