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DVA Winning Video of Moscow

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Moscow Aerial 5K

This 2017 AirVūz Video of the Year by contributor showcases the beauty of Moscow, the great capital city of Russia. Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera on a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures "three Moscows": (1) the original core around the Kremlin complex and the adjacent St. Basil's Cathedral; (2) the Seven Sisters Stalinist-era skyscrapers, led by the Moscow State University building; and (3) the sleek skyscrapers of the new Moscow International Business Center, west of the city center.

Moscow Oblast: Znamenskaya Church

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Znamenskaya Church in Dubrovitsy

Valius Video

Here is a beautiful drone video of a well-known church in central Russia, compiments of Valius Video.  The Znamenskaya Church is located in Dubrovitsy, in the Moscow Oblast (province).  It's near the town of Podolsk, south of the capital city and between the two great Moscow ring roads.  An Eastern Orthodox church which was constructed at the turn of the 18th century, it's located in an area which was well known for its country manors, which were summer homes for the great noble families of Moscow.  

Kursk Oblast: Root Hermitage

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Russia's Kursk Root Hermitage


In this video by contributor and drone pilot Vaterlou, you'll get a bird's eye view of a well known Eastern Orthodox monastery in the heart of Russia.  The Kursk Root Hermitage of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God  is located in the Kursk province, one of the 18 which make up Russia's Central Federal District.  The monastery, which dates to the turn of the 16th century, was built to commemorate the Kursk Root Icon of the Sign, a painting which was found in the forests of Kursk around 1300 AD. 

Kaluga: City of Central Russia

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Sunset on Central Park, Kaluga


Kaluga is a city in Russia's Central Region.  It's the largest city in the Kaluga Oblast, and is located about 150 km (just over 90 mi.) southwest of Moscow.  Kaluga was originally built as a fortress city during the 14th century to protect Moscow.  During World War II, the area around Kaluga saw intense fighting in the course of the German invasion of Russia in 1941.  During that titanic struggle, Kaluga was occupied for several months during Operation Typhoon, Germany's (ultimately failed) attempt to take Moscow.  

Tver Oblast: Kuzhenkino

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Steam Train in Kuzhenkino, Russia's Tver Oblast


Contributor Alexeykalinin created this beautiful drone video of a steam train running through the forests of western Russia.  The video was filmed around Kuzhenkino, a town in the Bologovsky District.  The district is part of the Tver Oblast (province), which lies to the northwest of Moscow.  Tver is one of the 18 provinces which make up Russia's official Central Region.  Apart from the great city of Moscow, much of the region is covered in forests like the landscape you'll see in this video.  

Ryazan Oblast: Listvyanka River

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Winter Road by the Listvyanka River, Ryazan Oblast


Russia's Central Region is known for its flat landscape, which consists largely of forests, lakes, and meadows on the great Eastern European Plain.  In this video by drone pilot Maikl_rus, you'll get a bird's eye of the area around the Listvyanka River.  It's in the Ryazan Oblast (province), one of the 18 which make up Russia's official Central Federal District.  The province lies to the southeast of Moscow, with most of its populated areas lying along one of the highways which radiate out from the Russian capital.  

Moscow Oblast: New Jerusalem Monastery

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Новый Иерусалим: Russia's New Jerusalem Monastery

Valius Video

Contributor Valius Video used a drone to create this bird's eye view of the New Jerusalem Monastery, which is not located anywhere near Israel.  Rather, it is in metropolitan Moscow, the great Russian capital city.  It was built in the 17th century on a site which was (vaguely) reminiscent of the "real" Jerusalem.  The monastery was heavily damaged by invading German troops in late 1941, marking very nearly the furthest advance made by Germany during that campaign before being driven back.

