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Chris Borg

The Baltic Sea republic of Latvia has a proud tradition dating to medieval times, with close historical ties to Germany.  An independent country since 1991, its capital city Riga is a well preserved port on the Baltic Sea, the heart of which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Drone pilot Chris Berg used his DJI Mavic Pro to create this stunning aerial tour of the country, most of which is shot in and around Riga.


Moscow Aerial 5K

This 2017 AirVūz Video of the Year by contributor showcases the gilded charm of Moscow, the great capital city of Russia. Shot with a Zenmuse X7 camera on a DJI Inspire 2 drone, the video captures the 'onion domes' of the Orthodox churches, the magnificent statues and monuments which dot the city, the iconic University of Moscow tower, and marvelous aerial shots of the Moskva River. It is one of the most viewed and commented-upon videos on AirVuz.


Vilnius, Lithuania's capital


Vilnius is the capital of the Baltic republic of Lithuania as well as its largest city.  It sits in the center of the country, some distance from the Baltic Sea coastline.  While the city has modern sections, its heart is a marvelously well preserved old city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Pilot DroneZurich used a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone to create this amazing aerial tour of this amazing and ancient city.  




Upon gaining its independence (again) following in the early 1990's, Ukraine became one of the largest countries in Europe, comparable to France in both population and geographic extent.  Contributor Vasylkevych flew a drone over the length and width of this amazing country to create a remarkable aerial portrait of the Ukraine, which was produced in connection with an article in a major travel magazine and website.


Winter Saint Petersburg Russia 6K. Shot on Zenmuse X7

St. Petersburg, once known as Leningrad and briefly as Petrograd, is the Russian city built on a natural port of the Baltic Sea by Peter the Great in the early 18th century. It was designed to be a "window on Europe" and a means for Russia to join the ranks of the great European powers. Top contributor, used the DJI Inspire 2 drone and Zenmuse X7 camera to create this magnificent tour of this amazing city, that was once the capital of Russia for two centuries.


Ladoga Lake Republic of Karelia


Contributor shulmanaerial created this amazing drone video of Lake Ladoga in northwestern Russia. The footage in this video is shot from the northern part of the lake in the Republic of Karelia which is part of the Russian Federation.  In frozen form, the lake was the site of the famous "Road of Life" which was used to supply nearby Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) which was subject to a brutal hunger seige by Nazi Germany during World War II.


Andrew Rayel - The Heart of Moldova


Prepare to be amazed by this music video from Moldova, an Eastern European country which was once part of the principality of Moldavia.  It features one of the country's top DJ's playing piano on the Moldavian Plateau, which lies to the east of the Carpathian Mountains.  Moldova was part of territory seized by the Soviet Union from Romania prior to World War II which then devolved into its own country when the Soviet Union subsequently split apart.



Antonio Esteban Gonsalez

While Ukraine has many cultural and historical ties to Russia, both the landscape of the country and its people are quite distinct.  It is a country of large cities like Kiev, spectacular peaks of the Carpathian Mountain range in the southwestern part of the countries, and gorgeous Black Sea coastlines in its far south.  Contributor Anthony Esteban Gonsales does an outstanding job of using a drone to create a deeply moving aerial portrait of this amazing country.


Epic Riga & surroundings (Latvia)


In this video, contributor Drone Zurich uses a DJI Phantom 3 drone to film the Latvian capital city of Riga and its surroundings on the Baltic Sea.  The video features bird's eye views of the victory memorial from World War II, the Kristus Piedzimšanas Pareizticīgo Katedrāle Orthodox church, the old town of Riga, and the TV Tornis Television Tower, one of the tallest structures in Europe.  Riga's Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


Berdyansk Ukraine. Drone Footage Spit. DJI Phantom 3 Pro


Berdyansk is a Ukrainian port city on an extension of the Black Sea called the Sea of Azov.  While not as large as the port of Odessa further to the west, Berdyansk is nevertheless an important shipping center in the southern Ukraine, which otherwise lacks access to the sea.  In this video, contributor Daniilsamoilenko uses a DJI Phantom 3 drone to do an epic selfie pull out shot revealing the red sand beach and the blue sea water behind it.  


Vilnius Stories

Vilnius, Lituania is one of the great cultural treasures of Europe.  The city has flourished since Lithuania once again became an independent country in the 1990's.  In this video, contributor used a combination of drone and ground camera footage to create an indelible impression of this great city and its people.  Watch it and you will get a marvelous overview of this city, which sits at an important geographical crossroads in the Baltic region. 


The Drone Dish: TimeLab.Pro

The Drone Dish

Fresh from winning Drone Video of the Year in this year’s AirVuz Drone Video Awards for his epic video of his hometown Moscow, top contributor and drone pilot TimeLab.Pro chats with Tyler in this edition of the Drone Dish. With its vivid visuals, cinematic music arrangement, and breathtaking landmarks, it’s easy to see how “Moscow Aerial 5K” became an award-winner, and as TimeLab explains their methodology, it’s clear that none of those video qualities came by luck.



Winter Patterns

Jurgis Kreilis / FilmDay

Abava Valley

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Antonio Esteban Gonsalez

The Lonely Shepherd


Winter wonderland