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NYC State of Mind

Elena Buenrostro

Founder and CEO of Women Who Drone, Elena Buenrostro is killing the dronie game with this flyout and reveal of the New York City skyline as well as its emerging satellite in Queens.  The first shot is from Brooklyn facing west, with Freedom Tower luring in the background and the massive Con Ed powerplant on the East River in the foreground.  The second reveal faces north to the Long Island City mini-skyline in Queens, home of the new Amazon headquarters facilities.  

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Discover Seychelles 🇸🇨 | A Travel Video

Merr Watson

Equipped with the new DJI Osmo Pocket, a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone, and tickets to Seychelles, drone influencer Merr Watson takes us away on an unforgettable adventure in this island paradise in the western Indian Ocean.  As she and her companion explore the beaches, rainforests, markets, and tourist attractions, she uses her DJI gear to its full potential to demonstrate how it can capture all the beauty of a destination from a range of perspectives.

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My Drone Story

Sandrine Hecq

This beautiful aerial reel is a perfect homage to Women Who Drone, and who better to represent women drone influencers than Sandrine Hecq? The talented content creator compiled all her favorite drone shots from her unforgettable travels to both share the backstory for how she was drawn to create in this new art medium, as well as show appreciation to women in the drone zone. This video was picked as a Finalist in the second annual Drone Videos Awards in the People/Lifestyle category.

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Contributor Isabellefabre travels the world and makes videos of her adventures using drone footage.  In this episode, she travels to Armenia, a republic in the Caucasus region which separates Eastern Europe from the Middle East.  You'll see her hiking in the highlands, visiting some of the very old monasteries for which the country is famous, even swimming in a mountain lake.  Watch it and be captivated by this ancient land at the crossroads between Europe and Asia.

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Kasz Photo Creative- First Reel Attempt


Kasz Photo Creative was a 2017 Drone Video Awards nominee in photography. Specializing in aerial photography, she says this was her first attempt at creating a drone demo reel. We're pretty sure it won't be her last!  Featuring aerial views of the changing seasons, a cresting whale, beachside dronies, a wide variety of beach and ocean shots, winter scenes and more. Kasz's bevy of work, largely based out of California, is wide and impressive!

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My Age 22 - travel to europe with a drone (Sam kolder inspired)

  • daehwa
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    • 17
  • 6 months ago

Content creator daehwa put together a truly inspired piece of drone work that's all about her travels in Europe.  Through 53 days of travel, she discovered places far and wide that brought a smile to her face — that can be seen in her dronies scattered throughout this aerial reel! At the youthful age of 22, she lived it up and documented the unforgettable experience from her DJI Spark drone.

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Los Roques: Get Lost in Paradise!


Los Roques is an archipelago of hundreds of small islands in the southern Caribbean Sea.  It lies north of the coast of Venezuela, of which it is part.  The islands are known around the world for stunning blue waters, white sand beaches, and ubiquitous coral reefs.  In this video, top contributor Isabellefabre uses a drone and ground camera to show us the range of activities available on this Caribbean paradise, which is located due east from the somewhat better known island of Curacao.

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My DJI Story 🙏🏻

Merr Watson

A Women Who Drone Ambassador, Drone Video of the Year Nominee, and DJI Creator, Merr Watson is an internationally recognized force to be reckoned with! In this Drone Video of the Week nominee, Merr explains how she started flying and why she finds drones to be such a compelling vehicle for storytelling. This video features shots from the Philippines, Iceland, Africa, Australia and more. 

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The Breakers Palm Beach Queen of the Drone Style

Queen of the Drone

Sitting just across the Intracoastal Waterway from the larger city of West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Florida is one of the wealthiest cities in the USA.  The oldest and most fashionable hotel in Palm Beach is the Breakers, a 538 room lodging built by oil tycoon (and John D. Rockefeller partner) Henry Flagler in 1896.  Top contributor Queen of the Drone treats us to a spectacular aerial tour of this magnificent hotel on one of America's most exclusive beaches.

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Icy thumbs | Winter FPV

Blue Owl FPV

Blue Owl FPV is representing female pilots well in this video, which was nominated in the Freestyle Flow category for the second annual Drone Video Awards. She says she decided to rip around a bit while waiting for skiing season to start in the French Alps. What she got was an inspiring flight barrel-rolling over the frozen ground, diving through the trees, power-looping around the side of the mountain, and smooth flying throughout the rest of the landscape. 