Napoleonic Battle Reconstruction in Afineevo

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Afineevo, Russia: Reconstruction of Battle with Napoleon


Here is something you've probably never seen: a drone video of a reconstruction of a battle during Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of Russia in 1812.  During the momentous struggle, the French leader's Grand Armee plunged into the depths of Russia and captured Moscow, only to find it emptied and devoid of food.  The army was forced to retreat, harried along the way by Russian Cossack and other forces.  The video was shot around Afineevo, a town southwest of the capital near its outer ring road.  

Aerial Views of Yaroslavl Oblast

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Evening Yaroslavl


Check out this beautiful bird's eye view of Yaroslavl, an important historical city in Central Russia.  It's the capital of the province of the same name, northeast of Moscow.  Yaroslavl is part of a group known  Golden Ring, an array of cities north and east of Moscow which played an important role in the development of the state of Rus, the precursor to modern Russia.  Yaroslavl, which sits at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosi Rivers, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Church in Kaluga Province

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Abandoned Church in Kaluga, Russia

Drone nest

Kaluga is one of the 18 oblasts (provinces) which make up the Central Region of Russia.  It lies immediately to the west of Moscow, in the heart of the East European Plain.  It's traditionally been a battleground for conflicts between Russia and its various adversaries to the west, most recently during the German invasion of the USSR in World War II.  In this drone video by contributor Drone Nest, you'll get an aerial view of an abandoned church in this quintissentially Russian province.  

Cemetery of Planes, Moscow Oblast

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Aircraft Cemetery in Moscow region

Drone nest

During most of the Cold War years, the Soviet Union maintained the world's largest air force.  At its peak in about 1980, the USSR had an active strength of 10,000 aircraft, significantly larger than the combined forces of NATO.  With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, many of these aircraft were simply abandoned in parks around the vast country.  In this drone video by Drone Nest, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these aircraft cemeteries in the Moscow Oblast.

Nikolskaya Bell Tower, Tver Oblast

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Nikolskaya bell tower at Kalyazin | Колокольня Никольского собора в Калязине


Check out this drone video of a fascinating spot in western Russia, compliments of contributor Tanya Shkondina.  It's a partially submerged bell tower near the town of Kalyazin in the Tver Oblast (province), part of the Central Russia Federal District.  The tower was built in the late 18th century as part of the Monastery of St. Nicholas.  In the 1930's, the damming of the Volga River near here created the Uglich Reservoir; the monastery itself was relocated but the tower remains, partially submerged.

Kaluga's Nikola-Lenivetz Art Park

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Modern art place in Nikola-Lenivetz


Here's an aerial view of a well known modern "art park" in western Russia.  It's called the Nikola-Lenivetz Art Park.  It's situated in the Kaluga Oblast (province), one of the 18 which make up the Central Russia Federal District.  The pieces here were created by the artist Nikolay Polissky.  The park is the site of the annual Archstoyani Land Art Festival, held in July.  The area is situated just to the northwest of the Kaluga provincial capital and is about a 90 minute drive southwest of Moscow.  

The Zaraysk Kremlin

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Contributor Maikl_rus created this drone video of an important historical site in Central Russia.  It's called the Zaraysk Kremlin, and it's a 16th century citadel (essentially a small fortress-city) near the town of the same name.  It's situated in the Moscow Oblast (province) but is some distance (aroound 160 km or 100 mi.) southeast of Russia's capital city.  The fortress played an important role in defending the heart of Russia from attacks by Crimeans Tartars, which occurred through the late 17th century.

Kostroma: Golden Ring City

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Warm & home Kostroma


Drone pilot and Drone Video of the Week winner TANYA SHKONDINA created this beautiful drone video of a historic town in Central Russia called Kostroma.  The city of about 275,000 is the capital of the oblast (province) of the same name, one of the 18 which make up Russia's Central region.  It's situated at the point where the Kostroma River joins the Volga.  Kostroma is part of the so-called Golden Ring of cities northeast of Moscow which played a critical role in the development of the Russian Orthodox Church.  

