Year of Adventures


Prepare to be amazed by this incredible travel reel by AirVuz creator be_mesmerized, a 2023 DVOY nominee.  Filmed using drones (including first person view [FPV] drones) and ground cameras, the video will take you around the world, with footage from four continents.  Featured locations include the Southwestern USA, the Southeast Asian island nation of East Timor, Finland, the South Pacific atolls of Vanuatu and Samoa, the Caucasus Mountains republic of Georgia, the Portuguese island of Madeira, and the island nation of Papua New Guinea.  

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Embarking on a journey to capture the beauty and diversity of our world has been a lifelong passion of mine. Last year, I was fortunate enough to explore some of the most incredible corners of the planet, from the Arctic Circle to breathtaking natural wonders and even lesser-known Pacific nations. I braved the freezing cold and walked among landscapes that seemed to come straight out of a dream. I stood in awe on top of an active volcano, watching as it erupted and sent lava soaring into the sky. And while the natural beauty was awe-inspiring, it was the people I met along the way that truly left a lasting impact. I visited remote tribes, immersing myself in their culture and learning about their unique way of life. These experiences have opened my eyes to a world that is both beautiful and unpredictable, and I am eager to continue my journey and capture it all on film. Destinations in the video: USA, Timor Leste, Finland, Vanuatu, Samoa, Georgia, Madeira, Papua New Guinea