Romania-Transylvania, Land of the Carpathians


The core of the Romania's Transylvania region is the Transylvanian Plateau, which is more or less surrounded by various groupings or divisions of the Carpathian Mountains.  The mountains produce the other core feature of Transylania, a series of rivers which ultimately drain into the Danube and thence to the Black Sea.  Contributor PaulVlad's aerial video of this land shows its connection to these great mountains and rivers.  

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Description: I wonder why I've never posted a video of HOME! Romania 🇷🇴, the most bio-geographically diverse country in Europe! • Romania conserves some of the few remaining virgin forests of Europe and the third largest biodiversity in the world, the Danube Delta! • Vast forests stretch across Transylvania, The Land of Dracula, high over The Carpathian Mountains till they eventually reach the Black Sea! • Ever wanted to visit Romania?! Now you have some extra reasons!


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