Keyhole Gap in Australia


The Keyhole

Ruben Case...

Somewhere off the coast of eastern Australia is a keyhole-sized gap in a giant rock which appears to have been waiting for millions of years for this moment.  Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Ruben Caser seized the moment to hit this gap.  He didn't stop there, though.  As you'll see in the video, upon exit he flies a power-loop and does it (in one shot) again, before flying off into the sunset.  It was more than enough to earn him a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in February of 2023.   

Sneaking Through Gaps


Fpv at a Trampoline - Gecko Parx


Located in Weston, Florida, the GeckoParx is the ultimate spots for kids and those young at heart to jump, play, eat, and celebrate...and also fly a tiny first person view (FPV) drone around to capture the action  on video.  In this fun piece, AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot ThatFlyinRyan cruises around the arcade and trampoline park, winding around the games and sneaking through the gaps to give us a charming tour of this fun natured destination, and for that, we placed him on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in February, 2020.

Cruising Between Pylons


Let's fly through here. Pt. 2/3


The Australian coastline provides endless ways to escape every day life and that's precisely what FPV pilot CLIFFORD FPV was seeking when he woke up that morning  His smooth, smooth flight skims over the calm waters off of New South Wales, and then he finds his ultimate flow by cruising between the pylons of a pier off the shore. The sweet symphony of these elements all coming together gave him just the moment of peace he was looking for. This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in March of 2020.

DVA Technical Freestyle FPV Winner


Kill The Spot

Tomz FPV...
  • Tomz FPV
    • 8.5k VŪZ
    • 137
    • 70
  • almost 6 years ago

Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Tomz FPV is a Team AirVūz pilot who's constantly pushing the sport of Freestyle FPV. In this edit, he pilots the most thrilling lines at a very unique and appealing bando making this arguably one of his sickest flights of all time. Proximity? Check. Dives? Check. Speed? Check, check!  With this flight he's rolled, power-looped, and driven himself into the winners' circle at the second annual Drone Video Awards in the FPV Freestyle Technical category.

Stellar Proximity Flight Through Deep Gorges


Namurachi Canyon

  • MagFly
    • 2.5k VŪZ
    • 12
    • 10
  • over 4 years ago

Chihuahua (Estado Libre y Soberano de Chihuahua) is located in Northwestern Mexico, bordering the United States. One of the thirty-one Mexican states, it is named after the Chihuanhuan Desert, but also has many forests, the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range, and Copper Canyon which is larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon. FPV Pilot MagFly shows us Namurachi Canyon in this stellar proximity flight through the deep gorges, likely never seen by man before.  This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June of 2019.

Exploring a Glacier in the Alps Mountains


Dragonstone - First person view dragon flight?

  • Gab707
    • 4.8k VŪZ
    • 36
    • 19
  • almost 5 years ago

With the final season of the HBO hit "Game of Thrones" having aired this year, just about everyone has been feeling inspired to create something dynamic in homage to the awarding-winning show,  and that includes cinematic first person view (FPV) drone king Gab707. This mountain surfing flight, set to the score for “Dragonstone,” is a gorgeous, dragon-inspired flight by the AirVūz and DRL pilot. In it, he runs straight through a glacier in the Alps Mountains!    This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in April, 2019.

Weaving Through Tree Branches



CaZa FPV...

An idyllic city park in Tarbes, Frances provided both the technical challenge and serene backdrop for this beautiful flight from FPV pilot CaZa FPV.  Watch carefully as he weaves through the tightest of gaps between branches, along the walking trails, under the weeping willow, and along a small stream to give us all an aerial tour just as the birds would see it.  This was CaZa FPV's first video on AirVuz, and based on how zen we're all feeling after watching, you can see why we put him on our FPV Pilots to Watch list in February 2020. 

Crushing Obstacles


Gym gaps!

Trainer Ta...

Tiny Whoop first person view (FPV) pilots are always pushing the boundaries of where they should and should not be flying, although given the size and ducted props on these micro-drones there's not really much damage they can do. This latest flight by Trainer Tallman FPV is in yet another unexpected space; a work out facility. When you think about it, it makes sense. Gyms have plenty of built in obstacles to dive and gaps to hit. It’s especially nifty if it’s the gym you work at on a slow day. Just mind the gap or you might get squished!

Quick Guided Tour Through the Gaps



Ayzen FPV...

Bandos are given a whole new sense of purpose when they are discovered by FPV pilots like Ayzen FPV.  In this capitivating video, we're given a careful but quick guided tour through the gaps and channels in this former coal mine in Forbach, France, near the border with Germany.  Watch carefully as he chases along the mine's train tracks, dives along the outer walls, and reminds us that *at this moment* all the action is definitely above ground.  This video landed Ayzen FPV our Pilots to Watch list in January 2020.  Bravo, Ayzen!

