South Africa - A World in One Country II


Top AirVuz contributor Active Perspective returns after a two year hiatus with this moving video from South Africa.  Created with both drone and ground camera footage, much of the piece is devoted to the country's natural wildlife.  You'll see penguins and seals lined up along the coastal areas around Cape Town, and elephants, giraffes. zebras, rhinos, and even lions in the interior.  The film notes that the rhino pair (which you'll see at the 1:40 mark), were killed by poachers, part of an ongoing tragedy.  

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The second short movie I've made during my film trip in South-Africa January 2023.

The Rhino pair in the video (Bonnie & Clyde) are murdered/poached. Their lives ended for their horns. What is currently happening is poachers will kill the animal for the horn to sell on the black market illegally. This is not necessary, as the horn can be removed without injury to the animal.

Even though the horn has been proven to have zero medicinal benefits, the mentality surrounding that will take generations of education to correct. Much longer than the current lives of existing rhino, and the current rate of poaching. Stop Poaching now! 

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