The Great Eastern European Plain

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The Beauty of Central Russia

Buots Vladimir

Check out this stunning drone video of the region of Central Russia, compliments of AirVuz content creator and pilot Buots Vladimir.  The Central Federal District is one of the eight official regions of Russia; it consists of 18 oblasts (provinces) that form a rough arrow pointed to the east with the base being a stretch of Russia's western border.  The area forms the heart of the great East European Plain, which covers the former western Soviet republics and extends east to the Ural Mountains.  

Aerial Views of the Tver Oblast

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Lovely Heart of Russia


Top contributor TANYA SHKONDINA created this beautiful drone video from the Tver Oblast (province) in western Russia.  Tver is one of the oblasts which make up the country's Central administrative region, traditionally considered the heart of Russia.  Mostly covered by the great Eastern European Plain, the province is also home to the Valdai Hills, which is the source for three of Russia's mightiest rivers: the Volga, Dneiper, and Daugava.  Tver was known as Kalinnin during Soviet times.

Mist-Covered Plains of Central Russia

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Russian land


One of the things which distinguishes western Russia is its flatness.  Most of this vast territory is covered by the great East European Plain, which extends from Poland to the Ural Mountains.  While the terrain is almost uniformly flat, its character varies considerably - vast forests, open grassland, and innumerable lakes, rivers, and marshes.  In this drone video by smmaxim you will see a section of this great expanse in the Central region; the mist-covered land presents a kind of hypnotic beauty.  

The Moscow (Moskva) River

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Ghost Boat


Check out this beautiful drone video of an abandoned boat on Russia's Moscow River, compliments of contributor sokolkola.  The Moskva, while not especially long, is one of the country's most important rivers.  It connects Moscow to the Oka River, one of the main tributaries of the mighty Volga River.  The Moscow River rises about 110 km (around 70 mi.) west of Moscow and then turns to the southeast after running through the center of the city, which came to eventually dominate the (older) downstream cities.  

Winter in Moscow

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Moscow: The Desperation of Winter

The title of this video, "Desperation of Moscow in Winter" is evocative of the evacuation of Napoleon's starved Grand Armee from the Russian city in the winter of 1812 and the stopping of Adolph Hitler's Wehrmacht just outside the gates of the city in the famously cold winter of 1941. Award winning contributor shot this amazing aerial tour of Moscow in the frigid winter of 2017-18. Shot with a DJI Inspire 2 drone carrying a Zenmuse X7 camera, it is nothing short of an aerial masterpiece.

The Landscapes of Ryazan

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Landscapes of the land of Ryazan


Visitors to, and in historical times invaders of, the heart of Russia have often commented on the plains which seem to extend to infinity.  In this video by Maikl_rus, you'll see what they were talking about.  The video was shot near the village of Troitskoe in the oblast (province) of Ryazan.  Ryazan is one of the seventeen oblasts (plus Moscow) which make up the Russian Central Federal District.  Considered the heart of Russia, much of this vast region lies on the even vaster Great Plain of Eastern Europe.  

Former Mining Area in Tula

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Martian landscapes in the Tula region, Russia.

  • Nata
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  • 9 months ago

New contributor Nata created this beautiful drone video of some unusual Russian scenery around the village of Konduki in the Tula oblast (province), south of Moscow.  Konduki, which lies to the southeast of the provincial capital of Tula, is in a rural part the province which was once a significant coal mining center.  Watch as she uses some excellent drone footage to show how the area has been transformed by a series of lakes created by the cessation of mining operations here a few decades ago.  

Balashikha, Moscow Oblast

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Flying together | June 2019


If you want to see what the countryside in the heart of Russia looks like from above, check out this beautiful drone video by contributor and pilot Alexandra Ro.  The video was filmed in the area of Balashikha in the Moscow Oblast, one of the provinces of the Central Russia federal region.  The town is located a bit east of the Moscow ring road, which circles the Russian capital city.  The Pekhorka River runs through the area; its damming beginning in the 19th century created many of the lakes and ponds you'll see in the video.  