FPV Playground in South Korea


Big Gap / Russell FPV FreeStyLe


How close would you dare fly your first person view (FPV) racing quad near stadium lighting? RusselFPV gets real close to the lights surrounding the soccer stadium at Halla University in Wonju, South Korea. Power looping through the surrounding trees and diving nearby apartments, it's a perfect gap-hitting FPV playground for our talented content creator to practice his considerable technical freestyle flying skills.  This video earned RusselFPV a Pilots to Watch nod in February of 2019.

Hitting all the Gaps at an Abandoned Cast Iron Factory


Parc du Haut-Fourneau U4

Tomz FPV...
  • Tomz FPV
    • 721 VŪZ
    • 16
    • 8
  • almost 4 years ago

Just when we think we've seen the coolest bando for FPV, pilots like former Drone Video Award winner TomzFPV go ahead and really rewrite the script.  Check out this amazing freestyle flight around the abandoned cast iron factory known as the Lorraines Foundries and Steelworks in northeastern France.  It's been out of use since 1991 and decaying ever since, but its giant blast furnaces have been preserved for prosperity.  With his epic flight that hits all the gaps, this video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in March, 2020.  

Gaps Above the River


NATURE in FPV - Yoba

  • Yoba
    • 632 VŪZ
    • 12
    • 8
  • about 4 years ago

You have to give this cinematic flight through the countryside a watch. Brought to us by FPV pilot Yoba, it is a long range journey through the mountains, forests, and rivers around him. The high definition footage bring crisp lines and edges to all of the boulders he’ll pass by, and a dynamic, intensity to the gushing waterfalls he’s captured at stunningly close range. He’ll also do a marvelous job hitting small gaps through fell trees while traveling up a river.  That's why this was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in January, 2020.

Hitting Gaps in the Mountains


Cruising some Rocky Mountain Landscapes


For a great example of some highly cinematic first person view (FPV) mountain surfing footage, check out this piece by top FPV pilot Ewalt_FPV.  Throughout the video he makes great use of the "gap" shot starting with an epic one right at the beginning (you have to watch it to appreciate it).  See how he uses the tight spaces along the mountain ridges for dramatic effect - you find yourself asking "will he or won't he" and when he does, it's highly entertaining.  So much so that it made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2019.

Two Tight Gaps at Speed



  • Lougedo
    • 151 VŪZ
    • 10
    • 5
  • over 3 years ago

Since the dawn of first person view (FPV) drone flight, hitting gaps - essentially, flying through tight spaces - has been one of the most exciting maneuvers, both for pilots and for viewers watching their videos.  Even as FPV flight skills have improved and pilots are increasingly focusing on cinematic video, it still gets the blood pumping to see a tight space rapidly approaching.  If you don't believe us, check out this short-but-fantastic piece by contributor Lougedo, where he scopes two great gaps and flies through them at high speed.

Through a Tight Mountain Gorge


Time to Dive


This first person view (FPV) piece by AirVuz contributor Rosshasadrone opens with some of the most amazing gap-flying we've seen - he takes his mini-quad through an impossibly narrow gorge somewhere in the USA's Pacific Northwest region, either side seemingly just inches away.  It's followed by an equally epic run through another tight gorge, this one filled with waterfalls.  At about the :55 mark, the diving begins, and it's definitely worth watching - many hundreds of meters/ft. almost straight down to the bottom of a valley.  

Floating Through Trees and Wires


Backyard FPV

  • KittFPV
    • 1.4k VŪZ
    • 16
    • 14
  • over 4 years ago

It’s his four-hundredth FPV video upload to AirVuz and we couldn’t be more excited for AirVuz FPV Pilot KittFPV. His profile is a prime example of what hard work and persistence can do for your flying skills. This backyard rip session is classic KittFPV, floating with ease through the trees, wires, and other obstacles in his backyard. KittFPV used a Armattan Chameleon Ti frame with Rotor Riot Acro 2207 2450kv Hypertrain motors and a GoPro Hero 7 to create this Freestyle session, which made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2019.

Hitting a Sea Cave Hole



Parasite F...

Ccontributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot Parasite FPV managed to find a dream spot to fly his racing quad.  It's a coastal sea cave, and it has one of the coolest gaps we've ever seen.  The video has a great setup, flyng above a coastal ridge before turning around to see what's below it.  Just before the :30 mark, you'll see what this video is all about - it's a a seemingly impossibly tight tunnel through the rock.  When you watch what he does, you'll understand why this video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June, 2020.

