AirVūz News: World of Drones - 04/29/19

Published 04/29/2019 08:54

On this week’s news update “World of Drones,” we begin by letting our viewers escape to Palawan, philippines by watching the aerial compilation that AirVuz created of this island paradise. It was a busy week for drones in the news, so the team at AirVuz News fills you in on what you need to know.


For the first time ever, a kidney was successfully delivered by drone for a transplant surgery. The University of Maryland Medical Center used a custom-built drone to fly and monitor the kidney in the air. UMMC says this success could make organ delivery safer and more affordable.


Wing, an aircraft company that was in the news recently for delivering packages in Australia via drones, is now the first drone operator to receive U.S. Government approval as an “air carrier” by the FAA. This means it may soon be allowed to launch a drone package-delivery service which is expected to begin in Virginia.


Last week Ghana launched what the country’s president calls the “World’s largest drone delivery service”. Up to 600 drone flights daily are expected to deliver medical supplies, vaccines, and life-saving medicines to remote areas around the country. The drone service is run by California-based robotics company, Zipline.


NASCAR stepped up its drone game this past weekend, introducing the Alta 8 at the Talladega speedway. This is the most advanced drone used to date during an on-air broadcast. It features five-axis camera stabilization to deal with high winds and it costs around $18,000.


Purdue University has designed a drone with automatic folding arms that’s capable of making adjustments during flight. The design would make the drone more energy-efficient and allow it to handle a bigger payload. The inspiration behind the design...The wings and flight patterns of insects.


As rumors began to spread last week of a DJI Phantom 5 release, the company itself is still denying a new edition of the iconic phantom drone will be coming. Representatives from DJI had previously announced that the line had come to an end with Phantom 4’s disappearing from retailer shelves due to a quote “shortage of parts from a supplier”. As for the rumors and leaked photos of a DJI Phantom 5, looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.


There was a lot of jumping around on the Top 100 content creators list on Engagement on’s latest upload boosted him above JohnnyFPV to put him in the #1 spot. -- Mike Bishop knocked Grim Berge from the #3 spot and Hike the World entered theTop 10. We’ve linked the full list in the video’s description below.


Tomorrow we will announce the latest Drone Video of the Week winner. If you voted, tune in to see who’s gonna be taking home the $250 cash prize. And upload your drone videos now to be entered into this week’s contest.


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