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MDM Drone Studio

In a country like the Czech Republic that is known for castles, Bezdek Castle is a standount.  This Bohemian castle in the northern Czech Republic dominates the surrounding landscape.  In this drone video, contributor MDM Drone Studio takes us for an aerial tour of this epic landmark. 


Castle Cochem


Coachem Castle, built in the 12th century, lies on the Moselle River in the Rhineland area in western Germany.  It is cradled on a hilltop that offers panoramic views of the Chochem village and the surrounding landscape.  Contributor Stefan Beumer flew his drone over the castle and the surrounding area, creating this spectacular aerial view of the heart of Germany.   


Neuschwanstein Fairytale Castle in Bavaria Germany

P a u l  B e r g e r

Enjoy 4K aerial footage of one of the most visually appealing castles in Europe and around the world. Germany is home to the Neuschwanstein Fairytale Castle that was the inspiration for Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland!


Spis Castle (Slovakia)

Ivan Dovala

Ivan Dovala was able to capture breath taking aerial footage one foggy morning in Slovakia of one of largest castles in central Europe. The Spis Castle was built in the 12th century and remains standing today. Nothing compares to exploring this historic landmark than by drone!



CH drone

CH drone made use of his drone to navigate around a unique Swiss castle overlooking a small, quaint village. This 4K footage allows you to see the detailed architecture and imagine what is was like to explore it years ago.


Fairytale Castle


Contributor and drone pilot Ludoweet created this amazing drone video of Kokořín Castle in the Czech Republic.  Located about 10 km (6 mi) northeast of Mělník, it was built in the first half of the 14th century. 


Ishak Pasha Palace


Ishak Palace is a 17th century castle in the Agri province of eastern Turkey.  The castle towers over the plains below it, with mountain peaks visible in the distance.  Contributor Flyone flew his drone around this magnificent structure, creating a highly compelling aerial view of an area which is so distinct from other more well known parts of Turkey.  


A Castle Among Clouds and Mist

Zilkale Castle lies in Turkey's Rize province in the far eastern part of Turkey, in the Caucasus region near the southeast corner of the Black Sea.  Contributor Skaty was able to fly his drone over this magnificent 15th century structure on a day when it was enshrouded in mist. The results are simply spectacular.  


Heidelberg, Germany


Heidelberg is a medieval town in  the Baden -Wurttemberg region of southwestern Germany.  It is home to Heidelberg Castle, one of the most famous in all of Europe.  Contributor Frankiez flew his DJI Mavic Pro Drone over the castle and the area surrounding it, giving us an aerial view of one of the most spectacular sights in Germany. 

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