Epic Bando Gaps


On The Way To Bando

Tomz FPV...
  • Tomz FPV
    • 1.2k VŪZ
    • 25
    • 16
  • over 5 years ago

First person view (FPV) videos of abandoned sites and buildings ("Bandos") are largely about gaps - hitting those impossiby tight spots that these locations are famous for.  For some truly epic bando gap-flying, check out this piece by top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Tomz FPV.  A winner at the second Annual Drone Video Awards, he is one of the top technical FPV freestyle fliers in the world.  Ripping the tiny space next to a train is pretty cool, but what makes this video is the gap shot at the :25 mark - truly unbelievable! 

Abandoned Hydroelectric Power Plant


Starwars trench run in a abandoned hydroelectric power plant!


FPV pilot Henri_Petrutis is getting some inspiration from the Star Wars universe in this Pilots to Watch flight. He’s taken his mini quad out to an old hydroelectric power plant in Estonia to replicate one of the trench runs seen in the franchise's movie “A New Hope.” The scene also inspired a video game called “Star Wars: Trench Run” that is set specifically during Episode IV during the rescue of Princess Leia, the Battle of Yavin, and Luke Skywalker’s run to destroy the Death Star. 

Gracefully Passing Tricky Gaps


FPV - Maiden Flight

Nicolas Ga...

Over the river and through the woods, to an epic first person view (FPV) drone flight he goes!  AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Nicolas Gaillard prepared for this mountain surf by logging 20 hours on an FPV simulator.  His dedicated training definitely comes through in his smooth through the French Alps as he gracefully passes through the mountain peaks and tricky gaps of the local surroundings.  The gap-hitting in this video is particularly impressive, especially knowing that the consequences for failure are likely a total quad loss.

Flying through a Balloon Basket


Ballooning in Capadocia! 🎈🚁💨

Ivan Merin...

You may have seen first person view (FPV) drone videos of hot-air balloons, but we're guessing you've never seen this before: top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Ivan Merino managed to fly through the basket of a balloon flying over the fabled "fairy tale" castles of Cappadocia in central Turkey.  It's not for the faint of heart, although it should be noted that the "cinewhoop" style drone with its light weight and ducted propellers posed no risk to the balloon riders.  This video made the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2021. 

Whooping Tiny Gaps


Best whoop spot ever!

Trainer Ta...

Microdrones can be flown almost anywhere, and that's one of their biggest attractions.  Virtually any location becomes a "gap party" for skilled FPV pilots.  In this drone video, AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot Trainer Tallman FPV shows off his skills in his favorite place to Whoop - the rafters of a pavilion.  The video was taken straight from the goggles - no fancy editing here - shows just how good on the sticks this guy is. This video was a Finalist in the Micro Drone -  Acro Mode category at the second annual Drone Video Awards.

Freestylin' at an Abandoned Railway bridge


Bando Railway Bridge - Matty Flip

Dragon FPV...

Spending a day out on the road just to find the perfect freestyle spot is the kind of commitment it takes to create a video like this. Shot in a lush, deciduous forest filled with deep green colors, AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Dragon FPV has found an abandoned, former railway bridge. The bando spot is unique in its location and structure - we often don’t see bando bridges with these types of views. His inspiration, MattyStuntz and his Matty Flip, can be seen throughout the piece. 

Threading a Famous Icelandic Canyon


Iceland. Droneflight through the Canyon - Cinematic FPV


Prepare to be amazed by this first person view (FPV) flight through a famous canyon in Iceland, compliments of AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot littlewing fpv.  Fjaðrárgljúfur is located in the southeastern part of the island.  It is known for its very steep walls, which incidentally make it an extremely challenging spot for even an experienced FPV pilot.  The canyon runs for about 1.2 mi (about 2 km) and is up to 330 ft. deep (about 100 m).  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in January of 2022.  

Flying Gaps on a Stream in Germany


Black forest - winter waterfall adventure


A small stream flowing through Germany's Black Forest in wintertime is turns into a kind of unexpected "gap heaven" in this fantastic first person view (FPV) piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot spezilover.  The video was filmed over and around the Gertelbacher near the town of Bühlertal in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg.  Watch how he expertly navigates the tiny spaces which aboud on the partially frozen river.  This video was picked for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in June of 2021. 

Cinewhoops and Gaps


The Little Farm House

  • Whofpv
    • 2.2k VŪZ
    • 18
    • 13
  • over 4 years ago

Built almost a century ago, the Little Farm House is a gem of a place in Miami, Florida. Located on the Little River section of the Miami River in the Little Haiti neighborhood lies the one-acre oasis where wildlife freely roam around the lush, exotic property. Miami-based micro drone pilot Whofpv had the opportunity to fly through the colorful, unique space in this cinewhoop video.  The piece is particularly notable for his use of gaps to show off the tremendous versatility of his HD-equipped micro drone.  

