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With over 200 million inhabitants and a land area of 8.5 million square km (3.3 million square mi), Brazil is the sixth largest country in the world in population and fifth in land area.  This Portuguese-speaking country (a legacy of its colonial heritage) is the dominant country in South America, dwarfing its (Spanish-speaking) neighbors on the continent.  Brazil is perhaps best known for the Amazon River running through the country and the vast Amazon Rainforest which is the most defining feature of the interior of the country.  Brazil is also known for its urban concentrations, with its two largest cities Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paolo, both of which lie in the southeastern part of the country, having a combined population of well over 30 million.  With massive metropolises, world-famous beaches, dense jungle-rainforest, and spectacular mountains, Brazil has much to offer from an aerial point of view.   

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Visiting Rio de Janeiro was high on the travel bucket list of drone pilot and videographer Gavin Beals. Thank goodness he finally made it because his aerial footage of the beaches, mountains, and cityscapes of Brazil’s famous seaside city is breathtaking.


Pedra de Gavea is an impressive and intimidating mountain in Rio de Janeiro that offers stunning views of the Brazilian city. Those views are enhanced even more with a drone, as we see here from the footage of drone pilot Martin Sanchez.



Fabio Knoll is a native of Brazil and has captured his home country from a drone perspective for years, as he shared in his interview on “The Drone Dish” on AirVūz. This aerial video showcases the beautiful Amazon rainforest, the majority of which is inside the Brazilian border.


Fabio Knoll

Using a DJI Phantom 4 drone, pilot Daniel Molina captured stunning footage of Brazil’s Ilha Grande, a beautiful island west of Rio de Janeiro. This island offers the chance to swim in crystal-blue waters on white sand beaches, as can be seen in this 4K aerial footage.


World traveler Isabelle Fabre has been to many countries, and Brazil was one of the places she visited with her drone. This aerial footage is combined with one of Isabelle’s other passions — kitesurfing — to create a fun and thrilling video taken from the sky.

Somewhere in Brazil


The iconic Christ the Redeemer statue is one of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular attractions, and it looks great from an aerial perspective. Flying a drone around the famous statue helps provide remarkable views of the city while keeping the statue in the shot throughout the video.


This AirVūz Drone Video Awards nominee shows how drones and sports are a perfect mix. Watch as Brazilian production company RG Drones showcases sports such as rock climbing, windsurfing, and slack lining — all from an aerial perspective — in this great collection of footage.


The tranquility of this drone video will leave you inspired after seeing the beauty of Brazil’s oceans and shorelines. Drone pilot Gabriel Silva used various flying techniques and camera angles in this film, “Stones in the sea,” to truly capture the essence of Brazil’s waters.

Stones in the sea


Out of all the subjects pilots can find for drone videos, aerial footage of whales always seems to be a popular category. Watch as drone company Imoveis Brasil Bahia finds a pod of humpback whales and captures footage of their movements off the coast of Praia do Forte.

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