Collection: Colombia Drone Videos

<div><strong>Discover the natural beauty, adventurous landscapes, and rich cultures of Colombia from an aerial view!</strong></div>
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<div>If you haven't considered traveling to this South American country, these drone videos will surely perk your interest.  Its vibrant cities are each nestled into distinct natural settings and have their own unique vibes. Colombia's capital city, <strong><a href="">Bogotá</a></strong>, is surrounded by the massive peaks of the Andes and is accented with designs of Colonial influence. <strong><a href="">Cartagena</a></strong>, with its infamous Old Town, is anchored right along the Caribbean coast and possesses a romantic warmth in its cobblestone streets. We can't forget <strong><a href="">Medellín's</a></strong> impressive skyline that dips into the valley and is hopping with all kinds of urban adventures.  Beyond these metropolitan areas, there are many impressive sites to see like the Amazon jungle, the <strong><a href="">La Guajira's Desert</a></strong>, and the San Agustín!</div>
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<div>Check out all the aerial footage of Colombia in the collection of videos below!  Also, don't forget to show these contributors some love with some <strong>comments</strong>, <strong>likes</strong>, and <strong>follows!</strong> </div>
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Bogota, Colombia from the air 3:09

Bogota 2017

An aerial trip around the amazing city of Cartagena, Colombia. <br /><br />Poem by Clarisel Mendoza Ladeus (as read by María Camila Driaza). Music by Brad Couture. 4:15

Cartagena de Indias