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Golden Light of Dubrovnik - Croatia | Aerial DJI Drone cinematic Short Film


Drone pilot Swisslapse returned to the historic, fortified city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, armed with a DJI Phantom Pro and a plan to catch the city in it's best light.  In doing so, she captured sights Game of Thrones fans will recognize from Seasons 2, 3, and 5.  Watch closely for Minceta Tower, where Daenerys looked for her dragons, Fort Lovrijenac, which stood as the Red Keep, and Pile Harbour, which was the setting for both Blackwater Bay and the shores of Kings Landing.

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Jamaica-Shot By Elena

Elena Buenrostro

Elena Buenrostro has turned her passion for drones and aerial videography into a career; she's been featured in numerous high profile publications including the Washington Post and Fast Company.  In this video, she puts her DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to work creating an look at the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  The video includes epic timelapse and asteroid mode shots, and a very creative dronie with her "Woman Who Drone" tagline etched into the famous white Jamaican sand.

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Lucid Dreaming: Ontario Spring


In a temperate climate like Ontario, Canada, the transition from winter to spring is as profound as that from summer to fall.  The transition can occur quite quickly, depending on weather conditions.  In this amazing video, contributor elnaz555 filmed the Ontario landscape over a three week period and used timelapse editing to put together this remarkable aerial perspective of Ontario turning to spring.

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Milos Island, Greece: Abandoned Sulfur Mine Dronie

  • wrenee
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  • 2 years ago

Top contributor wrenee has a well earned reputation as the Queen of the Dronie.  Her AirVuz video portfolio consists of dozens of epic drone selfies shot from exotic places all over the world.  In this video wrenee and her drone, Furbie, collaborated to shoot a spectacular dronie on the Greek island of Milos outside of an abandoned sulphur mine.  Milos is the southernmost of the Cyclades group of islands, a region of Greece in the western Aegean Sea.  

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Another Day in Paradise

Queen of the Drone

Queen of the Drone is known for her fun and entertaining music video-style edits. The Florida native knows how to have a good time! This video isn’t one of those crazy edits, it’s her way of showcasing her hometown of Fort Myers while making a visual memory of a day well spent with family. 

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Bali Trip Adventures


Despite its modest size, Bali is one of the best known islands of Indonesia.  The island, which lies just to the east of much larger Java, is considered one of the world's top beach destinations.  Contributor Tiffany3ui brought some friends and a drone to Bali in 2017 and created this remarkable travel video.  Watch it to get an aerial glimpse of glimpse Bali’s markets, beaches, and resorts, from the unique perspective that only a drone can deliver.

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Panama Remote Islands, Surfers, Whales and Dolphins


While the Central American country of Panama is primarily associated with the great canal and the skyscrapers of its capital city, the country is home to some far less well known spectacular natural scenery.  Contributor imoveisbrasilbahia created this beautiful drone video of some remote areas along the western part of the country's long Pacific coastline, including Morro Negrito, Isla Silva, El Toro and the surf area of Cambutal. 

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The BEAUTIFUL Australian Coast || FPV DRONES

Harley Queen FPV

FPV superstar Harley Queen FPV took her quad out for a coastal coast on the edge of Australia.  Her smooth flying style in combination with the rushing waves and choppy cliffs, at golden hour make for a perfect cinematic flight.  Cut between the first person views are pops of local wildlife and the scenic beach, but each frame is quintessentially Harley Queen FPV!

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The Flight | Aerial Video


This marvelous drone video takes us on quite the adventure starting with some bird's eye view shots that really draw us in. From the beautiful monuments of Dubrovnik, to the amazing landscapes of the Alps, contributor @swisslapse begins a new chapter in his film journey by capturing his favorite locations from above. As the first aerial video this drone pilot ever created, it’s safe to say he’s a true natural with a drone.

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Jungle Life: Drone View of a Jungle Village


Top contributor AerialRhianna created this epic drone video of Bukit Lawang, a village in the heart of the jungle of North Sumatra in Indonesia.  The village sits on the Bahorok River, which flows eastward through the province before discharging into the Malacca Strait.  Bukit Lawang is home to the the largest animal sanctuary of Sumatran orangutan, and also the main eastern access point to the Gunung Leuser National Park.

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OSHO-FPV in temple


FPV pilot ERINNU-FPV flew through the Mount Hōō Ryutoku-hi Temple in Miyagi, Japan with her quad in this "enlightening" drone video!  She brings drone blessings as she flows through the temple and surrounding grounds that are accented with talismans, statues of Buddha, and autumn trees.  As a final send off, a monk sends good vibes as she wraps up her flight.


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Split in June

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Cabin Life in Minnesota