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DVA Winning Video of Moscow
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Moscow Aerial 5K

This 2017 AirVūz Video of the Year by contributor showcases the gilded charm of Moscow, the great capital city of Russia. Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera on a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures the 'onion domes' of the Orthodox churches, the magnificent statues and monuments which dot the city, the iconic University of Moscow tower, and marvelous aerial shots of the Moskva River. It is one of the most viewed and commented-upon videos on AirVuz.

Kursk Oblast: Root Hermitage
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Russia's Kursk Root Hermitage


In this video, you'll get a bird's eye view of a well known Eastern Orthodox monastery in the heart of Russia.  The Kursk Root Hermitage of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God  is located in the Kursk province, one of the 18 which make up Russia's Central Federal District.  The monastery, which dates to the turn of the 16th century, was built to commemorate the Kursk Root Icon of the Sign, a painting which was found in the forests of Kursk around 1300 AD. 

Kaluga: City of Central Russia
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Sunset on Central Park, Kaluga


Kaluga is a city in Russia's Central Region.  It's the largest city in the Kaluga Oblast, and is located about 150 km (just over 90 mi.) southwest of Moscow.  Kaluga was originally built as a fortress city during the 14th century to protect Moscow.  During World War II, the area around Kaluga saw intense fighting in the course of the German invasion of Russia in 1941.  During that titanic struggle, Kaluga was occupied for several months during Operation Typhoon, Germany's (ultimately failed) attempt to take Moscow.  

Tver Oblast: Kuzhenkino
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Steam Train in Kuzhenkino, Russia's Tver Oblast


Contributor Alexeykalinin created this beautiful drone video of a steam train running through the forests of western Russia.  The video was filmed around Kuzhenkino, a town in the Bologovsky District.  The district is part of the Tver Oblast (province), which lies to the northwest of Moscow.  Tver is one of the 18 provinces which make up Russia's official Central Region.  Apart from the great city of Moscow, much of the region is covered in forests like the landscape you'll see in this video.  

Ryazan Oblast: Listvyanka River
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Winter Road by the Listvyanka River, Ryazan Oblast


Russia's Central Region is known for its flat landscape, whcih consists largely of forests, lakes, and meadows.  In this video by Maikl_rus, you'll get a bird's eye of the area around the Listvyanka River.  It's in the Ryazan Oblast (province), one of the 18 which make up Russia's official Central Federal District.  The province lies to the southeast of Moscow, with most of its populated areas lying along one of the highways which radiate out from the Russian capital.  

Moscow Oblast: Znamenskaya Church
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Znamenskaya Church in Dubrovitsy

Valius Video

Here is a beautiful drone video of a church in central Russia, compiments of Valius Video.  The Znamenskaya Church is located in Dubrovitsy, in the Moscow Oblast (province).  It's near the town of Podolsk, south of the capital city and between the two great Moscow ring roads.  An Eastern Orthodox church which was constructed at the turn of the 18th century, it's located in an area which was well known for its country manors, which were summer homes for the great noble families of Moscow.  

Russia's Largest Catholic Church
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The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Virgin Mary

Valius Video

Contributor Valius Video created this beautiful drone video of the largest Catholic Church in Russia.  The church in this heavily Eastern Orthodox country was conceived and built during the last days of the Tsarist Empire.  It was closed in 1938 during the height of Stalin's persecution of all forms of organized religion, and re-opened as a church a few years after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.  It's one of three Roman Catholic churches in the Moscow area.  

Napoleonic Battle Reconstruction in Afineevo
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Afineevo, Russia: Reconstruction of Battle with Napoleon


Here is something you've probably never seen: a drone video of a reconstruction of a battle during Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion of Russia in 1812.  During the momentous struggle, the French leader's Grand Armee plunged into the depths of Russia and captured Moscow, only to find it emptied and devoid of food.  The army was forced to retreat, harried along the way by Russian Cossack and other forces.  The video was shot around Afineevo, a town southwest of the capital near its outer ring road.  

Moscow Oblast: New Jerusalem Monastery
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Новый Иерусалим: Russia's New Jerusalem Monastery

Valius Video

Contributor Valius Video used a drone to create this bird's eye view of the New Jerusalem Monastery, which is not located anywhere near Israel.  Rather, it is in metropolitan Moscow, the great Russian capital city.  It was built in the 17th century on a site which was (vaguely) reminiscent of the "real" Jerusalem.  The monastery was heavily damaged by invading German troops in late 1941, marking very nearly the furthest advance made by Germany during that campaign before being driven back.

Aerial Views of Yaroslavl Oblast
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Evening Yaroslavl


Check out this beautiful bird's eye view of Yaroslavl, an important historical city in Central Russia.  It's the capital of the province of the same name, northeast of Moscow.  Yaroslavl is part of a group known  Golden Ring, an array of cities north and east of Moscow which played an important role in the development of the state of Rus, the precursor to modern Russia.  Yaroslavl, which sits at the confluence of the Volga and Kotorosi Rivers, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Church in Kaluga Province
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Abandoned Church in Kaluga, Russia

Drone nest

Kaluga is one of the 18 oblasts (provinces) which make up the Central Region of Russia.  It lies immediately to the west of Moscow, in the heart of the East European Plain.  It's traditionally been a battleground for conflicts between Russia and its various adversaries to the west, most recently during the German invasion of the USSR in World War II.  In this drone video by contributor Drone Nest, you'll get an aerial view of an abandoned church in this quintissentially Russian province.  

Cemetery of Planes, Moscow Oblast
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Aircraft Cemetery in Moscow region

Drone nest

During most of the Cold War years, the Soviet Union maintained the world's largest air force.  At its peak in about 1980, the USSR had an active strength of 10,000 aircraft, significantly larger than the combined forces of NATO.  With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, many of these aircraft were simply abandoned in parks around the vast country.  In this drone video by Drone Nest, you'll get a bird's eye view of one of these aircraft cemeteries in the Moscow Oblast.


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Bike ride

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Russia. Winter morning.

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Snow angels in Moscow

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Ruins of "Grebnevo" manor