Flying through Utah's Slot Canyons


Utah Slot Canyons Cinewhoop


One of the first places where first person view (FPV) drones created a "wow" factor is hitting tight gaps.  Navigating tight spots is an area where gimbal-stabilized drones fear to tread, and flying through them at speed requires some very good flying skills.  Keep that in mind when you see this amazing piece by AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot coolguy.fpv.  He was able to navigate through some seemingly impossibly tight spots in Utah's "slot canyons", earning himself a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in April, 2021.  

Flying through a Train Tunnel


Chuncheon in South Korea / Russell FPV Freestyle


HItting tight gaps is one of the most eye-catching moves in FPV flight.  As the art has evolved, FPV pilots have learned to "tease" their audience by showing them the gap and forcing the viewer to ask "will he or won't he?".  That's what top AirVuz contributor and FPV pilot RussellFPV does so well in this video.  Shot in Chuncheon, South Korea, he flashes a view of a seemingly impossibly tight train tunnel, making a playful pass before tackling it for real.  It "works", and it got him a spot on the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October, 2018.

Cinewhoop DVA Winner


オンナノコズ:"Onnanocos" × Micro Drone

  • KatsuFPV
    • 17.8k VŪZ
    • 100
    • 49
  • almost 6 years ago

We guarantee you've never seen micro drone footage quite like this!  First person view (FPV) pilot extraordinaire, KatsuFPV, teamed up with Japanese model group "Onnanocos" to create this brilliant drone video.  Staged in a Japanese high school, he flew a 1.6" drone equipped with a RunCam Split Mini FPV camera through narrow gaps and around the school girls.  The result is a creative, beautiful, and smoothly orchestrated flight. This video was a Winner in our Drone Video Awards' Micro Drone Angle Mode category.

Zooming Between Gaps in the Canary Islands


FPV: El Hierro

  • Lougedo
    • 1.7k VŪZ
    • 37
    • 22
  • over 5 years ago

The smallest of Spain's Canary Islands archipelago, El Hierro, is paradise for those looking to escape the daily grind but it's also perfect for first person view (FPV) drone pilots, especially freestylers. FPV Pilot and content creator Lougedo explores all the amazing features of El Hierro with his racing quadcopter. Remembering that he is flying with video goggles, see how he zooms between gaps in the wave-lapped rock formations on the island's Atlantic coasts and high above the sharp mountain ridges. 

Bando Gaps


full throttle mega bando // fpv freestyle


Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot IconicGti brings us this classic bando piece.  It's a classic location, with countless gaps to fly, tall structures to dive, and room to pick up serious speed.  It's a great reminder of why FPV pilots have long gravitated to these types of sites - they provide an ideal canvas on which to paint some serious technical FPV freestyling skills.  Some of the best shots are flying through a very tight triangular shaped lattice structure at the top of the building.  

Saudi Arabian Gorge


Earth Valley - NezarTash


Top AirVuz contributor and first person view (FPV) drone pilot nezartash brings us this stunning FPV piece from the canyon known as Wadi Lajab in Saudi Arabia.  Wadi Lajab is located in Jazan, a port town at the very southern extremity of the Kingdom.  The gorge is created by a series of streams which have etched their way into the rock.  It's considered on the great natural treasures of Saudi Arabia.  This video was picked by the AirVuz editorial staff for the FPV Pilots to Watch list in October of 2022.  

Flips, Gaps and Powerloops


FPV - Grande Torino...

Buzzin' G ...

When you see the holes in these unique looking towers at a site in Turin, Italy, you will understand the attraction the spot held for first person view (FPV) pilot Buzzin' G FPV. In a word, gaps. The original manna for FPV pilots of all stripes, hitting tight gaps is the stuff of FPV dreams. Pure and simple, these towers look as though they were made to be flown through with racing quads. In this video, he flips, hits gaps and powerloops his way through this amazing looking place.



Flying Through A Moving Boat

    • 1.8k VŪZ
    • 25
    • 14
  • over 5 years ago

Mind the Gap

  • PShaw
    • 1.9k VŪZ
    • 30
    • 18
  • over 6 years ago

Gap Surfs the Santa Anas

  • GAPiT
    • 930 VŪZ
    • 23
    • 16
  • about 6 years ago


VOLT 21...
  • VOLT 21
    • 471 VŪZ
    • 10
    • 10
  • about 6 years ago

New Bando ▶ Gap Challange

Livyu FPV...

Gap This

  • Blink
    • 108 VŪZ
    • 8
    • 1
  • about 6 years ago