Norway - The Happiest Country in the World


Norway is said to be "The Happiest Country" in the world. With the breathtaking landscapes you will see in this drone video compilation, it's easy to understand why it gets that claim to fame! Immerse yourself in Vikings history in the capital city of Oslo, or check out famous hiking locations like the Preikestolen “Pulpit Rock”, Trolltunga, or the northern Lofoten Islands. Whether you are seeking an urban vibe, breathtaking landscapes, or an arctic experience, Norway will surely brighten your mood!

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Norway is said to be "The Happiest Country" in the world. With breathtaking landscapes as seen in these drone videos, it's easy to understand why.

In Norway's capital, Oslo, immerse yourself in Viking History at one of the many museums. One houses a ship from the 9th century! You can also take in the culture with vibrant food spots and a famous theatre scene.

The Lofoten Islands are known for great fishing and nature attractions such as the northern lights and the midnight sun. Kayak between the islands, watch for eagles, or play a game of football.

Stavanger is famous for various hiking attractions including Preikestolen, otherwise known as "The Pulpit Rock." It's a popular spot for base jumpers or those who just want an amazing view of the Fjords.

Trom is a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle. Also known as the "Capital of the Arctics," Trom is famous for the best whale watching, the midnight sun and Northern lights.

On the west coast of Norway sits Bergen, a large city that has small town charm. Colorful wooden houses sit on the wharf surrounded by the famous Seven Mountains.

Trolltunga has one of the most scenic cliffs in Norway. The hike will take you about 10 hours, but this awe-inspiring cliff that's 1,100M above sea level is totally worth it.

For daredevils in Scandinavia, Kjerag is a famous mountain with a boulder wedged between a crevasse. Tread lightly adventurers!

Whether you are seeking an urban vibe, breathtaking landscapes or an arctic experience, Norway will surely put a smile on your face!

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Drone pilots's and producers's work featured in this video are:

Grim Berge
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