EC Szombierki - Historic Power Plant

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The complex of today's Szombierki heat and power plant (formerly Bobrek power plant) is currently located within the borders of Bytom, approximately 3 km to the west. from the city center, on the border of three districts: Bobrek, Szombierek and Karbia. The power plant, originally administratively belonging to the Bobrek district (German name Kraftwerk Bobrek, Kraftwerk Oberschlesien), over time was assigned to Szombierki, probably due to the close proximity of the Szombierki mine (Hohenzollern), with which it cooperated closely. The complex of power plant buildings occupies an area with a triangular, rounded shape, the boundaries of which are clearly defined by the course of the railway tracks - from the south. the main railway line from Gliwice and Wrocław, which in this section is laid in a deep trench, from the north − a local railway line branching from the main one, which runs an arc around the power plant area and to the east. from there it reconnects with the main route. From Bytom, there is also a road leading to the power plant, leading to ul. Zabrzańska through the center of Szombierki towards Bobrek. Halfway between the two districts, from the road connecting them, it runs perpendicular to the north. street Kosynierów, which leads straight to the power plant, crossing a railway excavation right next to it.