See Top Bird's Eye Views of the Midlands

West Midlands: Warwick Castle
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Warwick Castle


Contributor Tomtank used a DJI Mavic Drone to create this spectacular bird's eye view of Warwick Castle in the heart of England.  It's in Warwickshire, the West Midlands county which was the birthplace of William Shakespeare.  The original castle was built by the Norman conquerors, with the present castle being built on the same site in the 13th century.  It's located on a bend of the Avon River, and its strategic location made it an important strategic location during the Hundred Years War.  

Peak District in Derbyshire
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England's Peak District: Phantom 4 Pro


Contributor ixnevin used a DJI Phantom 4 to create this marvelous aerial view of England's Peak District, an which mostly sits in County Derbyshire in the East Midlands region.  Most of the area is part of the Peak District National Park, the UK's first.  The Peak District has inspired numerous authors and thereby earned a permanent place in British fiction: for example, some of the most important scenes of Jane Austen's 1813 classic Pride and Prejudice were set here.

Herefordshire; Symands Yat Rock
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Dawn at the Rock


Momofoto used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this outstanding aerial video of the Symands Yat Rock overlooking the Wye River Gorge in Herefordshire County in the West Midlands region of England.   The area is known for its spectacular scenery including a significant raptor population.  The area is home to human artifacts that date to 12,000 years ago, and is just a short distance northwest of the rolling hills of the Cotswalds, one of the most popular spots in central England.

Birmingham: The UK's Second City
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Birmingham by Drone

Marco Don

Contributor and Marco Don created this brief but well done aerial video of Birmingham, England.  The city is in the West Midlands region of central Great Britain.  Birmingham is the center of the second largest metropolitan area in the United Kingdom after London, and one of its main manufacturing centers.  The city played a critical role in England's Industrial Revolution, which is most promimently associated with the textile industry further north but which in many ways started in Birmingham.  

Cambridge University
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Cambridge, England - DJI Phantom 4


Jasemansky created this spectacular short aerial video of the great university city Cambridge in the East Anglia region of central England.  It is famous as the site of Cambridge University, founded in the early 13th century, which is one of the top half dozen universities in the world.  The university has produced the most sophisticated high tech cluster in Europe, the so-called Silicon Fen cluster of software, electronics, and biotech businesses which sprung up in the surrounding area.

England's North Norfolk Coast
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North Norfolk Aerial Adventure, Episode 7

Joshua Paul Gardner

North Norfolk is an east-west stretch of coastline of Norfolk County in East Anglia, England.  It is known for fantastic wildlife, glorious beaches, seaside communities and a hinterland of rolling countryside and picturesque market towns and villages.  Contributor and drone pilot Joshua Paul Gardner, a native of East Anglia, used his DJI Phantom drone to create this spectacular aerial tour of some of the most scenic spots on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the UK.

Countryside of England's Peak District
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The Countryside of England's Peak District: DJI Phantom 4


Contributor Jasemansky used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this amazing aerial view of some of the most iconic bits of the English countryside.  It was filmed in the Peak District, an area of rolling hills mostly in the Derbyshire County of the East Midlands region.  It is one of the longest-settled areas in England, and (like most of the Midlands) played an important role in the Industrial Revolution, in particular as the site of the Arkwright cotton mills.

East Anglia; Wells-Next-to-the-Sea
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Little Escape, Episode 7: Wells-Next-to-the-Sea

Joshua Paul Gardner

A beautiful port on England's Norfolk Coast is the subject of this beautiful drone video by Joshua Paul Gardner.  Wells-next-the-sea is now not quite appropriately named, as extensive silting which has occurred in the harbor means that the town is now a mile from the North Sea.  It is situated on the northern part of the great Norfolk coastline in the East Anglia region.  This is the seventh of a multi-part series by this contributor on England's Norfolk County.

