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6th Annual NYCDFF Nominee


Budapest: A Taste of Europe

Prepare to be blown away by this astounding film (and winner in the Cityscapes category of the 6th Annual NYCDFF) of Budapest, Hungary, by 2x Drone Video Award winning team  Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera mounted to a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures many highlights of this cultural treasure on the Danube River: its famous bridges, the Baroque masterpiece Buda Castle, the Parliament Building on the riverfront, the Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill, the St. Stephens Basilica, and more. 

Budapest in Spring, from the Sky


Spring Holidays in BUDAPEST (Aerial)


Top contributor vitality.karpovich, whose first three AirVuz were all picked as Drone Video of the Week Finalists, hits another "bullseye" in this fantastic drone video of Budapest, Hungary.  The video opens with some epic footage of St. Stephens Basilica, the Neo-Classical masterpiece completed on the eve of World War I.  Other sights featured include the orange-steepled Matthias Church, the enormous Parliament Building, Buda Castle, Fishermen's Bastion, the Statue of Liberty atop Gellért Hill, and more.  

Budapest by Mavic Pro 2


A Night Above Budapest | Cinematic 4K Travel Film | DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

Alexander ...

Check out this fantastic evening-hour drone tour of Budapest, Hungary, compliments of AirVuz contributor Alexander Schmidt Photography.  The video opens with one of the city's most iconic views: the Freedom Statue atop Gellért Hill, overlooking the Danube River from its western (Buda) side.  From there, you'll go on to see the great Parliament Building on the eastern (Pest) side of the river, Buda Castle, the Danube bridges, Heroes' Square, and more.  The video was shot with a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone.  

Budapest Quarantined



The Hobby ...

The normally bustling city of Budapest, Hungary appears to be almost void of human activity in this video by The Hobby Traveler, shot while the Hungarian capital was in the midst of the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic in the Spring of 2020.  The video uses a combination of drone and ground camera footage to show how social distancing measures imposed to slow the spread of the deadly virus created eerie scenes of car-less Danube River bridges, empty public squares, and public transportation facilities with no passengers. 

Flying over Budapest


Budapest 2019

lee the fl...

Budapest, Hungry is one of the great cultural and historical treasures of Europe.  The Hungarian capital city is the 10th largest city in the European Union by population and is known for the Budapest Opera House, the famous Hungarian food a the Central Market Hall, its famous bathhouses and the Danube River that cuts through the city. Pilot lee the flying scotsman takes us through the city showing us Heroes’ Square, the Buda Castle on the western (Buda) side of the Danube, and the Hungarian Parliament Building. 

Budapest: Day and Night Aerials



  • minglam
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Contributor Minglam created this unforgettable aerial tour of the Hungarian capital city of Budapest on the Danube River, at the edge of the Great Hungarian Plain.  The aerial views of the Parliament Building, the bridges over the river, and other sites in this magnificent Eastern European city are breathtaking.  He combines daytime and nighttime footage in a marvelous edit of this city which sits at the very crossroads of Europe and which was the product of a 19th century "merger" between the cities of Buda and Pest.  

St. Stephens Cathedral and More


Hungary Budapest Aerial Tour

  • Raf_Neo
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Top contributor and pilot Raf Neo used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this stunning tour of the highlights of the Hungarian capital city of Budapest.  The video opens and closes with spectacular shots of the St. Stephens Basilica, Hungary's greatest cultural treasure, which lies on the Pest (eastern) side of the Danube.  It is named after the first Hungarian king who ruled during the 10th and 11th centuries and is credited with converting his people to Christianity.  The great landmark was completed in 1905 on the site of an old theater.  

Budapest's Great Parliament Building


Budapest Parliament Building (short version)

  • minglam
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Contributor Minglam created this magnificent drone video of the Hungarian Parliament Building, one of the most well known landmarks in the capital city of Budapest.  Situated on the eastern side of the great Danube River, the Gothic Revival building was built in connection with the unifaction of Buda and Pest in the late 19th century.  This architectural marvel, which is still the largest building in Hungary, required the labor of about 100,000 by the time it was completed and opened in 1904.

Budapest's Castle District


Buda Castle Quarter

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Bridges are the lifeblood of Budapest, a city created via the merger of Buda and Pest on either side of the Danube River.  In this drone video by contributor Smmaxim, you'll get a bird's eye view of almost all of these bridges, shot from a vantage point flying above Buda Castle.  The oldest and best known is the  Széchenyi Chain Bridge, which was built in 1849, 25 years before the union.  With a total length of 375 meters (over 1.2k ft.), it was considered one of the world's engineering marvels.  

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge


DJI - Szechenyi Chain Bridge - DJI - Széchenyi Kettenbrücke - DJI - Széchenyi Lánchíd - UHD

tom g bp...

Bridges are the lifeblood of Budapest, a city formed in 1873 by the union of the cities of Buda and Pest on either side of the Danube River in western Hungary.  The most famous of these bridges is the first: the Széchenyi Chain Bridge.  Seen in this drone video by tom g bp, the bridge links  Adam Clark Square on the Buda (western) side of the Danube with Szécheny Square on the Pest (eastern) side.  Spanning 374 meters (1.23k ft.), it was considered a great feat of 19th century engineering when it was completed in 1849.

Matthias Church


DJI - Matthias Church and Surroundings UHD - DJI - Matthiaskirche und Umgebung UHD

tom g bp...

