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Drone Tour of Guangzhou
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58 Seconds of Guangzhou, China


Top contributor Haussmannvisuals created this memorable 60 second aerial tour of Guangzhou in southern China.  It's the capital of the province of the same name, the largest in the country by population and in many respects its economic dynamo.  It's also home to some of the world's tallest buildings.  In the video you'll see some epic footage of the 111 floor, 530 meter (about 1.7k ft.) CTC Financial Center (#6 in the world at year-end 2018), the Guangzhou IFC (439 meter, 1.45k ft.), and more.

Shenzen: Guanzhou's Second City
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Shenzhen [ I ] - Aerial View of Guangdong Province, China


Shenzen is second largest city in the southern China province of Guangdong, the most populous province in the country.  Shenzen shares the Pearl River Delta with Hong Kong, Macau, and the provincial capital of Guangdong.  In this video, contributor Droneland flies over this incredible city.  The main focus of the video is the 115 story Ping An Financial Center, which rises just under 600 meters (a bit under 2.0k ft.), the second tallest building in China and #4 in the world when it was completed in 2017.

Fujian Province: Xiamen
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Once Upon A Time in Xiamen


Xiamen is a thriving port city in China's Fujian province and is known as one of the 'coolest' travel destinations, due to it's modern infrastructure and creative arts scene.  Maybe that's how drone pilot Panvelvet became inspired to ask what this energetic cityscape would be like as the setting for the Mission Impossible series.  With it's high rishing Cycling Skyway, Amoy Bridge, and countless streets of eating and entertainment, we're convinced Xiamen would perform just fine in that capacity.

DVOW Nominee from China
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Fly: Hong Kong and China Edition

Gareth Hayman

Contributor Gareth Hayman created this stunning drone video of some of the best skyline views in China (including its Hong Kong territory).  The flying technique and framing, combined with the resolution quality of the shots make for one spot on video. Views of Hong Kong's Quarry Bay, Shanghai's World Financial Center, Canton Tower in Guangzhou, and dozens of other famous skyscrapers can be seen from a variety of angles in this brilliant piece. This piece was a Drone Video of the Week Nominee in 2019.

Drone Tour of Hong Kong
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Hong Kong - Reach the Sky


Measured by the number of tall buildings, Hong Kong has the largest skyline in the world.  The city's skyscrapers are spread throughout the city - on Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon Peninsula, and along much of the shoreline of Victoria Harbor.  In this marvelous drone video by contributor Haussmanvisuals, you'll get a great aerial tour of the most vertical parts of the 430 square miles of the city.   This video was picked as a Finalist in the Cities category for the 2nd annual Drone Video Awards.

The Pearl River Delta
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Pearl River Delta: Over the Hong Kong Border


In this amazing aerial video by contributor Droneland, you'll get a tour-by-drone of China's great Pearl River Delta.  The estuary of China's third largest river is home to over a hundred million people and for decades has been one of the world's most important economic regions.  The area explored is that beyond (inland) from Hong Kong, which sits at the northern mouth of the river's mouth.  This is Guangdong Province, whose largest cities (Guangdong and Shenzen) are amongst the largest in the country.  

Skyscrapers of Shenzen
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Shenzen Skyscrapers: KK100 and Shun Hing Square


Contributor Johnnywong created this marvelous flyover of two of the tallest buildings in Shenzen, a city on the Pearl River Delta in southern China.  When the KK100 building was completed in 2011, the 100 story building was the city's tallest at 442 meters (just under 1.45k ft.).  The video also features the 69 story Shun Hing Square, the city's tallest from 1996 until being dethroned by the KK100.  In 2017, both were surpassed by the Ping An Tower, although the two remain amongst the country's 20 tallest.  

China's Pingtan Island
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Pingtan Island


China's Pingtan Island is located off the coast of its Fujian Province in the southeastern part of the country.  China's fifth largest island by land area, it's also the closest spot to Tapei, the capital of Taiwan.  It is now connected to the mainland via a bridge that was completed in 2010.  By virtue of its position, the island marks the dividing line between the East China Sea and the South China Sea.  Contributor jojodidi used a DJI Mavic Pro drone to create this aerial video of the beautiful island.  

Hainan Island: Sanya
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Sanya China


China's largest island (not including Taiwan, which is not under the country's control at present) is Hainan, which lies off the coast of the Guanxi Province.  It's the largest of a group of islands which comprise the Province of Hainan, which was part of the province of Guangdong until 1988.  The island's second largest city is Sanya, which lies at its southern tip.  In this drone video created by contributor Bunlee, you'll get a bird's eye view of Sanya, now a major beach tourist destination.  

Guanxi Province: Laozhai Shan
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興坪鎮・老寨山 Laozhaishan

Akio Matsutani

Check out this magnificent drone video of Laozhai Shan, an area of southeastern China.  It's near the city of Hezhou in the northeastern corner of the Guangxi province, in its mountainous interior.  Guangxi is the southernmost of China's coastal provinces.  It's located to the south of Guangdong, and has a long border with Vietnam to the south.  This part of the country lies at the crossroads between South China and Indonchina, and has cultural elements of both regions.  

Zhejiang Province: Qiandao Lake
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Thousand Islands Lake in Hangzhou - China 千岛湖两日游

Jose M. Aillon

Qiandao Lake is an artificial body of water in Zhejiang, a province in the southern half of China's eastern coastline.  The lake was created as part of a giant hydroelectric project undertaken by the Maoist government in the 1950's.  The project interrups the river's flow towards Hangzhou Bay, and created not only a lake but a lake with literally thousands of (mostly tiny) islands.  Sometimes called Thousand Islands Lake, you can see it here from above in this drone video by contributor Jose M. Aillon.  

Anhui Province: Huangshan Mountains
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Droneland 2018 - Huangshan [Part I]


China's Huangshan Mountains are a range of peaks of up to 1k meters (3.3k ft) in the Anhui province, which lies in the eastern part of the country.  The unusually shaped granite peaks of these mountains have caused this area to become one of China's major tourist destinations. Contributor Droneland flew a drone over these incredible mountains and created this stunning aerial video of the area, which lies in the Yangtze River heartland of what was once known as the Middle Kingdom.    

Opera House of Zhuhai
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Zhuhai Opera House Drone Footage

  • hiro
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Check out this beautiful drone video of the Opera House of Zhuhai, China, compliments of contributor Hiro.  Shaped to resemble the sun and moon, the opera house has transformed the look of this city on the Pearl River Delta in the Guangdong Province.  The city is situated near the mouth of the estuary, across from Shenzen and just north of Macau.  The city's long coastline is now a major tourist destination, and is sometimes referred to as the Chinese Riviera.  

Drone Tour of Guangzhou Province
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Shekou - Aerial View of Guangdong Province, China


China's Guangdong Province has been the epicenter of China's spectacular economic rise.  Situated in the southeastern part of the country, it's now home to the most people of any Chinese province, and the population swells by tens of millions each year due to migrant employees. It is closely connected to Hong Kong, which it effectively surrounds, and which has served to connect China to the outside world.  Droneland gives us an amazing aerial look at this dynamic province.

Hakka Dwellings in Fujian Province
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Cinematic cut of Tulou (Earth buildings), Fujian, China


Known for its mountains and coastal cities, Fujian is a southeastern Chinese province. Fujian tulou are Chinese rural dwellings unique to the Hakka people who have lived in the areas for centuries. These homes were mostly built between the 12th and 20th centuries, and 46 of them were inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2008. Eugene_NG uses his DJI Spark to capture drone footage of Fujian tulou in this stunning video from the province once visited by Marco Polo.