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Germany's Fairy Tale Castle
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Neuschwanstein - A Castle from another time

Henry Andris

Henry Andris's aerial video of Bavaria's famous Neuschwanstein aka "Cinderella Castle" is one of the most cinematic we've seen. Opening with the lush forest and pristine lakes that surround the mountain castle he sets the scene, showing imagery that looks like it climbed out of the pages of a Brother's Grimm novel.  Built in the late 1800's by Bavarian King Ludwig II as a secondary residence, the Romanesque Revival castle is one of the most popular sights in all of Europe. 

Portugal's Pena Palace
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Palace of Pena - the most beautiful castle in Portugal


Contributor guydrory created this magnificent aerial view of Pena Palace, one of the great cultural treasures of Portugal and widely considered one of the world's top 4-5 castles.  It's located in the hills of the Sintra province, northeast of Lisbon.  Completed on the site of a ruined medieval monastery in 1854, it was built as a summer residence for the Portuguese Royal Family.  Its design represents one of the more prominent architectural expressions of 19th century Romanticist thought.  

Chambord: French Chateau
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freeway prod

Chateau Chambord, which sits in the Loire River Valley of France, is frequently considered to be the greatest castle in the country. It was constructed in the 16th century as a hunting lodge for the French King Francis I, although it was never completed. Top contributor Freeway Prod shot drone footage of Chambord for a national French TV show. Prepare to be amazed by the bird's eye views of this French Renaissance architectural marvel, one of the Loire Valley's top tourist destinations.

Slovakia's Spis Castle
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Spiš Castle, Slovakia

Ivan Dovala

Spis Castle in the eastern portion of Slovakia is one of the largest and best known castle ruins in all of Europe. Built in the 13th century and then destroyed by a fire in the late 18th century, the castle is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage cultural site.  It's been used as the shooting location for numerou movies, including Dragonheart and the Last Legion.  Contributor Ivan Dovala flew a drone over Spis on a foggy morning and created this sensational bird's eye view.

Corfe Castle: Norman Masterpiece
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Corfe Castle


Corfe Castle is an 11th century fortification in Dorset on the English South Coast.  Built by William the Conqueror, it was one of the first castles to be built partly with stone.  It has played an important role through many episodes of British history, including the English Civil War, and it is one of the most recognized historical sites in the southern UK.  In this amazing video, contributor Benpwalis flies a drone over this amazing Norman castle, an English cultural treasure.

Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic
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Karlstejn Castle, Czech republic


In a country known for its castles,. the Czech Republic's Karlstejn is a standout.  This 14th century Gothic castle was selected as the #1 castle in the country in a survey by Touropia.  Karlstejn was completed in 1348 for the use of Charles IV, who was King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Elect.  At the time, Bohemia was one of the most important regions of the Holy Empire.  Contributor Mertlas was able to fly over the castle on a brilliant autumn day to create this spectacular aerial tour. 

Malbork: World's Largest Castle
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Malbork Castle Poland, Mavic pro 4k

Mark's Mavic 2

Mark's Mavic 2 used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to shoot this video of Malbork Castle in Poland.  It's located in the northern part of the country, not far from the coastline on the Baltic Sea.  Built by the Teutonic Knights in the 15th century, it served as a Polish royal residence until the country was partitioned out of existence in the late 18th century.  This magnificent landmark is believed to be the world's largest castle by area, and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

Hochosterwitz: Landmark Austrian Castle
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Burg Hochosterwitz


Luiz.Moura created this short but beautiful aerial look at one of the most well known castles in Austria.  Hochosterwitz castle is built on a giant rock overlooking the countryside in the southern state of Carinthia.  The structure dates to as early as the 9th century.  The castle was heavily fortified in the 16th century to protect against the threat of invasion by the Ottoman Turks.  It is considered one of the top tourist spots in southern Austria, and the castle is visible from many km/mi away.

Germany's Lichtensten and Hohenzellorn Castles
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Castles in Baden-Württemberg


Contributor Stefan Beumer used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial view of two of Europe's most famous Gothic Revival castles, both of which are located in southwestern Germany.  The first, Lichtenstein Castle, was completed in 1842 on the site of an 11th century castle.  The second, Hohenzellorn Castle, also built on the site of an earlier structure, was completed in 1867.  It was the ancesteral seat of the Hohenzellorn family, which ruled Prussia and then all of Germany until 1918.

