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Summer is Coming - A tribute to travellers

Grim Berge

Award winning contributor Grim Berge crammed 50 different places from around the world into this one masterful drone video. Take an aerial tour of his amazing summer travels to (among many other places), Paris, the Great Wall of China, Rio de Janeiro, Lisbon, Tokyo, Bangkok, London, Dubai, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Venice, and Shanghai.  You will literally circle the globe with this amazing drone pilot.  This video was a Finalist at the first annual Drone Videos Awards in the "Reels" category.

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Six months of travel across eight European countries confirmed both HikeTheWorld's passion for traversing scenic locales on foot.  The video includes footage of their native Slovakia plus stops in Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy (the Dolomite mountains), Bosnia & Herzogovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania.  This video was nominated for Drone Video of the Week in October 2018 and subsequently for the second annual Drone Video Awards in the People & Lifestyle category. 

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Featuring views of five European countries, Zilver Schmitz says buying a drone was one of the best decisions he's made in the past two years. Fly through the beautiful island of Elba off the Italian coast, be awed by the vastness of Norway and the history of Madeira and enjoy aerial shots of the Netherlands and France in this Drone Video of the Week Winner.  Watch it and you'll see why it was nominated as a Finalist in the Reels category for the second annual Drone Video Awards.

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Dreamscapes 4K


Contributor Majestic created an amazing drone travel reel, which includes aerial footage from around the world, ranging from New York City to Hawaii to the magical Jeju Shores in his native South Korea.  You will see towering skyscrapers, offshore windfarms, and magnificent rock formations.  There is something for everyone with this magical reel, which had the honor of being the very first winner of the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week Contest in April, 2018.  

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YoumiTrip - Demo Reel


If you're familiar with YoumiTrip's drone work, you know he is not afraid to travel the globe in search of epic aerial footage.  His fun-filled demo reel clocks in just over 2 minutes and contains action shots taken above epic landscapes, insane race courses, and huge events that bring people together.  This aerial reel will definitely leave you wondering what your next adventure will be. This video is a nominee in the Reel category for the 2nd Annual Drone Video Awards.

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Around the world in 4K

Exclusive Aerials

Top contributor Exclusive Aerials put together this spectacular highlight reel from travels around the world.  In this video, among other shots, you'll see epic bird's eye views of an Orca in Alaska, a soccer game on the beach in Mauritius, a cruise on the Amazon River, Whales at Cape Town, surfers in Maui, the Great Wall of China, and many other exotic places around the world.  

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Around the world with AirVuz!


Contributor Drone Heroes is one of the most popular drone-focused content creators on Instagram, where he has well over 100k followers.  In this video, he has assembled a highlight reel of his globe trotting with a drone.  It includes footage from the Maldives, Cambodia, Bali, Thailand, the Philippines, and other exotic spots around the world, including footage from some of the world-class resorts who sponsor him.

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To the Mystery!


Top contributor Scientik ventures around the world to make travel films, which consist largely of drone footage.  In this video, he created a highlight reel of his travels around the globe.  The reel includes aerial footage from Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania); the Amazonian rain forest (Ecuador); the Australian, Italian and Norway sea shores; as well as from his home country, the Czech Republic.  

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Contributor Panvelvet traveled throughout Asia with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone to create this amazing video, which features footage of China (Shanghai, Yunnan and Shenzen), Hong Kong, Thailand (Pattaya), Philippines ( Manila, Siargao), Russia (Vladivostok), and Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung).  The reel won him a finalist spot for the AirVuz Drone Video of the Week contest. 

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The Mavic 2 Pro is seen in all its glory in this travel piece by top contributor Panvelvet, who was nominated as a Finalist for the second annual Drone Video Awards. Shot across Asia, we are taken on a journey across the desolate plains of Mongolia, to the bustling city of Shanghai, over Bangkok's famous temple, Wat Arun, and through the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Edited in Panvelvet's signature flashy style, you won't want to miss this one.

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My Age 22 - travel to europe with a drone (Sam kolder inspired)

  • daehwa
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Content creator daehwa put together a truly inspired piece of drone work that's all about her travels in Europe.  Through 53 days of travel, she discovered places far and wide that brought a smile to her face — that can be seen in her dronies scattered throughout this aerial reel! At the youthful age of 22, she lived it up and documented the unforgettable experience from her DJI Spark drone.

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Blown away by the Air | DJI - Mavic Air - Travel Film

Eaglewood Films

The DJI Mavic line continues to impress us. Easy to store, lightweight, fast, and with a fantastic camera it's easy to see why it is one of the most popular drones on the market. In this Drone Video of the Week nominated video, Eaglewood Films takes their Mavic around Europe. The team goes from the Arctic Circle to the Alps, the Catalonia region in Spain to Scotland. Most helpfully, you can see where each shot is located in detail via their description. 

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A Drone Letter - My Love letter to Planet Earth


Contributor chaparralpictures urges the AirVuz community to join him on his epic aerial experience around the world. This cinematic reel reveals a magical point of view of the planet.  All his aerial footage was taken over the past few years and he believes the view from a drone adds a unique quality to his productions.  These aerial views remind us to take time to appreciate our surroundings on this planet.

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ARCHscape | architecture inspiration | Showreel 2017


Using a DJI Mavic Pro and a Canon XC10, bomastory_ takes us on an architectual journey through Europe. From the Cinderella Castle in Germany, to a windmill farm in the Netherlands, a sculpture park in Italy, to a former Olympic Stadium in Münich, and locations in Austria, Ukraine, Spain, and everywhere in-between this piece is unqiue and refreshing. 

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Aerial Demo Reel


See the world in this remarkable international travel reel from contributor Chris.odom.  It opens with magnificent shots of the Arc d'Triumph and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, two of the more notable landmarks in Europe.  From there it's on to Denmark, Spain, the Czech Republic, Austria, the French West Indies, and a series of locations in th United States - 21 spots in all.  Remarkably, all of this amazing footage was captured in a single year, 2018.

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Europe 47


In just seven days, contributor Jasonkmclean managed to hit four countries in Western and Central Europe to create this awesome mini-reel.  Highlights of the video include an epic shot of the walled Prague Castle complex including the Church of St. Vitus overlooking the Old Town of the Czech capital, the famed medieval Muiden Castle at the mouth of the Vecht River in the Netherlands, a nearby array of windmills just outside of Amsterdam, and a marvelous shot of a town in the Bavarian Alps.      

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Hiking Motivation: Best Places for 2019


Top contributor HikeTheWorld, a Finalist for the second annual Drone Video Awards, created this inspiring reel which resulted from a decision to travel the world in 2018.  The video, which itself was nominated for Drone Video of the Week, features fantastic bird's eye views of locations in Montenegro (Durmitor and Prokletije National Parks), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prenj Mountains), Switzerland (Grindelwald area), Montenegro (Tara Canyon), Italy (Dolomite Mountains), and Austria (Schladminger Tauern).

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BEST DRONE FOOTAGE in my travel 2018


In this International Aerial Reel by antonioxt5 you truly do get an international experience. This Drone Video of the Week Nominee has a plethora of dronies of he and his friends, shots of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the beaches of the Philippines, mountains, rapids, waterfalls, stingrays, wakeboarders and more. These shots were taken in Russia, Argentina, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. 


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Arch. Giuliani
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OKP Films
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Iñigui - Drone Reel 2018

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