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Just Drift All Star Bash 2017 | Endless Aerial

Endless Ae...

Since 2007, JustDrift, LLC. has hosted the 'All Star Bash' drift car event for a growing crowd of spectators and drivers alike, and in 2017 content creator Endless Aerial caught the madness from above with his drone.  The aerial footage, taken in the desert setting of Willow Spring International Raceway, is action-packed and reflects the exhilarating, yet satisyfing challenge of shooting video of these tire shredding, throttle modulating, and smoke-filled moments.

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Drone Drifting - East Coast Bash 2018

  • memmi
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  • almost 2 years ago

In this amazing video, contributor Memmi filmed a car drifting event at the Englishtown Raceway in Middlesex County, New Jersey.  Shot with a DJI Inspire 2 drone using a Zenmuse X7 camera, this was a finalist for the Drone Video of the Week Contest and was also a winner of the Drone Video of the Month Awards in July, 2018. In early 2019, it was picked as a Finalist in the Extreme Sports category for the second annual AirVuz Drone Video Awards.

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Gridlife Midwest 2018 Drone Style

Drone Dood...

Gridlife Midwest is an amazing festival that offers its crowds the best of a few worlds, namely car shows, racing, drifting, and Time attack, as well as concerts of EDM, alternative, and hiphop music once the car events are over.  Enthusiasts make their way every year since 2013, and in 2018, contributor Aerial Vision Chicago captured some hot aerial footage for this exciting reel. 

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DRIFT. GoPro HERO7 x Johnny FPV


JohnnyFPV does it again! With promises of a good ol' fashioned face-melting, he kicks things off with some slow-mo action of his nimble quad flying through that thick tire smoke on the track below.  Keeping his racing drone in close proximity to the speeding drift cars, he shows absolutely no fear and has his expert-level flight skills on full display. Get right into the action in this wicked drone chase with the very talented and world renowned drone pilot JohnnyFPV.

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Night Drift - Drone Footage - Lóerők Éjszakája 2017


The low light of night didn't stop FPV pilot roland.balasko from chasing these drift cars down the track! This wild ride took place in Budapest, Hungary at Fritzen Fest 2017, and the drone footage gives a sweet view of the epic slides, billowing tires, and general madness as these drivers chase around the track. His quad skills are put to the test as he gets caught in their headlights, but not to worry...these guys are all pros. 

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Drifting car burning tires on the parking lot shot from a racing drone


Buckle up because we have FPV extraordinaire Airburner tearing it up in the lot with his drift buddies in this awesome FPV chase. These guys really make their mark as they burn some serious rubber. Airburner charges through, above, and around the extreme auto action with his quadcopter.  The tire smoke these guys kick up is so thick you can almost smell it through the screen. Check it out!

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All Star Drift Bash 2018 | Endless Aerial

Endless Ae...

When it comes to drone footage of drift car races,  stay tuned to Endless Aerial's profile on AirVūz, because that just happens to be their finely-honed specialty.  They covered JustDrift's All Star Drift Bash 2018 and got all the adrenaline-bursting, rubber-burning, and dust-eating shots of the big event, and clearly the footage doesn't disappoint.  See all the action from an aerial view in this crazy fun edit...we could watch it for days.

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Drone Drifting at East Coast Bash 2018

  • memmi
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  • almost 2 years ago

It would be a mistake to call this scene mayheim, as it's actually the ultimate in purposeful manuevers that just happen to push a car to it's limits.  Nonetheless, the sheer sight of these vehicles smoking and sliding gets even the calmest of heart rates racing.  While these brave drivers drifted their way around the track for 2018 East Coast Bash at the Englishtown Raceway, we get to watch from the best seat in the house - above - courtesy of drone pilot Memmi.

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FPV Drone vs. Drifter. Gopro Hypersmooth

  • Gab707
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  • over 1 year ago

...and why wouldn't professional FPV drone racer Gab707 mix things up with a little car drifting? The ultimate adrenaline-spiking way to race around a track can - and should - be paired up with a fast and nimble racing drone to capture the tire-squeeling, apex-hitting, full throttle views in epic form, and as you'll see in this vid, that's just what Gab707 did.  We're all feeling a bit more charged up and ready to face the wild world, now. Thanks, man...


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American Muscle

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Drifting on Ice?

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Always In Action!

George FPV...
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Formula Drift Orlando

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Mountain drift

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Harley Que...
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Remembrance 2018

Drone Race...
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Up Close Karting

  • JAB1a
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  • over 1 year ago
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Live My Dreams Ep 1 First Attempt

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DRIFT v2 - Johnny FPV