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Curitiba: Capital of Paraná

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Above My City: Curitiba, Brazil


Check out this beautiful drone video of an important city in Southern Brazil, compliments of contributor BielPilot.  Curitiba is the capital and largest city of the state of Paraná, one of the three states which makes up the Southern Region of Brazil.  It's the center of a metropolitan area of about 3.5 million people, the seventh largest in the country as of 2018.  The city sits on a plateau well away from the state's Atlantic coastline. The largest city in Southern Brazil, it's also one of the most developed in the country.   

Super Cars in the Mountains of SC

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Serra do Rio do Rastro - Dream Route


How does this sound for fun - driving supercars through hairpin turns through the mountains of Brazil(!)  In this remarkable drone video, contributor Wind View Drone was able to film a supercar drive through the windy roads of Serra do Rio is Brazil's largest mountain range.  The range is in the state of Santa Catarina.  Santa Catarina is the next-to-southernmost of the country's 26 states, the only state to its south is Rio Grande do Sul.

The Mighty Falls of Iguazu

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Iguazu Falls from the Air


Iguazu Falls is the largest waterfall system in the world.  It is situated on the Iguazu River in South America, on the border between Brazil and Argentina.   It's not a single falls but rather a complex cataract system comprising 275 drops, with a total height of 82 meters (269 ft.).  In this video, you will be treated to an aerial tour of this magnificent waterfall system, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, compliments of AirVuz contributor Justin Poore and his DJI Mavic Pro drone.  

Mountains of Brazil: Serra do Rio do Rastro

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Serra do Rio do Rastro e Serra Catarinense/ Santa Catarina/ Brazil

Delta Drones

Delta Drone created this amazing view of the Serra do Rio do Rastro mountains of southern Brazil.  The mountains lie in the state of Santa Catarina, the next-to-southernmost of Brazil's 26 states.  While the peaks rise to a modest altitude of about 1.5k meters (just under 5k ft.), they are characterized by spectacular rock formations.  On clear days, the Atlantic Ocean is visible from the highest peaks, a distance of about 100 km (60 mi) away.  

Santa Catarina Island: Florianópolis

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Brazil's Santa Catarina Island with DJI Phantom 4


Contributor Willian used a DJI Phantom 4 drone to create this beautiful aerial tour of the area around Florianópolis, which occupies much of the island of Santa Catarina in Southern Brazil.  Most of the video is shot in the less densely populated parts of the island, such as Ilha Campeche, Praia Matadeiro, Armação, and Lagoinha do Leste.  The island of Santa Catarina, part of the state of the same name, now connects to the mainland via two bridges.

The Falls of Rio Grande do Sul

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Caracol Waterfall

Luiz Gerbase

Luiz Gerbase flew a drone over one of the most well known waterfalls in Brazil to create this amazing video.  Caracol Waterfall is near the town of Canela, in the Brazil's southernmost state Rio Grande do Sul.  It's formed by the Caracol river, and it features a vertical drop of about 130 meters (around 425 feet).  It's an increasingly popular spot for an increasingly popular ecotourism business in Southern Brazil, which also includes the mammoth Iguazu Falls.

Rio Grande do Sul: Fortaleza Canyon

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Canyons do Sul

Drone in Art

Contributor Drone in Art create this spectacular aerial video of Fortaleza Canyon in Brazil.  Not to be confused with the city of the same name in northeastern Brazil, Fortaleza Canyon is situated near the southern end of the country, in the state of Rio Grande du Sul.  The canyon is part of the Serra Geral National Park.  The canyon is one of the more prominent spots in Southern Brazil that are attracting the interest of adventure-oriented travelers around the world.  

Santa Catarina: Bombinhas

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Bombinhas, Brasil.

Drone 5

Here's a drone video from a beautiful spot on the coastline of Southern Brazil, compliments of contributor Drone 5. Bombinhas is a municipality situated on an odd-shaped peninsula in the state of Santa Catarina, one of the three states which comprises the South Region of the country.  Part of Bombinhas lies within the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve.  The reserve covers an area which is near a convergence zone for different currents in the South Atlantic.  

Paraná: Irati

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Clouds on South Paraná, Irati, Paraná, Brazil


Contributor and drone pilot RafaelObrzut created this aerial video of a town called Irati in the southern Brazilian state of Paraná.  Paraná is the northernmost of the three states which make up its official Southern Region.  Irati is a relatively young city by Brazilian standards; it was founded in the late 19th century along a railroad which was being built to connect the states of  São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.   It's located to the west of the state capital Curitiba.

Jaragua do Sul: Industrial City of SC

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Sunrise at Jaragua do Sul/SC - Brazil


Contributor Andreys2005 caught the sunrise to create this beautiful aerial of a spot overlooking the city of Jaragua do Sul in the Southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.  It's an industrial city located near the River Itapocu, in the eastern part of SC, Brazil's next-to-southernmost state.  Among other distinctions, the city gave birth to the  motor company WEG, a worldwide leader in the electric motor industry and one of the country's great manufacturing success stories. 

Balneário Camboriú: South Brazil Beach Town

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Balneário Camboriú Brazil Timelapse

Delta Drones

Here's a fantastic dronelapse video of the Brazilian resort town of Balneário Camboriú, compliments of Delta Drones.  It's located on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, one of the threee states which comprise the Southern Region of Brazil. It's considered a major beach destination in southern Brazil, featuring a backdrop of beautiful hills.  The town gained some fame from a 2012 article in Forbes magazine which declared that Balneário Camboriú was the electronic music capital of Brazil.  

Porto Belo, SC: Caixa d'Aço Beach

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Caixa d'Aço Beach - Porto Belo - SC - Brasil


Caixa d'Aço Beach is a standout in Brazil, a country known for its spectacular beaches.  It's located in the town of Porto Belo in Santa Catarina, the middle of the three states which make up the region of Southern Brazil.  The city lies on the north shape of an oddly-shaped peninsula, part of which is covered by the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve, a giant biosphere park.  The video was created by contributor and drone pilot andreys2005.

Ibiraquera Lagoon, Santa Catarina

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Releasing a Lagoon

Luiz Gerbase

Check out this fascinating drone video of a Brazilian lagoon being emptied into the sea via canal, compliments of contributor Luiz Gerbase.  Ibiraquera Lagoon is located a short distance in from the Atlantic coastline of Santa Catarina, one of the states which makes up the region of Southern Brazil.  When the lagoon becomes too full, in order to prevent flooding a canal is dug which allows it to drain into the ocean.  It's a fascinating phenomenon and the perfect way to view it is aerially.  

Tainhas River, Rio Grande do Sul

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Passo do S

Luiz Gerbase

The Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sol is the southernmost of Brazil's 26 states (27 counting the Federal District).  Its coastal areas are quite populous - it's the fifth largest state by population.  The interior of the state is a land of rivers that drain its extensive mountainous and plateau areas into the Atlantic Ocean.  In this drone video by Luiz Gerbase, you'll get an aerial view of an area near Cambará do Sul in the northeastern part of the state, on the Tainhas River.  

Wire Opera House, Curitiba

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Ópera de Arame


Check out this stunning aerial video of a well known opera house in Southern Brazil, compliments of contributor BielPilot.  The Wire Opera House (Ópera de Arame) is situated in Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná.  It's a major cultural attraction in Curitiba, a city on a plateau which is (as of early 2019) the eighth largest city in Brazil and the largest in its Southern region.  The opera house opened in 1992 and seats about 2,400 guests.