FPV in the Peak District
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FPV - On the Rock's


In this video, contributor and first person view (FPV) pilot Droneruk gives us an entirely new perspective on some of the UK's most famous rock formations.  England's Peak District, which lies primarily in Derbyshire of the East Midlands region, is the home of some of the most famous rocks in Great Britain.  The unique geological processes here led to some amazing limestone and gritstone outcrops and other formations, which are captured here via some very skillful long-range FPV piloting.    

Normanton: England's Submerged Church
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Normanton Church Rutland Water


This is an aerial view of the Normanton Church in the UK's East Midlands region.  Normanton was flooded in the 70's to create the Rutland Water reservoir, part of a hydroengineering scheme that provides water as well as hydroelectric power water to the region.  Originally planned to be demolished to make way for the lake, but public protest eventually resulted in sufficient renovation to raise the structure and allow it to survive as an "island" on what is now one of the UK's largest artificial lakes.

British Camp: Iron Age Fortress
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British Camp


Colin484 brings us this drone video of some famous ruins in the heart of England.  British Camp is an iron age fortress which is located atop one of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, in the West Midlands region.  It is thought to date to the 2nd century BC, well before the arrival of the Romans.  At times, castles have been built upon the site, testament to its strategic importance and defensability.  The site is a Scheduled National Monument and protected under UK preservation laws.

West Midlands: Moreton Castle
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DJI Mavic Pro over Moreton Castle

AS Aerial Cinematics

Moreton Castle is a ruined castle in the UK's West Midlands region.  It's near the small town of Moreton Corbet, which is in the county of Shropshire.  The castle was used to project Norman power, and was an important in the various dynastic struggles which took place during the formation of early modern England.  AS Aerial Cinema used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this magnificent aerial view of the castle ruins, which are protected as a heritage site under UK law.

West Midlands: Cobb's Engine House
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Cinematic Flyby of Windmill End Pumping Station

AS Aerial Cinematics

AS Aerial Cinematics created this beautiful drone video of an important industrial landmark in England's West Midlands Region.  Cobb's Engine House, also known as the Windmill End Pumping Station, is located near the town of Rowley Regis.  It was built around a giant steam engine which pumped water from nearby mines, which supplied coal that fueled Britain's Industrial Revolution.  The station was closed in the 1920's, and its steam engine moved to an industrial museum in the USA.

The Poppy Line Road of North Norfolk
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North Norfolk Aerial Adventure, Episode 8: Poppy Line

Joshua Paul Gardner

Contributor Joshua Paul Gardner created this epic drone video of the Poppy Line railroad, a historical steam railway line in Norfolk, England.  The 8 km (5 mi) track, runs through a beautiful stretch of this area of central England's East Anglia region, a two hour drive from London.  He does an excellent job of aerially filming the locomotive and six cars along the length of the track, once part of a larger railroad system that served the region.

Staffordshire: Stafford Castle
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Stafford Castle: DJI Mavic Pro

AS Aerial Cinematics

Stafford Castle was first constructed as a wooden Norman fortress in 1100.  In the 14th century, it was rebuilt in stone and a keep was added, an early example of how fortresses became residential castles.  The castle is located in Staffordshire, in England's West Midlands.  Stafford fell into a nearly destroyed state before being extensively renovated beginning in the 1970's.   This drone video from AS Aerial Cinematics gives us an aerial perspective into the keep’s walls and into the region’s rich history. 

Norfolk Coast: Happisburgh Lighthouse
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Happisburgh Lighthouse // Little Escape // Episode 14 // Norfolk // Drone 4K

Joshua Paul Gardner

England's Norfolk coastline bulges into the North Sea, creating significant navigational challenges for ships in these perenially busy waters.  Since 1790, the Happisburgh Light House, which sits near the northeastern apex of the coast, has been critical to protecting ships in the area.  With a focal height of 41 meters (about 135 ft.), it's the oldest working lighthouse in the East Anglia.  In this drone video from Joshua Paul Gardner, you can see this famous landmark from a bird's eye perspective.  