England's Arundel Castle
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Arundel Castle

JW Media

Arundel is a town in West Sussex, towards the eastern end of the South England coast.  It was established by one of William the Conqueror's lieutenants following the Norman Conquest in 1066.  It's considered one of the great Norman castles of England, which were crucial to the stability of Norman rule.  Arundel was used as a filming location for the 1994 feature movie The Madness of King George, and more recently for a scene in the 2017 blockbuster Wonder Woman.

Ukraine's Palanok Castle
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Ukraine - Palanok castle

  • alex.k
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  • 5 months ago

Here's a bird's eye look at what is generally considered to be the Ukraine's most famous castle.  Palanok Castles (also called Mukachevo Castle) is situated in the Zakarpattia oblast, the southwesternmost province of the country.  Sitting atop a volcanic hill near the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains, the castle dates to the 14th century.  Fortified in several stages, it was used as a pan-European prison following the fall of the Bastille in Paris during the early days of the French Revolution. 

Bojnice Castle, Slovakia
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Castle Bojnice / Slovakia


Bojnice is one of the most famous castles in Slovakia, a country known for its castles.  Built in the 12th century at the town bearing the same name, it lies in the valley of the Nitra River in the central part of the country.  In the late 1800's and early 1900's, it was reconstructed to resemble a French Loire Valley Chateau.  ontributor Hiketheworld flew over Bjnice with a drone to create an amazing aerial view of this landmark, which also houses one of the country's most popular museums.

Bamburgh Castle in Northern England
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Bamburgh Castle


Contributor Newcastlemale used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this magnificent aerial tour of England's famous Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland.  Built on the foundation of an 11th century Norman fortification, the castle was the site of a key seige in 1464 during the War of the Roses.  In more recent times, the castle has made numerous appearances in feature movies, ranging from the 1961 classic El Cid to the 2015 film adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Orava Castle, Slovakia
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Orava: Breathtaking Castle of Slovakia


Orava Castle is a famous 13th century castle in northern Slovakia, near the border with Poland.  Originally a wood fortification built during the time of the Mongol invasions, it's been reconstructed to assume its present Neo-Gothic design.  Contributor Castlehunter used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this epic aerial view of the castle, which was used to film a well known 1920's horor movie.  Orava appeared in the top 10 list of Slovakian castles in a recent ranking by Trip Advisor.    

Bran: Castle of Dracula?
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Bran: Dracula's Castle


Transylvania is forever associated with a fictional "vampire" from the famous late 19th century novel gothic horror novel Dracula by Bram Stoker .  The character is loosely based on Vlad the Impaler, a medieval nobleman known for his cruelty.  The castle most closely linked to the Dracula legend is Bran Castle, which is located right at the border between the regions of Wallachia and Transylvania.  In this epic drone video by Fabriziob you'll get a bird's eye view of the famous Carpathian castle.

Carreg Cennen Castle, Wales
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WALES 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Carreg Cennen Castle. A 4K Drone Film

Nathan Jermy

Carreg Cannen is a famous Welsh castle near the town of Trap in the southwestern part of Wales.  Surrounded by massive limestone rock formations, the 12th century castle, which has not been functional since the 15th century, has a daunting appearance.  Contributor Nethan Jermy shot this impressive aerial video of the great ruins using a DJI Phantom drone.  The castle, located in Brecon Beacons National Park, was named by Touropia as one of the top 10 Welsh castles.

Boyabat: Castle on Turkey's Black Sea
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The Castle of Boyabat

Alp Karagulle

Contributor and drone pilot Alp Karagulle created this amazing aerial video of one of the most spectacular castles in Turkey's Black Sea region in the north of the country.  It's called Boyabat Castle, and it's in the Sinop province which is situated more or less in the middle of Turkey's Black Sea coastline.  The castle dates to the Antiquity, and was rebuilt as control of the area shifted first to the Roman, then the Byzantine, and finally the Ottoman Empires.  