Suzdal and Vladimir: Golden Ring Cities

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Golden Ring of Russia: Vladimir & Suzdal

  • XG121
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  • 7 months ago

The Golden Ring is a circle of cities northeast of Moscow that's become what's known as a theme route - an itinerary based on some intrinsic connection between the stops.  The cities of the Ring were all founded in the 9th-12th centuries (well before Moscow) and played  critical role in the early development of the Russian state and the Russian Orthodox Church.  In this drone video by XG121, you'll get a great air/ground tour of two of these cities: Suzdal and Vladimir, located just a few mi/km apart on a Volga tributary.   

Giant Church on the Ryazan Plain

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Church of the Introduction to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Contributor Maikl_rus created this beautiful drone video of Russian church which had some unfortunate timing: it was built on the eve of the Russian Revolution.  Finished in 1913, the Church of Pet is located in the Ryazan Oblast (province), near the eastern edge of the Great East European Plain.  For reasons that aren't clear, the giant church was built next to a tiny village; based on its size, it would have been much more suitable for the provincial capital city.  Not surprisingly, it was heavily damaged in the ensuing turmoil.  

Frozen Lake in Ryazan Oblast

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A frozen forest lake somewhere among the forests.


Russia's Ryazan Oblast is split by the Oka River (a major Volga tributary) into two halves: grassy steppe to the west and south of the Oka and a land of forests and lakes to its north and east.  In this excellent drone video by romanblats, you'll get a great bird's eye view of the frozen lake Ozero Laskovskoye, which sits near the edge of the forested part of Ryazan.  The lake-cum-skating rink is just a few km/mi to the east of the Oka, and about 20 km (about 12 mi.) northeast of the oblast's namesake capital city.

Red Square at Christmas

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Moscow New Year 2020 Merry Christmas


Check out this jaw-dropping drone video of holiday-festooned Moscow, Russia by new AirVuz contributor pushkinflyteam.  The video opens with an epic shot of the Kremlin and the adjacent St. Basil's Cathedral, the aesthetic heart of Europe's largest city.  The focus of much of the rest of the video is in and around Red Square, the city's largest public gathering place.  Located just north of the Kremlin, the square takes on an almost other-worldly look during the Christmas season, replete with a giant ice-skating rink.  

Russian Forest in Wintertime

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Fairytale Winter Forest of Central Russia


Russia is home to about a quarter of the world's forested land.  While much of Russia's forests lie in its vast Siberian region, large stretches of the country's Central, Northwest, and Urals Federal Districts are also heavily forested.  In this drone video by romanblats, you'll get a great bird's eye view of a wintertime forest scene in the Ryazan Oblast southeast of Moscow.  The spot filmed is near the village of Kriusha, a bit east of the Oka River which marks the dividing line between the provinces forested and grassland halves.

FPV: Russian Air Force Museum

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Russia's Central Air Force Museum by FPV


For those who are interested in Cold War era military aircraft, prepare to be blown away by this first person view (FPV) video from contributor and FPV pilot craig_dt.  He managed to fly a racing quadcopter around the Russian Air Force Museum.  The museum is located in Monino, a suburb of Moscow.  Watch it and you will see some of the most amazing aircraft ever flown by the Red Air Force.  You will see a wide range of Mig and Sukhoi tactical fighters, the TU-44 supersonic transport, and even some experimental aircraft.  

Giant Power Plant in Novomichurinsk, Kazan

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Novo-Ryazan Thermal Power Plant


Here's a nice aerial view of one of Russia's largest power plants, compliments of AirVuz contributor romanblats.  The Novo-Ryazan Thermal Power Plant is located in the town of Novomichurinsk in the Ryazan Oblast, about 285 km (around 170 mi.) southeast of Moscow.  It's powered by a type of low-grade coal called lignite.  With a rated capacity of about 3.1 gigawatts, the plant is the country's fifth-largest electricity generating station.  Commissioned in 1971, its 320 meter (1.05k ft.) chimney is one of the world's tallest.