DVA Finalist: Mallorca
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The Best of Mallorca: Epic Views by DJI Mavic Air

Paride Musci

One of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, Majorica, (sometimes also called Mallorca), is known as a popular vacation destination for European travelers of all stripes. Its stunning cliffs, deep lagoons, historic sites, architecture, and sandy beaches also make it a perfect place to fly a small drone like the DJI Mavic Air.  Exhibit A is this marvelous mini-tour of the island by Paride Musci.  This video was selected as a Finalist for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest in 2018.

Aerial Tour of Ibiza
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Ibiza Tour 2017, 4K


Spain's island of Ibiza entered the lexicon in a big way due to a popular song circa 2016.  It is one of the Balearic islands, a Spanish controlled archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.  While perhaps less well known than Majorca and Menorca, which lie to its east, Ibiza has achieved recognition for a world-class party and dance scene, considered the best in the Mediterranean islands.  It is also a stunningly beautiful place, as you'll see in this 4k drone video by Zolatechnical.  

Ibiza and Fermentor: Southern Balearics
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Ibiza + Formentera | DJI MAVIC PRO


Contributor Wildworld created this amazing drone/ground camera VLOG of the Pityusic Islands Ibiza and Formentera, at the westernmost end of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  Known for their stunning beaches and epic parties, Ibiza and Formentera are just 100 km (about 60 mi) southwest of the larger island of Mallorca. Shot on the DJI Mavic Pro, with ground camera footage mixed in, this video will give you a bird's eye view of these tiny yet beautiful islands. 

Aerial Tour of Menorca
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Menorca Island in Two Minutes


For a great two minute overview tour of the Spanish island of Menorca, it's tough to beat this production from WeiS Productions.  Produced with  combination of ground camera and drone footage, the video hits most of the highlights of this island, the second largest in the Balearic Islands group.  The video features footage of Cala Macareletta, Playa de Cavalleria, Faro de Cavalleria, Binibeca, Cala Galdana, Cala Roja, Cala Carella, Cala en Turqueta, and more.  

Stunning Mallorca
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Stunning Mallorca in 4K


Mallorca is the largest of Spain's Balearic Islands, which also include Ibiza, Formentara, and Menorca.  This vacation dreamland is known  for its crystal clear blue waters, sailing yachts, cliff jumping and five star beach resorts.  Top contributor eye-catchography took a drone to Mallorca for a week and created this marvelous aerial video of the island, one of the most popular Mediterranean destinations.   

Travel Video: Spain's Mallorca Island
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Mallorca, Spain - Travel Film


Mallorca is the largest of the Ballearic Islands, a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea which also includes Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentara.  It features gorgeous seaside villages surrounded by mountains in the west and many beaches and quiet towns on its eastern coast. Top contributor The3venture used a DJI Mavic Pro drone and a ground camera to create a stunning aerial view of amazing Mallorca, which is the top destination island in the entire Mediterranean.

Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana
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Serra de Tramuntana

Better From Above

Behold this stunning drone video of the Spanish island of Mallorca, courtesy of contributor Better from Above.  The Serra de Tramuntana is a mountain chain which runs across the northern part of the island, the largest of the Balearic group which lies due east of Valencia.  The video includes footage of a number of towns in and around the range, including Escorca, Sa Calobra, Torrent de Pareis, Gorg Blau, Cala Figuera, Cala Boquer, Mirador de Sa Creuta, and Pollença.  

Fermentor: Smallest Balearic Island
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Fermentor 2016


Dronegraphic created this marvelous drone video of Cap Fermentor, a peninsula in the northeastern corner of Spain's Mallorca island in the Mediterranean.  The peninsula extends in a northeastern direction from the mainland near the port of Pollenca.  At its tip is a lighthouse, built in 1863, which is one of the most iconic sights in the Mediterranean Sea.  Mallorca is the largest of the four islands which make up the Balearic islands, along with Menorca, Ibiza, and Fermentora.  

DJI Phantom 3 over Mallorca
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Mallorca - Balearic Island | Aerial Drone Footage | @dronujemy.com


Dronujemy used  DJI Phantom 3 drone to give us this spectacular bird's eye view of Mallorca, the largest of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  Mallorca is one of the top tourist destinations in Spain and by some measures it's the top destination in the entire Mediterranean.  Watch this video to get a sense of the sights and sounds of this Mediterranean paradise, whose main airport processed an incredible 28 million passengers in 2017.


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Ibiza Up High

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Hello Mallorca Spain!