Monteriggioni Castle, Tuscany
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Monteriggioni Castle in Tuscany


On a visit to the Italian region of Tuscany, contributor Jonaharding was able to use a drone to film the  walled town of  Monteriggioni.  Situated in the inland province Siena, the town was built in the Middle Ages.  Its 14 towers are marvels of Italian architecture, and the rolling hills surrounding it, with their vineyards and ancient estates, are magnificent.  Enjoy the bird's eye views of this spectacular Italian comune, which was mentioned in Dante's 14th century epic poem Divine Inferno.  

Hluboká: Czech Cultural Treasure
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Státní zámek Hluboká 赫盧博卡城堡


Státní zámek Hluboká is considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic.  It appeared in the #3 spot in a recent ranking of Czech castles by Touropia.  Like many Czech castles, it was built in the Gothic style in the medieval period and later converted by renovation to a Renaissance and later Baroque style.  It's near the town of Hluboká nad Vltavou in Southern Bohemia.  In this video by Minglam, you'll get a drone's eye view of this magnificent landmark.

Loire River Valley Castle
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Aerial Views of France's Chenonceau Castle


In this video, Drone-pictures gives us a beautiful bird's eye view of the magnificent Chateau Chenenceau.  Situated in the heart of the Loire River Valley of west-central France, Chenenceau is considered one of the world's greatest Rennaissance castles.  The current structure dates to the 15th century.  It took much of its current shape in the 16th century, after the French King Henry II gave it to his mistress.  It is has had a protected landmark status since the mid-1800's.

Kost: Czech Rock Castle
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MDM Drone Studio

MDM Drone Studio created this magnificent drone video of Kost Castle, one of the finest castles in the Czech Republic.  It's in the region of Northern Bohemia, in the western part of the country.  The 14th century castle is distinguished by its prominent white tower.  Unlike most Czech castles, Kost is privately owned, by a very old noble family.  The castle was named in Touropia's ranking of the top 10 castles of the Czech Republic, dated October 2017.

Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Germany
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Germany -Schwangau


Using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone, Nadirtasciphotography was able to create this magnificent aerial tour of two of the most famous castles in southwestern Bavaria, Germany.  The Romanesque Revival Neuschwanstein Castle is arguably the world's best known castle.  It was completed in 1886 as a residence for the King of Bavaria.  Nearby Hohenschwangau Castle, built a few years earlier on the site of a medieval fortress, is in many respects equally impressive if less well known.  

Tourbillon Castle, Switzerland
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Swiss Landmarks: Valère Basilica and Tourbillon Castle


Contributor Abovetheclouds managed to capture Switzerland''s most famous castle ruins and one of its most famous churches in a single video.  Valère Basilica (sometimes called Valère Castle) is a fortified church near the town of Sion in the southwestern part of the country.  It dates to the 11th century.  Tourbillon Castle sits on a hill opposite Valère.  Built in the late 13th and early 14th centuries, it's been in ruined state since a fire destroyed it just prior to the Napoleonic Wars and was never rebuilt.  

English Midlands: Warwick Castle
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Warwick Castle


Contributor Tomtank used a DJI Mavic Drone to create this spectacular bird's eye view of Warwick Castle in the heart of England.  It's in Warwickshire, the West Midlands county which was the birthplace of William Shakespeare.  The original castle was built by the Norman conquerors, with the present castle being built on the same site in the 13th century.  It's located on a bend of the Avon River, and its strategic location made it an important strategic location during the Hundred Years War.  

Ukraine's Pidhirsti Castle by FPV
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Pidhirtsi Castle

  • martini
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  • 7 months ago

Behold this aerial video of one of the most well known castles in the Ukraine.  Contributor Martini flew a drone over Pidhirtsi Castle, which is situated in the oblast of Lviv in the western part of the country.  The castle was constructed in the 17th century, at a time when the western part of what is now Ukraine was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.  The castle was near the front during much of World War I, and shortly thereafter saw fighting during the Polish Civil War.