Castle Acre: Heart of Norfolk
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North Norfolk Adventure, Episode 6: Castle Acre

Joshua Paul Gardner

Joshua Paul Gardner created this amazing drone video of one of the most important cultural sites in Norfolk County in England's East Anglia district.  Castle Acre is a town in the interior of the county, away from the North Norfolk coast.  The two sites of interest are the castle and the priory, both of which were established by the Normans following their conquest of England in the 11th century and which are important examples of Norman architecture.    

Whitley Court: Mansion of Worcestershire
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Whitley Court, Worcestershire: DJI Phantom 4 Footage


Contributor Droneworldflights used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this beautiful video of a ruined mansion in Worcestershire, England.  Witley Court was originally built in the 17th century, and converted in the 19th century into a mansion of the Italianate style.  It's in the town of Great Whitley, a small West Midlands town.  The building was damaged by a major fire in the 1930's, and it fell into ruined status when the ownership was broken up via inheritance.  

Industrial Relic in Nottinghamshire
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Old Disused Pit, Pleasley, Nottinghamshire

jez gascoyne

England's Midlands region played a key role in the Industrial Revolution which began in the late 18th century.  While the revolution is closely associated with the textile mills and mines of Northern England, the fact is that much of the equipment and industrial process knowledge evolved in places like Birmingham and Derby in the Midlands.  In this video, you'll get an aerial glimpse of England's industrial past in the form of an old factory in Nottinghamshire, courtesy of contributor jez gascoyne.

Stoke-on-Trent: Midlands Industrial City
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Around Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire


Stoke on Trent is an important industrial city in Staffordshire, part of England's West Midlands region.  It is indelibly associated with the pottery industry, and was once the indusputed world leader in pottery manufacturing.  The area is also known for steelmaking and coal mining, which once employed tens of thousands.  Today, the city retains its industrial heritage and is a center for complex manufacturing such as jet engines.  See the city from above in this drone video by bsteve.

Dronelapses of Suffolk and East Essex
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Compilation 2017 Suffolk and Essex UK - DJI Phantom 4 PRO + Sony AX53

Sudbury Drone

Here's an aerial dronelapse tour of two counties in the UK's East England region, which is (for these purposes) considered part of the greater Midlands region.  Suffolk and East Essex sit to the northeast of London, south of Norfolk, in a large piece of land north of the Thames River which protrudes into the North Sea.  Suffolk is the northern of the two counties.  Together with Norfolk, they made up the historical Kingdom of East Anglia, which merged with Wessex to form the Kingdom of England.   

Ancient Roman Theater in Hertfordshire
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The Roman Theatre of Verulamium - DJI Phantom 4


Contributor and drone pilot Jasemansky created this aerial of one of the most well known Roman ruin sites in England. It's a theater which was excavated from the site of the city of Verulamium, near the present day town of St. Albans.  It's situated in what is now Hertfordshire, a short distance north of London.  The theater dates to the second century AD, and fell into disuse and a ruined state as Roman power collapsed a couple of centuries later.  The site was discovered and excavated in the 19th century.

Cambridgeshire: Peterborough Cathedral
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Mavic Air Peterborough Cathedral

Mikołaj Dolata

Contributor Mikołaj Dolata used a DJI Mavic Air drone to create this aerial video of Peterborough Cathedral, one of the more well known churches in the greater English Midlands.  It's in the county of Cambridgeshire, part of the East Anglia region. The original structure dates to the pre-Norman period, but it was substantially rebuilt to its current state in the 12th century.  The seat of the Anglican Bishop of Peterborough, it's considered one of the best-preserved buildings of its period in the UK.  

Thorpe Abbots: Battle of Britain Landmark
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Thorpe Abbotts USAAF Station 139


Contributor Sedmunds created this drone video of an air force station in East Anglia, England which was used during the strategic bombing campaign against Nazi Germany in World War II.  Thorpe Abbots, near Norfolk, was completed in early 1943 for use by the Royal Air Force.  However, it was soon handed over to the US 8th Air Force, and was an important base for B-17 Flying Fortress medium bombers flying precision daylight missions over Germany through the duration of the conflict.