Budapest's two most famous churches are located on opposite sides of the Danube River: St. Stephens Basilica on the Pest (eastern) side and the Matthias Church on the western (Buda) side.  In this excellent piece by tom g bp, you'll get a great aerial view of the Matthias Church, formally known as the Church of the Assumption of the Buda Castle.  The Gothic style landmark dates to the 14th century, built on the site of an earlier Romanesque style church.  It's located in Holy Trinity Square, in the heart of the city's Castle District. 

Heroes' Square


Heroes' Square, Budapest, Hungary


Contributor created a beautiful aerial view of Heroes' Square, one of the main landmarks of Budapest, Hungary.  The square was constructed around the turn of the 20th century, shortly after Buda and Pest had united to form the present-day city of Budapest.  The timing also coincided with the 1,000 year anniversary of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin.  Unlike similarly named squares in other European capitals, Heroe's Square does not contain any interred remains.  

Buda Castle at Night


Budapest / Buda Castle night


Contributor and drone pilot created this beautiful aerial video of Buda Castle, one of the landmarks of the Hungarian capital Budapest and widely considered to be one of the finest Baroque palaces in the world.  The original structure was built in the 13th century on the Buda (western) side of the Danube River.  It was essentially rebuilt in the mid-18th century.  The castle was the home of the Kings of Hungary through the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I.  

Budapest's Parliament Building


Budapest 4K


Contributor Gkoutanoudisg created this beautiful video of Budapest, the great Hungarian capital city on the Danube River. It opens with an epic shot of the Parliament Building, the architectural marvel which required 100,000 workers to build and which was completed in 1904.  The video mixes ground and drone camera footage, and goes on to feature shots of the city's numerous churches, Buda Castle (which lies on the western side of the river), and more spots from this very well preserved city.

Fisherman's Bastion




Among the most popular sites of the Hungarian capital city Budapest is Fisherman's Bastion.  This neo-Gothic terrace is situated on Castle Hill, on the Buda (western) side of the Danube River.  Fisherman's Bastion was constructed around the turn of the 20th century.  The seven pillars of the structure represent the semi-mythical seven Magyar tribes that settled on the Hungarian Plain to form the predeccessor to modern Hungary.  See it from above in this beautiful drone video by duminciucbogdan.

Budapest: Movie Filming Location


Budapest by Drone

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The popularity of Budapest as a tourist destination has been helped by numerous movie appearances in recent years. The Hungarian capital has appeared in such films as Spy (2015) and Inferno (2016).  Most famously, the city was featured in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011), the fourth installment of the series.  The film opens with an aerial shot of the great Parliament Building on the Danube River; you'll see this landmark from a similar perspective in this amazing drone video by Minglam.

Liberty Statue, Matthias Church, and More


Budapest - Hungary | Dji Mavic Air drone | Cinematic Footage

The Hobby ...

Check out this beautiful drone video of Budapest, Hungary, the first upload from new contributor the Hobby Traveler. The video opens with some great shots of the Liberty Statue, the great World War II monument on Gellért Hill.  The next featured spot is the Matthias Church on Trinity Square in the Buda Castle District.  The last major stop is the Archangel Gabriel statue, a part of the Milennium Monument on Heroes' Square.  The video also features some nice shots of the city's famous bridges on the Danube River.

Gellért Hill


DJI - Gellért hill - DJI - Gellert Berg - DJI - Gellért hegy - UHD

tom g bp...

The western side of the Budapest, Hungary is dotted with a series of hills, the most prominent of which is Gellért Hill.  It's located south of the Buda Castle District, between the Elizabeth and Liberty Bridges over the Danube.  With a peak elevation of about 235 meters (770 ft.) above the river, it offers some of the best views of the great Hungarian capital city.  The hill is topped by the Liberty Statue, a monument to the Soviet "liberation" of Budapest in the closing months of World War II.    

Top Sights of Budapest


Hungary from the Air: Budapest

Viajes Los...

Check out this fantastic drone video of some of the top sights of Budapest, Hungary, compliments of contributor Viajes Lost Planet.  The video opens with shots of the Matthias Church in the Buda Castle District on the western side of the Danube.  Then you'll cross the river for some equally epic views of the gigantic Hungarian Parliament Building.  From there you'll check out the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, the first of the city's Danube crossings, before finishing at the 17th century Baroque masterpiece known as Buda Castle.  

Budapest Highlights from the Sky


Budapest Hungary


Check out this stunning drone video of the Hungarian capital city of Budapest, compliments of contributor obszibusz.  The video opens with an epic shot of the Liberty Statue on Gellért Hill overlooking the Danube and the Liberty Bridge.  Then the video moves to the magnificent Buda Castle, also on the western side of the river, considered one of the world's finest Baroque castles.  From there it goes on to cover many of the city's other famous landmarks, such as St. Stephens Cathedral, the Parliament, and more.  

Nighttime Budapest Views


Budapest: Drone Night Visuals

Michele Ci...

Check out this fantastic nighttime drone video of the great Hungarian city of Budapest, compliments of AirVuz contributor mikyciancio.  The video opens with an epic shot of the Liberty Bridge, one of the city's famous spans over the Danube River.  Then you'll head over to St. Stephens Basilica, one of the country's most famous churches, followed by the Hotel Gellért and the great Parliament Building.  Other featured locations include Buda Castle, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Heroes' Square, and more.  



Budapest from above in 4k




Flying over Budapest

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