Denmark's Hammershus Castle
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Hammershus: Europe's Largest Castle


LarsBülow created this impressive drone video of Hammershus Castle, probably the most famous castle in Scandinavia.  The great castle is located on the island of Bornholm, a Danish island lying to the east of the mainland in the Baltic Sea.  The castle was built in the 13th century, and played an important role in the struggles between Denmark and its rivals in the region.  Classified as a ruin (although partially restored in the early 1900's), it's believed to be the largest medieval castle in Europe.


Scotland's Stirling Castle
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Stirling Castle & Wallace Monument


Contributor AidanFlood created this magnificent drone video of two of the most important sites in Central Scotland.  Built in the 15th century, Stirling Castle is one of the most historically significant castles in the country.  It was a principal residence of Scottish royalty for many years, and was the coronation site for Mary Queen of Scots.  Near the great castle is Wallace Monument, a tower built in the 19th century to commemorate the 13th century Scottish hero William Wallace.  

The Netherlands: Muiden Castle
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Muiden Castle, the Netherlands

  • Jaap
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  • a year ago

Contributor Jaap put together this bird's eye view of Muiden, a well known castle in the Netherlands.  It's located in a town of the same name, just a few minutes south of Amsterdam.  The current structure was constructed in the 14th century on the ruins of a castle which had been built about a century earlier.  It was used as a prison for a time in the 18th century, and was almost destroyed (again) but saved by an intervention by the Dutch King in the 19th century and subsequently restored. 

France's Fountainbleau
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Fontainbleau Castle by Drone at Sunrise


Phildrone created this amazing drone video of Fountainbleau, one the largest châteaux.  It is situated a half hour drive southeast of Paris in Central France.  Building on the site dates to the 12th century.  It took much of its present shape during the reign of King Francis I in the 16th century.  Fountainbleau has been at least a seasonal home to almost all of the French monarchs from that time until the French Republic was declared in 1871.  It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Haar: Dutch Castle
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Dutch Castle De Haar in Four Seasons


De Haar is a very well known castle in the central Netherlands, in the Utrecht province.  It was built in the late 14th century, nearly destroyed in a fire, and rebuilt in the 16th century.  After that, it fell into disuse for over 200 years.  Beginning in 1892, it underwent a 15 year restoration as a Neo-Gothic masterpiece.  The castle is just a short distance from the provincial capital Utrecht, the fourth-largest Dutch city.  Droneflybenny created this marvelous aerial view of the famous castle, shot over four seasons. 

Eltz: Castle of the Rhineland
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Eltz Castle, Burg Rheinstein by Drone

Sinbad the Aviator

Eltz Castle is one of the most famous castles in the Rhineland area of Western Germany.  It is situated on a hill above the Moselle River near Koblenz in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.  Most of the current structure was built in the 19th century in the Baroque style, on the partial ruins of an 11th century Romanesque keep.  Sinbad the Aviator used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial tour of the castle, one of the few in this long fought-over region which was never captured. 

Scotland's Eileen Donan Castle
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From Dusk to Dawn at Eileen Donan Castle - DJI Mavic Pro


Skydronauts used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial tour of one of the most famous castles in Scotland.  Eilean Donan Castle is in the western Highlands, on a small tidal island near the intersection of three lochs (lakes).  Built in the 13th century, the castle has captured the imagination of movie producers looking for iconic castle backdrops for their work.  It first appeared in the 1986 film Highlander, followed by the 21st James Bond film The World is Not Enough in 1999 and Made of Honor in 2008.    

Bodiam: Moated English Castle
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Bodiam Castle UK


Bodiam is one of the most well known moated castles in the UK.  It's in East Sussex in southeastern England, near the town of Robertsbridge.  It was built in the 14th century and played a role in the dynastic struggle known as the War of the Roses in the 15th century.  The castle fell into a ruined state after the English Civil War and was then partially restored in the 1800's.  You can see the beautiful structure (now a Grade 1 listed building) from a bird's eye perspective in this drone video by Oszbusz.  

Hungary's Regéc Castle
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Regéc Castle

  • Miklos
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  • 2 years ago

Regec Castle lies in the northeastern corner of Hungary, not far from the country's border with Slovakia.  It lies within Zemplén Mountains, part of the Carpathians.  The castle is believed to have been constructed in the 13th century, and in its time it was an important fortification center in northeastern Hungary.  The castle was demolished in the late 17th century.  Using a drone of unidentifed model, contributor Mikklos created a beautiful aerial view of the ruins of this once great structure.

Nagoya Castle, Japan
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Nagoya Castle Japan 名古屋城 Sunrise - via Drone 4k


Nagoya Castle is one of the most important cultural sites in Japan.  It is located in Nagoya, Japan's third largest city, on the western coast of Honshu, the most populous island of the Japanese Archipelago.  From the 17th-19th centuries, this was one of the most important cities in Japan.  Contributor Skys_feed used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to give us a marvelous bird's eye view of this castle, which historically sat on some of the country's most important trade routes.  

Buda Castle on the Danube
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Budapest / Buda Castle night

Contributor and drone pilot created this beautiful aerial video of Buda Castle, one of the landmarks of the Hungarian capital Budapest and widely considered to be one of the finest Baroque palaces in the world.  The original structure was built in the 13th century on the Buda (western) side of the Danube River.  It was essentially rebuilt in the mid-18th century.  The castle was the home of the Kings of Hungary through the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the end of World War I.  

Turkey's Ishak Pasha Palace
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Ishak Pasha Palace and Mt. Ararat, Turkey


Prepare to be amazed by this drone video of a famous castle and an even more famous mountain in eastern Turkey, compliments of contributor Iskenderfilm.  Ishak Pasha Palace is a castle in the Ağrı Province, which lies near the country's borders with Armenia and Iran.  The palace was completed in the late 18th century, construction having started in the 17th.  The semi-ruined edifice lies in the shadow of Mt. Ararat, Turkey's highest peak and the purported resting place of Noah's Ark.  

Japan's Castle in the Sky
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Castle in the sky


Japan is known in part for its "castles in the sky": hilltop castles which appear to be floating on the clouds in the right condition.  Top contributor Danielkordan definitely got it right with this stunning aerial capture of Echizen Ono Castle, which does indeed appear to be floating on the clouds.  It's located in the Fukui Prefecture in western Honshu.  The castle was constructed in the late 16th century, and has been modified numerous times since then.

Lindisfarne: England's Island Castle
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Contributor Newcastlemale used a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone to create this amazing aerial video of Lindisfarne, a famous island castle in northern England.  It's situated on Holy Island, a small tidal island off the coast of Northumberland.  The current castle dates to the mid-16th century, although the island had been settled 1,000 years earlier.  The castle was used as a filming location for two Romani Polanski-directed movies: Cul-de-Sac (1966) and the Tragedy of MacBeth (1971).  

Himeji Castle, Japan
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Japan's Most Beautiful Castle: Himeji


Himeji Castle is one of the most famous in Japan.  Situated in southern Honshu, it was built in the 14th century.  One of the most-visited sites in Japan, it owes its fame in part to the James Bond movie franchise: the palace made an appearance as the spot where 007 (played by Sean Connery) undergoes ninja training in the 1967 classic You Only Live Twice, the sixth installment.  Contributor Hittheroadlat used both drone and ground camera footage to create this video of the magnificent landmark.  

Prague's Great Castle
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The Fairytale City : PRAGUE


Contributor Burak BÜYÜKBAYRAKTAR created this amazing aerial tour of Prague, the great Czech capital on the Vltava River.  It opens with and epic bird's eye view of Prague Castle, the great palace which sits on a hill overlooking the city.  With 70k square meters (around 700k square ft.) of space, it is the largest castle in Europe.  The spired building within the castle walls is St. Vitus Cathedral, which dates to the same period and is one of the world's most well known churches.  

Trim Castle, Ireland
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Trim Castle - Ireland's Ancient East

Vivify Multimedia

Trim Castle is an important Norman structure located in the northern part of Ireland, in County Mealth.  The 12th century castle played an important role in Irish affairs until the late 17th century, when it fell into disuse. Contributor Vivify Multimedia used a drone to film this impressive structure and its surroundings.  The aerial views will make you understand why this castle, the largest Norman castle in Ireland, "played the part" of York castle in the movie Braveheart! 


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CH drone
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Castles & Ghosts

daniele bolgia
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Lietava Castle

Pavol Turčani
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Heidelberg, Germany

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Peles Castle Romania